RECAP: The Amazing Race “It’s Always The Quiet Ones” [Season 27, Episode 9]

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The Amazing Race S27 E9

Previously on The Amazing Race: The teams raced through Poland. The Detour had the teams either working hard in a mine or learn a little song to play and beg for money. The Reporters dominated begging for money. The Cheerleaders had a hard time leaving Krista in tears. Team Texas had a hard time with transportation, and fell to last place. The Cheerleaders and Team Texas teamed up to identify and deliver Jewish cuisine. Justin and Diana danced into the lead while Team Texas was left in the dust. Luckily for them, this wasn’t an elimination leg, so they live to see another day.

Poor Team Texas. Not the brightest crayons in the box. They hope The Cheerleaders can keep helping them out. They talk about the next leg. There will be a UTurn. Team Texas wants to figure out what The Green Team is up to. Both teams want to stay in the race. Tiffany is in tears because the game is so dirty. They pray for amazing karma.

Justin and Diana are the first to depart to New Delhi, India. After landing they have to catch a cab to the railway system and take a 6am train to Agra. Home to the Taj Mahal. Then they have to make their way to the Yamuna River where they will find their next clue. Justin and Diana think they’ve won 5 legs. They’re big targets, so they have to get to the UTurn first or someone will UTurn them.

The Reporters depart next. Kelsey is nervous about the UTurn. She hopes to slow down The Green Team. Kelsey thinks if they can get in front of them, the UTurn is the best way to do that. Kelsey really wants first place. They haven’t won a leg yet. James Earl thinks you have to be smart with the UTurn. Denise thinks “They gotta get to that UTurn.” Logan says the UTurn is important now that they’re down to 6 teams. The competitions are getting fierce and friendships are flying out the window. The Cheerleaders used up their UTurn. (They UTurned The Green Team.) Tiffany hopes India treats them better than Poland.

At the airport Joey calls The Green Team “elusive.” They aren’t just a myth. Joey says The Green Team is always ahead. Kelsey adds it’s anyone’s game now. James Earl can’t wait to see Team Texas share a Tut Tut. Justin can’t wait to see Team Texas go home. James Earl says the last leg they almost went home. Justin says a speed bump and a UTurn ensures they go home. Justin finds that hilarious. All teams are on the same flight to India.

When they land, they walk through bodies and bodies laying all over the floor. Tanner and Josh say it’s crazy. Completely different than Rio and Paris. James Earl has never seen anything like it in his life. Joey says what an experience. Justin calls it a culture shock.

When Chris asks Justin if they’re definitely UTurning, they find it pointless. Team Texas is already last. Chris says UTurning them ensures they go home. With both the UTurn and the speed bump, they’re less likely to complete it. Justin says you should UTurn someone who’s coming after you. Chris says he doesn’t know why anyone would UTurn them. They aren’t a threat. Justin says that’s not the only reason you UTurn someone. Logan asks if they know The Cheerleaders can’t UTurn. Logan reveals The Cheerleaders UTurned The Green Team. Justin and Diana are shocked. Logan says don’t let them know we told you. When The Cheerleaders approach, Justin offers to walk them out. When Justin asks them about it (and Justin says The Paparazzi threw them under the bus) they deny, deny, deny. Krista says they don’t want a target on their back. The girls are pissed. They confront Logan and Chris. Of course with Justin and Diana present Chris denies that’s what they said. Krista says the paranoia is bothering her. When Chris confronts Justin and Diana about stirring up trouble, Justin says he goes straight to the source. They conclude the UTurn paranoia with no one used a UTurn. Chris thinks it was stupid of Logan to tell Justin and Diana about the girls UTurning The Green Team.

The teams hop on the India railway where Joey and Kelsey narrate the current situation. Joey drags Krista into it. She says things got steamy with UTurn talk. Justin says “They’re in trouble.” The train arrives, and everyone mad dashes to tut tuts. When they told the drivers to go fast, they were shocked how fast they were actually going. Weaving through traffic.

The teams arrived at The Yamuna River, and ran into A Road Block. Phil talks about India having the biggest outdoor laundry. The Yamuna River is the size of 6 Football Fields. The Road Block is called “Coming Out In The Wash.” They have to ride bikes full of laundry to one of the marked washups where a Dhobi will demonstrate how to wash the clothes. Indian style. Once they lay their Sherwani’s out to dry, they will be rewarded with their next clue. Krista, Denise, Chris, Joey, Tanner and Josh both (speed bump,) and Diana all volunteer. Krista has a hard time rolling the bike alongside her as she walks. She decides to ride it instead. She crashes. All of the teams have a hard time getting the bikes through the sand. The Dhobi’s show them the particular way they wash clothes. Josh sits on the side and is clueless to what their speed bump is. Tiffany has to explain it to him. The second half of the teams watching from the side comment about how much laundry there is. Tanner is out of breath. He’s panicking. Joey says his friends make fun of him at home. His mom does his laundry. When Tanner asks about UTurning, the others deny they’ll UTurn poor Team Texas. Denise says it’s hard. James Earl says he feels bad because his mom tries to keep up. Josh calls Denise a trooper. Joey’s open to UTurning Team Texas. Joey completes the Road Block first.

Their clue says they have to make their way to Hanuman Temple. They have to receive a blessing to get their next clue. Joey and Kelsey are the first to receive their blessing. Kelsey says she’s Christian and Joey’s Catholic. She’s never had a blessing like that before. It’s special to experience a different culture.

Next up: A Detour. Cans or Candy. Cans is about recycling. Phil says nothing goes to waste in Indian. They have to load a cargo bike with 120 oil cans. Then they have to deliver them to the New Taj Oil Company. If they choose candy the teams will find out how they turn white pumpkins into Petha. The teams have to wash and cut 90 pounds of pumpkins. Then they have to deliver 2 batches of finished candy to a store. The Reporters, The Green Team choose to do Cans. The Paparazzi, The Cheerleaders, Team Alabama, and Team Texas choose to do candy.

Back at The Road Block, Josh tries hard to not lose hope. When Krista finishes, she hugs the poor man. He gives the camera a thumbs up. Denise gives the guy a side hug, and an air kiss. On their way out, James Earl tells Josh not to lose hope. Tanner calls it a time consuming speed bump. Josh hopes they can catch up.

Justin and Diana arrive at The Detour in first place. Again. They start loading the cans. It requires some math skills. As they tie the cans on the cargo bike, a parade comes through. Justin takes the opportunity to do a little Indian Justin dance. He did an Argentina, and Polish Justin dance for those of you keeping track. Joey and Kelsey arrive. They see Justin and Diana ahead. Kelsey is frustrated they keep playing for second. Justin and Diana finish and make their way through the crowd. They make it and unload the cans. Kelsey and Joey start making their way through the crowded streets, but Joey crashes. The Green Team finishes in first place. The Reporters start unloading as The Green Team takes off, but they aren’t far behind.

The Paparazzi arrives at the “candy detour.” Chris watches for about 5 seconds before he’s sure what to do. Logan nags him about cutting himself. The Cheerleaders, and Team Alabama arrive. Chris starts nagging at Logan. She tells him to keep her name out of his mouth. The Candy Detour has a cheering audience. The Paparazzi finishes The Detour and takes off to deliver the candy. Team Texas arrives, and gets to work.  

Josh says their only shot is if someone can’t get past the Detour.

The next stop is Bijlighar Chowraha Roundabout. There they will find the dreaded UTurn. The Green Team gets a little lost. They have to ask for directions. Kelsey thinks they need to UTurn. The Reporters are the only ones to UTurn. They UTurned Team Texas. The Cheerleaders are shocked. “Always the quiet ones you have to worry about.” (meaning The Reporters.) When they find out, The Texas Boys try and keep their spirits up. Tanner and Josh start on the other detour. They load cans onto the cargo bike. They think it’s a big game of jenga.

The Pit Stop is at The Moonlight Garden. Across the river from the Taj Mahal. Phil is hidden in the corner of the garden. The Green Team once again finishes in first place. They get another trip. This time to Honolulu, Hawaii. The Reporters check in second. The Paparazzi check in third. The Cheerleaders check in fourth. Team Alabama checks in fifth. (Denise’s heart rate is 132. She ran 11 miles.) Team Texas arrives last. They are eliminated. They reflect on their failure.

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