RECAP: Survivor Second Chance “Witches Coven” [Season 31, Episode 9]

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Previously on Survivor: The tribes merged, and a super alliance was formed. Ciera, Wentworth, and Abi were on the outs  fighting to survive. Joe continued to dominate the immunity challenges. The plan was to send Wentworth home. Wentworth played her immunity idol, and Savage was sent packing.

The remaining second chancers made it back to camp after the explosive Tribal Council. Wentworth announces she was all worked up, and she felt betrayed by some. That’s why she had to play her idol. Everyone else was still shocked, but they recognized Wentworth’s great game move. Wentworth was patting herself on the back. “Hi I’m Kelley Wentworth, and I just idoled Andrew Savage out of Survivor Second Chance.” Wentworth says she feels like she’s come so far since “Blood Vs. Water.” She’s taking risks, and making moves. She says it’s the best feeling she’s had out there in 21 days. Spencer and others were asking where Wentworth found her idol, but she revealed nothing.

Kimmi isn’t impressed with Wentworth’s moves. She thinks the next move for their super alliance should be to go after Wentworth, Abi, and Ciera. She named them “The Witches Coven.” She wants to break them up so they don’t become friends with Tasha and Jeremy.

Fishback hears Kimmi. He says “boil boil, toil and trouble.” Abi is boil because she’s a hot head. Ciera is toil because she’s fighting to make big moves, and Wentworth is trouble. She’s playing idols. He doesn’t want to be like King Duncan who gets killed during the night. He wants to be the one killing. He says the witches are brewing something epic. He needs to get them to brew the potion that’s right for him.

It’s a new day. Jeremy, Keith, and Fishbach are hanging at the beach. They talk about how wild last night’s tribal was. Keith says Savage is gone. They talk about Wentworth finding the immunity idol. Keith thinks she had to have some clue. Jeremy (who has an idol) plays it off like he has no clue how Wentworth found the idol. Jeremy says Savage going home screws him. There was another guy people didn’t like. He was using him as his meat shield. He says he trusts Fishbach, and he has an idol to protect him. He says he needs 2 idols because they’re coming after him.

Fishbach, Jeremy, and Keith, Joe and Tasha go looking for the hidden immunity idol. Tasha says she’s looking in places that don’t stand out. Joe’s looking for the hidden immunity idol because he knows winning 2 immunity challenges makes him a big threat. He spent 30 minutes looking for the idol crucial to his survival.

Abi catches Joe looking for the idol. She tells him she has to use the bathroom, and she has to do it alone. She says she’ll be done in 10 minutes. Joe clears out to let Abi do her business. Abi says she ran into Joe looking for the idol. She says he knows he’s in trouble, and he’s nervous. She loves it! Abi blabs to Wentworth about finding Joe looking for the immunity idol. Abi says Joe is desperate. Wentworth finds the news hilarious. Wentworth says there’s a group of 8 who are voting together, but there’s paranoia among the 8. She thinks that’s great for her. She’s hoping people are finally ready to play the game. She says: My Lord PLEEEASE let’s have a big move at the next tribal.

The survivors meet Jeff for the reward challenge, and it’s raining. They’ll be divided into 2 teams of 5. (Abi sits out because she was the last person picked during the school yard picks) They have to build a staircase using wooden poles. They have to go through a maze, down a slide. 1 person will navigate a key through an obstacle. They use that key to open a chest. 2 of them will solve a puzzle that will reveal the numbers for a combination. First team to get the combo right, and their flag raised will win reward. What’s the reward? The Survivor Spa. They’ll start with the first shower they’ve had in 22 days. They’ll get a traditional Cambodian massage. Then they’ll much on spa food. Sandwiches, salads, desserts. They will return to camp rejuvenated, refreshed, and well fed.

The teams are: (Pink) Tasha, Fishbach, Spencer, Ciera, and Joe Vs. (Green) Wiglesworth, Keith, Jeremy, Kimmi, and Wentworth. Jeff does his usual narrating about the poles and how they go in specific holes. Purple has an early lead when they get their staircase built. Green can’t get it together. Pink remains in the lead, and green remains chaotic. Spencer and Ciera start the puzzle. Green tries to catch up, but Ciera and Spencer solve the puzzle and the Pink Team wins reward! The Pink Team heads off to The Survivor Spa. Jeremy says they weren’t even close. It was embarrassing. He says the whole day is just a waste. Last night was bad because Savage went home, and today’s bad because they lost the reward challenge.

Somewhere in the Cambodian Jungle The Pink Team arrives at The Survivor Spa. They instantly notice all the food. Joe says it was an amazing reward.They got massages and fresh showers. He says food is valuable in the game because it keeps your mind, and body right. They dig into the food. He says going into the Immunity Challenge it’s an extra benefit because “they have more in the tank.” Ciera says it’s good strategy getting a reward because it gives you alone time with a different group of people. You may not get that back at camp.

Ciera starts the strategy talk as the others stuff their faces. She says obviously she’s on the outs. She’s not close to anyone. Her closest person was Kass. Fishbach says as the game moves on you have fewer votes, so you have to use the votes strategically. “The Witches Coven” is trying harder than the dominant alliance because they’re desperate. Those are the ones who deserve to be there. Ciera puts it all out there. She says I know some of you are close to Jeremy. You take Jeremy to the end you won’t win. Fishbach says everyone sees the hierarchy and everyone wants to flip it on it’s head. He points out all the sub alliances within the dominant alliance won’t hold. Tasha brings up Wiglesworth. Tasha says she has a great social game. She’s friends with everyone. No one dislikes Wiglesworth. Ciera says she’s smart. She almost won during the first season. Fishbach says there could be a voting block that would fly out the window at the next tribal. He thinks the game is moving much faster this season. The game has been different this season.

Back at camp, The Green Team is making some food for themselves. Jeremy is crushed they lost by so much. He takes off to look for an immunity idol. Jeremy looks by the treemail, and doesn’t find anything. He says he found the first clue in a tree, under leaves. He looks in the tree by the treemail, and finds a clue. He has to wait until everyone goes to sleep. Then follow a map to find the idol. He says today was a bad day, but it’s looking up.

When it got dark, The Pink Team came back from the spa. Usually everyone goes to sleep early. They won’t notice when he takes off. Unfortunately for Jeremy, everyone stayed up by the fire talking. Instead of waiting any longer he announced he had to use the bathroom, and took off. It was pitch black, and Jeremy had no idea what was around him. In the distance he sees a torch. He found the idol. He names the idol Val. (His wife’s name) He says with 2 idols he can play a little more aggressive. He’s playing for her. She’s his best friend. He wants to make Val’s life easier. He wants to make his kids lives easier. He gets emotional. He says he doesn’t even know if his second child is a boy or a girl. He has to use the idols at the right time. He wants Val to win.

Day 24 at Orkun camp. Fishbach thinks Wiglesworth and Joe are super close. Like a brother/sister or aunt/nephew kind of relationship. He’s nervous about it. Meanwhile Joe and Wiglesworth are talking about trusting eachother, and who else they trust. Wiglesworth says she trusts everyone except the 3 girls. Fishbach says they have a share arrogance about how awesome they are.

Fishbach is not happy with how the game is going. Joe and Wiglesworth are big threats, but everyone’s too timid to go after them. His second chance is playing a game he can point out big moves he’s made. He wants to build something with the witches because they’re on the bottom. They’re desperate to make a move. Fishbach approaches the girls. He wants to build an alliance with them. Ciera’s just desperate to make a big move. He’s willing to work with them, but he’s not going to tell them what to do. Ciera says to save their asses they’re willing to write down what he wants them to write down. Who does he want to go? They talk about taking Joe out. Fishbach says everyone wants to send Joe packing. Fishbach brings up Wiglesworth. Abi points out her great social game. They agree to go after Wiglesworth. Ciera says they were on the bottom. Then Wentworth pulls out her idol. Now everyone is scrambling. They want to talk to them. She wonders where they’ve been for the last 20 days.

Immunity Challenge time. This challenge requires balance. They’re going balance on a triangular platform in the middle of the water. At regular intervals they will move up the triangle. Everytime they move up, it’ll be harder to balance. They fall in the water, they’re eliminated. Last man standing wins. It starts pouring rain making it harder to balance. Jeff talks about making the right decisions at the right time. He then gives them a chance to gain an advantage in the game, but it requires an instant decision. First person to reach their booey gets an advantage in the game, but they give up their chance at immunity. Spencer and Fishbach jump in the water. Fishbach reaches his booey first, and wins the advantage. The rest of them move up on the triangle. Ciera, Wentworth, Jeremy, Tasha, and Kimmi can’t stay up. They get eliminated. Second round is 20 minutes. Keith falls next. 29 minutes into the game. Abi, Wiglesworth, and Joe move to 1 foot. Wiglesworth took too long to make the transition, so she’s eliminated. Abi and Joe are the final 2. Abi’s foot cramps, and she can’t recover. Joe wins immunity for the third time. Jeff hands Fishbach his advantage.

They return to camp, and everyone is congratulating Joe. Abi says Joe is going to win immunity forever. Kimmi is ok with Joe winning immunity because she wants one of the witches to go. She doesn’t want them gaining too much power.

Tasha, Kimmi, Jeremy, and Wiglesworth talk about voting one of the witches out. They plan to split the votes, and letting the witches battle it out. Tasha confirms with Wiglesworth, and Spencer they want Wentworth to go home. Ciera is the backup. The 5 guys will vote out Wentworth. The 3 girls in the dominant alliance will vote out Ciera.Tasha explains they want Wentworth to go home. She’s a savvy game player, and she’s already played an idol. She’s building her resume, so she needs to go.

Fishbach opens his “mystery advantage” he won at the Immunity Challenge. Basically he gets to steal someone’s vote at Tribal Council. When he wants to use it he waits until it’s his turn to vote then announce to Jeff he wants to use his advantage. He’ll then select which tribe member he wants to steal a vote from. They won’t cast a vote. Fishbach casts a second vote. He calls it a game changer. It’s amazing. He buries it, so no one else knows his advantage. He doesn’t plan on using it during this tribal. He knows he’s safe.

Fishbach checks in with the witches to confirm they’re going to vote out Wiglesworth. Fishbach is sure he can get 1 more person to vote out Wiglesworth. Wentworth is sure if this blindside works, more people will be willing to work with her. She’ll gain confidence.

Fishbach sets out to get more votes. He approaches Spencer and Jeremy. When Spencer asks where it would leave them Fishbach says they would be in a great position. They would have 6. Fishbach tries to convince them they need to shake up the game. Spencer worries about trusting 3 people they can’t trust. He would love to take control of the game. He wonders if he can make it happen without destroying his game. He’s confused. Jeremy is hesitant. He trusts Fishbach. They talk about trusting 3 girls. Fishbach says to trust their decision. Jeremy worries about blindsided the others. He worries about making a big move so fast.

Off to Tribal Council they go! In the rain.  Jeff checks in with Fishbach who’s freezing cold. Keith announces he’s gotten about 2 hours of sleep. He’s not thinking straight because he’s hungry. Wentworth hopes playing her idol inspires others to make big moves. She doesn’t think the votes will be as clear cut as people thinks it will be. Ciera talks about Wentworth playing her idol. She thinks it scared people. Now it’s play or get played. Joe says if you think someone’s coming after you, go after them first. Jeremy talks about voting blocks. He’s still trying to figure all of that out. Wiglesworth hopes everyone does what they say they’re going to do. She’s confident. Fishbach says alliances aren’t as clear cut as they’ve been in the past. Sometimes you need to be flexible with giving your word to people.

Votes were: 2 Votes Wentworth. 3 Votes Ciera 5 votes Wiglesworth. Wiglesworth is the ninth person voted out of Survivor and the third person on the jury.

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