‘RHOA’ Star Phaedra Parks Opens Up About Her Relationship with Kandi Burruss

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Phaedra Parks spent this past episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta pretending trying to mend fences and stay out of the fray. First, she literally scattered when Sheree Whitfield and Kenya Moore were fighting. But she didn’t move too far. She had to stay close enough to hear every word, while digging her through her bag, pretending to look for lip gloss. 

Next came tea with Cynthia Bailey. And lest you get it twisted, Phaedra is not friends with Cynthia. (In other words, she hasn’t forgiven Cynthia for calling out her alleged affair with “Mr. Chocolate.”)

“I do not know if Cynthia and I are ever going to be close friends, so I’m not necessarily concerned about repairing our relationship… She has apologized, I accepted her apology, and we are fine.”

So what was that tea date all about then?

“Cynthia was in rough waters, and as someone who has been there, I can empathize. …I wanted to…reach out to her. I do not wish ill fate upon anyone, friend or foe…”

Though Phaedra claimed she was “reaching out” to Cynthia, from one scorned woman to another, I suspect Phaedra wanted to get some real tea, and I don’t mean oolong. There’s no shame in that. Just admit it, Shade-ra Phaedra.

As for that OTT going-away party Porsha threw for her new beau, Duke

“I really did not spend much time with Duke. However, he seemed like a nice guy. I know Porsha very much wants to find love, get married, and have a family… However I do not want her to rush into anything before she is certain it is right.”

Since those two crazy kids (emphasis on the crazy) have already broken up, the point is moot, no?

But Phaedra’s biggest peace offering came in the way of trying to make nice with Kandi Burruss. These two have been on the outs since last season, and Phaedra was laying the blame for that at Kandi’s puffy, pregnant feet. 

“The two of us had a close bond. Kandi will always have a place in my heart. The past year was very difficult for me, and…our relationship was tested. Communication wasn’t always what it should have been, and I think our friendship took a bit of a beating.”

After their emotional talk, I’m still not sure everything is resolved, but Phaedra said:

“I am, however, optimistic that our connection is strong enough to withstand some turbulence and in the end we will be OK.”

Don Juan, Kandi’s right hand man, wasn’t buying it. By throwing a little shade of his own, he proved that he had Kandi’s back. After all, Phaedra knew what she was getting with Apollo—a convicted felon. And Phaedra hadn’t been there for Kandi’s crisis, had she? But Phaedra brushes it off and keeps moving.

“I am not sure why he had such a thorn in his side about me. He…waited until I left to speak his mind; which is the very definition of a coward. But I trust Kandi will not be influenced by such nonsense.”

So do you think this friendship is back on track? And what do you make of tea time with Cynthia and Phaedra?


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