RECAP: Real Housewives of Atlanta – Trophy Men and New ‘Wives’ Join The Cast [Season 8, Episode 2]

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We rejoin the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” at Cynthia’s eyewear event smack dab in the middle of the Kenya and Sheree smack down. After Kenya tells Sheree that her “bitch ass can’t move in yet” to Chateau Sheree, Kenya – in a moment of regret – apologizes and twirls her way out of the party.

On the other side of the patio, Peter congratulates Kandi on her pregnancy. Cynthia marches over to Peter and asks why he can’t take the high road when it comes to running his mouth. Peter was offended by Kenya, and yes, he was in that video, and yes, he was drunk, and yes, it was 2:30 in the morning. But his hand was on the “young lady’s” neck, like he was going to choke her, not stroke her. Big difference. Peter walks off and Cynthia doesn’t stop him.

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Sheree tells the ladies she is reborn and that’s why she isn’t going to get into it with Kenya. Kandi isn’t feeling it and frankly, neither am I. But Sheree looks great and isn’t that all that really matters.

Finally! Kim Fields makes her ATL debut. Kenya stops by Kim’s office to see “the Hollywood royalty” for her possible involvement directing “Life Twirls On.” They have previously met through Tyler Perry – Atlanta Royalty – when Kim was directing “Meet the Brown’s.” Kim says she’s busy being a mom and a wife right now, along with building her brand, but agrees to watch the pilot. Spoiler alert: We don’t get to see this, it’s next week, but you know it’s going to be good. Tune in.


Cynthia is Skyping and crying to her assistant Tiffany about last night’s party and the state of her marriage. After Cynthia got home from the party, Peter had already packed and left for Charlotte. Not good. But aside from her man walking out, the party was a huge success!

Porsha is meeting with her team to make sure they’re all on the same page. She has a hair-line and is now creating a classy/trashy lingerie like that Jessica Simpson/Biel/Alba girl. Porsha is on her way to higher heights, but her team is concerned she’s more interested in the lower lows and will shut down when this relationship shuts down. But that will never happen because these two will last forever. What’s that? Oh, they’ve already broken up. Forget everything I said. Porsha announces she will be having a Sip & See for her new boy toy.

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Phaedra and Cynthia are meeting for tea, discussing the blowout between Kenya and Sheree. Phaedra says that Kenya went from 0 to 100. Cynthia doesn’t want to talk about that. She wants to talk about Peter. That booty reveal was partially for him, but what’s he do? Leave. Phaedra is glad Cynthia’s finally bringing the booty to the bedroom. Cynthia gives her a look of, Say what? 

All About The Tea_Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 8

Sheree pays Kandi a visit at her TAGS boutique with her two very grown up daughters…my how time flies. Sheree asks if Kenya is always that way. Kandi says she’s gotten used to Kenya. The conversation shifts to Kandi’s friendship with Phaedra. Kandi doesn’t know what’s up with that either. Basically, her friendship with Phaedra is a j-o-b, and Kandi already has plenty of those.

All About The Tea_Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 8

Over at Kim’s house, she is busy being a wife and mom to her two adorable boys. Kim and her husband, Chris, have been together for eight years and she considers herself fortunate to have been part of two successful television series, ‘Facts of Life’ and ‘Living Single.’ Kim makes a point to mention that if she’s not involved on a project, she doesn’t show up on the red carpet. Kim is busy building her brand of clothing, home accessories, and coffee and tea – all things Kim Fields. She films a spot for her website, and after many, many takes, her message is joy, light, and love.

All About The Tea_Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 8

Porsha is getting ready for Duke’s debutante party where he will be introduced to her entire family and a few dozen friends. Here’s the best part, Duke was completely caught off guard and had no idea his little “Going Away” party would be so over the top. We learn that Porsha’s sister Lauren is pregnant after she throws up in the toilet. Porsha can’t believe Lauren’s pregnant before she is because she’s the one who’s been praying for the sperm to get up  in her.

All About The Tea_Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 8

Just Kandi, Porsha and Cynthia are at the party to meet Duke. Porsha’s mom is concerned, and yet, pleasantly surprised that at 24-year-old, Duke don’t have no babies. #Suspect But he does have a  thing for “tranny-strippers.” Overall, Porsha’s friends and family aren’t impressed and think Duke’s too young and Porsha’s moving too fast and they’re right. Porsha announces she and Duke  are going house-hunting the following day. And because the evening wasn’t uncomfortable enough, Porsha awards Duke with a trophy for being her MVP – most vapid playa. #Dumb&Dumber

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The following day, Phaedra stops by the ‘Kandi Factory’ to have a sit down with Kandi. Kandi is not feeling the love from Phaedra. Phaedra is mad because she heard that Todd and Kandi are storing Apollo’s motorcycles. The Feds have been asking questions. Being hormonal, Kandi cries. Not to be outdone, Phaedra cries. Kandi briefly brings up not taking the boys to visit Apollo in Kentucky, but changes to topic to the $8,000 Phaedra owes Todd. Phaedra says it’s more like $5,000 for a video that ain’t coming out. Not Todd’s problem, but why don’t they just sell the motorcycles and pay Todd? Problem solved and you’ve got your garage back.

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Phaedra brings up how Kandi doesn’t reach out anymore, and by the way, she would never show her coochie lady parts to another man. Every southern lady knows she must wait until her man is incarcerated before they mix it up. The point is, Phaedra feels Kandi should have defended her more last season. Kandi and Phaedra eventually hug it out and are looking to the future of their frenemyship friendship. #PhaedraForTheOscar

Phaedra leaves, and just as Kandi is feeling better about rebuilding their friendship, Don Juan, strolls in and reminds Kandi that Phaedra hasn’t been there for her either, not to mention, can Phaedra really expect that level of compassion when she knew Apollo was a criminal when they got married. Boom! I heard that.


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