Sheree Whitfield Dishes on #RHOA Return and Her Fight With Kenya Moore

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Sheree Whitfield is back! The Real Housewives of Atlanta better buckle up. #WhoGonnaCheckMeBoo is on the scene. What’s she been up to, anyway?

“I recently met my 51 year old sister Mary for the first time… Turns out this world is indeed very small! We grew up in the same neighborhood all the while not knowing of each other… I’ve also Co-Executive Produced a real estate based reality show (Selling It in the ATL) that is now airing on Thursdays at 10pm EST on WeTV…”

But now she’s back, mixing it up with the ladies. And Kenya.

“Wow, what a first date with Kenya! … I knew she would be intimidated by my return. However, I did not realize that she would act so desperately! …Isn’t this the same girl that screams, ‘Don’t come for me unless I send for you?’ Well, I don’t recall sending for that package.”

Oh, Sheree. How I’ve missed you. And what about the fact that she and Kenya are now neighbors?

“Let me first welcome you, Kenya, to “MY neighborhood”! …Not sure what so-called “neighbors” Kenya spoke to…but what she should have discussed…the house she purchased…”

And what exactly does Sheree think of #MooreManor?

“She should have asked the so-called neighbors, “Is my house really sinking off the back hill? …How long has all of this mold been here? …How many floods can and have this house sustained? Should I keep scuba gear on deck? …Should I take Shereè some cookies?”

As for what’s happening over at #ChateauSheree:

“As a woman who took on an enormous project with my family and clearly got in way over my head, I would have thought that this is the one thing that we [she and Kenya] would have in common as two women delving into major construction projects and that we could possibly learn from our mistakes, help support and guide each other… Silly me!”

While Sheree may not have known Kenya except to say hello and goodbye, over the years, she’s been friendly with Cynthia and occasionally bumped into Phaedra and Kandi.

“…I’m excited about getting to know the girls I don’t know and having some good old laughs with the ones I do!”

I think it’s going to be an interesting season, watching Sheree in action. So how about you? Are you excited Sheree is back in action?


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