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RECAP: The Amazing Race “Krakow, I’m Gonna Get You” [Season 27, Episode 8]

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The Amazing Race

Last week on The Amazing Race: The Green Team continued to dominate, and Team Texas hit rough waters. The teams entered The Netherlands. They had to identify a replica Van Gogh painting, and rescue a ship in distress. The Cheerleaders double dutched their way to third place. Chacattack had transportation problems, and couldn’t recover. They were eliminated.

We start off with The Green Team reflecting on the last leg. Diana had a mini meltdown because she was worried she was letting Justin down. Justin says the only way Diana would let him down is if she quit. They admit they cry a lot, and argue a lot. Justin says that only makes them stronger. Enough with the therapy session. Let’s get to the race!

Justin and Diana are the first to depart. They are flying to the heart of Europe. Krakow, Poland. When they land they have to search for “Plaza Krakow.” This is the first time the teams book their flights on the go with the Travelocity App. They book their flight to arrive at 11:20. They take a taxi to the train station. They will travel on a train to Amsterdam. Then fly to Poland. Justin gives a speech about advantages, and being prepared. He’s been preparing for 13 years, so it’s easier for him. The other teams will arrive at 12:40.

The Green Team arrives first. Justin dives into the “Plaza Krakow” pool for the clue. It’s a Detour. Mine or Music. Mine involves the salt mines of Poland. The teams have to travel 1,000 ft underground. Then they have to pick up timber used to strengthen the mine’s passages, and deliver it to a loading area. Then after filling a mining car with salt, they have to push it through the tunnel where they will receive their next clue. Music involves getting a lesson from a violinist on how to accompany him on a piano. When they’re ready to perform they have to push their piano out of the square to a performance area. They have to earn 100 Zloty to receive their next clue. The Green Team chooses to mine.

The Amazing Race_S27 E8

Meanwhile the other teams arrive and make a mad dash to find taxis. All of the teams jump in taxi’s about the same time, so the teams tell their taxi drivers to speed it up. It’s literally a taxi race. Kelsey and Joey do a report from the back of the taxi. They are reporters after all. They’re disappointed they’re behind the other teams. Their driver found them funny. The Cheerleaders are yelling in the back of their taxi. Something about beating Team Texas. The Texas boys announce pom poms and mini skirts are their weakness. They are done following The Cheerleaders. They don’t want to take The Cheerleaders path. It always puts them behind.

The Green Team arrives at the “Mine Detour.” They change into their work clothes. Diana thinks it’s scary. She’s claustrophobic, and doesn’t like “these environments.” Diana thinks it’s cool, but it smells like a zoo. They deliver their wood, and get busy filling up their mining cart. Justin has a new understanding of the phrase “back breaking work.” It’s real man’s work. Justin’s glad he has a strong girl. Diana thinks it’s humbling to see men who do this everyday. Their “bodies took a beating today.”

The other teams arrive at the pool and run. Literally. Logan jumps in first with all of her clothes on. Josh jumps in next. Krista jumps in for The Cheerleaders. Joey jumps in for The Reporters. James Earl jumps in for Team Alabama. Logan declares Chris hates music. They choose to “mine.” Team Texas also chooses to “mine.” Team Alabama, The Reporters, and  The Cheerleaders all choose “music.” They all run to catch taxi’s, and have a hard time getting taxi’s to stop. The Paparazzi actually runs across a busy street for a taxi. The last team to get a taxi is poor Team Texas. Finally, they ask someone to call them a taxi. When they finally get into the taxi, they say they’re banking on everyone doing the “music” detour. They plan to be athletic and fly through the “mine” detour.


Kelsey and Joey arrive at the town square to learn the music to accompany the violinist first. Denise says she was a single mom, so when James Earl was about 4, she signed him up for piano lessons. He played for 13 years. Kelsey and Joey finish their lesson first, and start hauling their piano to the performance area. On the way, Kelsey and Joey recruit random tourists to follow them. Team Alabama finish next. When The Cheerleaders start pushing their piano, they have a little accident. Krista hurts her finger.

While Joey plays the piano, Kelsey runs around asking for donations. She’s relentless. She thinks her daily profession has helped her out. Older women seem to love Joey. “Cougar women’s mother’s” are his demo. Krista is having a hard time getting people to donate money. She even calls one guy who refused to give them money a liar. When she’s  about to cry Tiffany takes over, and offers kisses for money. Kelsey and Joey finish first. A girl who donated money to Denise in the beginning comes back around and donates more money so they can move on. Translation: You suck at this. They finish in third place.

The Amazing Race_S27 E8

Over at The Salt Mine, Logan and Chris arrive and get their gear on. Chris announces he’s ready to work! They use teamwork when they haul the timber to the end of the mine. Logan worries about something crashing down. Chris doesn’t make it any better when he says if it does it will crush their legs, and be paralyzed for life. They start filling up their mine car. Logan announces Chris likes to manhandle. They finally get their car filled up, but have a hard time moving it.

Tanner and Josh are having a hard time finding the mine. They keep wondering into wrong places. FINALLY they arrive. As Logan and Chris are leaving, they tell Tanner and Josh it was easy. They plan to work as fast as they can because they’re behind. Tanner and Josh think it’s hard coming into a physical demanding Detour when you’re emotionally drained.

The Green Team finishes The Detour and receive their next clue. They have to go to “The Oscar Schindler Factory.” The teams have to go in and take a moment of reflection before moving on. Justin says seeing how the Jews lived then gives him a new perspective on life. Amazing Race Fact: Oscar Schindler saved 1200 Jews from going to Concentration Camps. Both Justin and Diana are teary eyed as they walk through the museum. They receive their next clue. They have to make their way to “Jewish Quarter” where they’ll find the next clue.  

The next clue is a Road Block: “Serve it Up.” Using the provided list (Or dinner order), the teams must identify 7 traditional Jewish dishes. They have to deliver the correct number of those dishes to a party. If they can wrap their head around the extravagant spread they will receive their next clue.

Justin volunteers to do this task. Justin immediately realizes he’s in trouble. Diana thinks this is catering to Justin’s strength because he use to be a waiter. Justin wonders around trying to get people to help him. Justin finishes, and delivers the dishes to the party. It’s perfect. They find Phil close by, and check in. They win first place again. This time they won a trip to China.

The Reporters arrive at “The Oscar Schindler Factory.” They find it all very touching. It gives them something to think about. Joey calls it all incredible. James Earl calls Schindler a great man who did so many great things for people.

The Amazing Race_S27 E8__

Phil warns the teams the next leg will include a UTurn.

Kelsey, and James Earl volunteers to do The Road Block. James Earl is smart. He finds a phone he can borrow to help him identify the dishes. James Earl and Kelsey decide to work together. Tiffany has another method of identifying the dishes. She guesses. Chris and Logan argue over who’s going to do the Road Block. Chris ends up with task. Guessing doesn’t go well for poor Tiffany. She moves on to copy James Earl’s method. She finds a phone. Chris hopes his Jewish grandmother can help him with this. When Chris gets it wrong the first time he does some research and tries again. He gets it right. Tiffany and Tanner work together.

First Place: The Green Team. Second Place: The Reporters. Third Place: Team Alabama. Fourth Place: The Paparazzi. Fifth Place: Teary Eyed Cheerleaders. Sixth Place: Team Texas. Luckily for Team Texas this isn’t an elimination leg. They live to see another leg.

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