RECAP: Survivor Second Chance “You Call, We’ll Haul” [Season 31, Episode 8]

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On the last Survivor: The season continues it’s blindside reign. The tribes merged, and there was a divide. On one side-“Bayon Strong.” On the other-what remains of the original Ta Keo tribe. When Kass asks Tasha about the Bayon Strong alliance, Tasha denies “Bayon Strong” is still together. Chaos Kass sees through Tasha’s lie. The next day, Chaos Kass asks Tasha again because she knows Tasha is lying. Tasha gives Kass what’s equal to “nananana you believed me, but I was lying” as her answer. Kass starts the chaos she’s wonderful at, but it backfires. Bayon Strong lead by Tasha blindsides Kass. She’s the seventh person voted out of Survivor Second Chance and the first person of the jury.

Day 20 arrives. Savage and Jeremy pat themselves on the back. They are proud of their plan, and the execution. (Voting out Kass.) Savage is proud he’s reached his first Survivor goal- To make the jury. His next goal is to keep his alliance solid, and “stay the course.” They need to pick off “The Ciera’s, and Abi’s, and Wentworth’s.” Savage, and Jeremy think Ciera’s speech about “playing the game” really meant go after the guys. They agree the girls are going to make a big move soon. Savage knows they’re making a big move soon. He has to figure out who their target is, and foil their master plan.

Ciera and Fishbach take a beach walk. Fishbach asks Ciera how she’s doing after last night. Ciera says she’s doing ok. Ciera knows she’s at the bottom of the totem pole. She’s trying to think of ideas that may save her. Ciera thinks Fishbach wants to make big moves. He’s waiting for the right time. She has to convince Fishbach this is the right time. Fishbach says he knows the Bayon Alliance will fracture at some point. He wants to set things up before it happens that will pay off later. Ciera says she thinks they should make a move against Joe first. Fishbach says Ciera is in a bad position, but they have something in common. They both want to make big moves that will put them in a winning position. They talk about the numbers they need to make that move. Fishbach and Ciera have something else in common. They both want to flip the game on it’s head. Fishbach doesn’t want to sit around and get run over by “a bunch of fros.” It’s time to go after someone who could win the game.

It’s time for another Reward Challenge. They divide into 2 groups of 6. (Green Team- Wiglesworth, Keith, Ciera, Joe, Wentworth, and Kimmi. Pink Team-Tasha, Spencer, Abi, Savage, Jeremy, and Fishbach.) The 2 groups will jump in a boat and paddle out, and go around their flags. One by one, someone will jump in the water and untie the crates. They will load the crates into their boat, and move on to the next. After they load all 4 crates, they paddle back to the beach. The final challenge is to stack the crates so there are no repeating colors on any side. The first group to complete this task will win reward. What’s their reward? The group who wins will visit “The Survivor Café.” Iced Coffee, cookies, and bagels with cream cheese. The first time they did a paddle challenge was in Season 1. Jeff reminds Wiglesworth how much she sucked, and Gervese was a beast. “I lost to the guy who can’t swim” was Wiglesworth’s statement after Gervese beat her. The Green Team almost flips over, and almost crashes into the Pink Team’s boat. Wiglesworth gets her team back on track, and the teams are dead even. With his paddle, Joe pushes the Pink Team’s boat off course. The Green Team starts untying their crates. Abi jumps into the water, and has a tough time untying The Pink Team’s first crate. Spencer replaces Abi when The Pink Team unties their second crate. The Green Team gets all their crates into the boat first. The head back to the beach to unload, and start the second part. The Green Team wins reward.

Survivor S31E8

The Green Team arrives at “The Survivor Café.” All the goodies are laying out. They dig in. Kimmi is “super excited” because this is the first time she’s been on a reward with food. Ciera thinks Reward Challenges are important. It gives you an opportunity in a relaxed environment to talk strategy. When people are relaxed when you hit them with the strategy talk, maybe they can see the light of day. Ciera sees it as an opportunity to form a few more relationships, and plant a few seeds. Ciera apologizes to the group. She didn’t mean to offend anyone when she talked about playing the game at tribal. Ciera says she has nothing to lose, so she’s fishing. She’s casting the line out and waiting for anyone to bite. She hopes someone wants to play the same game Ciera’s playing. Ciera tells the group Jeremy, Savage, Tasha, and Fishbach are tight. As long as they have the numbers, it might be time to make a move.

Joe says he’s loyal to Bayon, and proven he’s riding with them. He says Ciera’s right. Those 4 are tight. He knows at some point they’re going to turn on him. Ciera says Jeremy and Stephen are smart. Joe says Fishbach is a genius at the game. He knows all about numbers. Joe says people are only loyal for so long, and he’s going to only be loyal for so long. He needs to make the right move at the right time.

Keith is SO done with the strategy talk. He wants to drive the Tuk-Tuk. He gets on one of the bikes to see if he can crank it. He cranks it up, and takes off down the beach. Joe says in 10 years Keith will be retired on the beach driving a Tuk-Tuk. As the rest of the group jumps in, Keith explains this is a once in a lifetime opportunity. There are no beaches in Louisiana you can drive on. Keith wants to get his Cambodian drivers license. Keith’s motto: You call we’ll haul.

Back at Orkun beach, The Pink Team look like their dog died. Fishbach says he’s having a low moment. Abi tells him to get over it. Que the sob music. Fishbach says typically he thinks the reward challenge isn’t important. For some reason after the reward challenge the lack of food, and the lack of bonding really set him off. Fishbach says he lost his first season Partially because of the reward challenge. He lost bonds he never recovered from. Spencer clarifies when he asks: You lost your season by not bonding on reward trips? Fishbach says the people he needs to make a big move are off with Joe, and Joe’s the enemy. His nightmare would be losing again because of a food reward.

On the beach, Fishbach talks to Jeremy about their next move. He says he doesn’t want to spend time going after Abi, Wentworth, and Ciera. He wants to go after Joe. Jeremy says since day 1 Fishbach has been trying to go after Joe. He was reluctant because he used Joe as a meat shield. Everytime Joe wins, the bullseye gets bigger and bigger. The first time Joe loses, he might be going home. Jeremy says he’s “down for it.” Fishbach moves on to Spencer, and gives the same pitch. Spencer is also good with that plan. Spencer knows Joe is a good bet to win immunity challenges, so they should get him out when they have the chance. When Fishbach talks to Tasha about going after Joe, Savage overhears. He’s NOT onboard with that plan. He wants Joe to remain in the game, and he’s ready to go to bat for Joe. He calls the scheming and lying disgusting. No Savage, it’s called Survivor. If he has to go toe to toe with Fishbach (To protect Joe)-bring it on.

The next morning Savage talks to Joe about what he overheard. Savage calls Fishbach “diabological.” Savage says Fishbach keeps throwing your (Joe’s) name out. Savage warns Fishbach is going to make a big move if he has the numbers. Joe says it’s no surprise Fishbach is gunning for him. Fishbach is a smart guy, and Joe knows he’s a threat. He knew it was coming, but he didn’t think it would be so soon. Savage promises Joe on his kids lives he’ll never write Joe’s name down. Joe trusts Savage. He thinks Savage is looking out for his best interest. If Fishbach has the numbers to get him out, and he doesn’t win immunity- he’s gone.

Survivor Second Chance [Season 31, Episode 8]

This week’s Immunity Challenge is A LOT like last week’s. They have to balance a ball on a disc, attached to a rope. At regular intervals they’ll move their hands further down the rope making it harder to balance. If the ball drops, they’re out. Last person left standing wins immunity. Wentworth and Ciera are out right after the challenge begins. Wiglesworth, Jeremy, Abi, Fishbach, and Savage all drop in the first round. Kimmi, and Tasha during round 2. Spencer drops during round 3. Joe and Keith go into sudden death. They have to balance 2 balls. Keith finally drops. Joe wins his second immunity. As they return to camp, Joe says thank God he won immunity. He knows his name was being thrown around. He’s gung ho about getting Fishbach now.

Back at camp, everyone congratulates Joe. Joe congratulates Keith. He killed it. Fishbach compares Joe to “Moby Dick.” Joe is his white whale.

Joe asks Savage where his head’s at. Savage thinks Fishbach has to go. They need to convince their other alliance members. They go to work. Joe thinks getting Fishbach out is a big move. He has another motive- Fishbach keeps throwing his name out there. Joe plans to use the 3 girls at the bottom to get rid of Fishbach. When Joe talks to Wentworth about it, she thinks it’s a fantastic idea. She says “Oh My God you’re so evil right now.” Wentworth thought she was screwed. Then Joe talked to her about Fishbach, and she thought it was fantastic! Joe promises he’s writing Fishbach’s name down no matter what. Wentworth is onboard. She has an idol, but she doesn’t want to use it if she doesn’t have to. Wentworth tells Ciera what the plan is.

Savage works on Wiglesworth, Tasha, and Jeremy. Jeremy thinks it’s a bad move to go after Fishbach right now. Fishbach has been Jeremy’s P.I.C. for 20 days. He wants to take Fishbach as far as possible. When all the big guys start going at eachother, Jeremy wants to have all the bullets. Jeremy says he understands what Savage is saying, but they can’t keep letting the girls float by. Spencer says they know what Fishbach wants to do. He can’t do it without the numbers. Jeremy thinks they need to take out Ciera and Wentworth first. Savage says he’ll do whatever the group wants to do. Savage says as a lawyer he pleaded his case. He’s use to getting what he wants. He’s disappointed he didn’t. Savage says Jeremy made a valid point. Ciera/Wentworth are dangerous. They have to figure out which one is going home.

Joe asks Tasha what’s going on. He sees lots of running around. Tasha says they don’t trust Fishbach. They don’t want to take Fishbach out and create a divide so soon. Joe says he’s nervous about keeping Fishbach in the game. Joe says he thought they were taking out Fishbach. He wanted to confirm with everyone. Fishbach has more connections in the game then he realized.

Ciera asks Joe what’s going on. Joe says the Fishbach plan is “no bueno.” Wiglesworth says Savage was all for it, but someone has something deeper with Fishbach. When Ciera asks if the plan is her or Wentworth, Joe says he doesn’t know. Wentworth says one minute their blindsiding Fishbach. The next minute the plan falls apart. Joe can’t grow a pair, so he’s dead to her. The great thing about tribal is it’s not over till it’s over.

Ciera, Abi, and Wentworth talk about who they plan to go after. Savage or Fishbach. They should all vote for the same person. Ciera’s frustrated she’s playing with people who don’t want to make big moves. Ciera’s hoping for a tribal miracle.

Everyone goes to Tribal Council. Ciera goes on another rant. She says Savage, Jeremy, Tasha, and either Joe or Fishbach are running the game. Wentworth backs up Ciera. No one wants to make big moves. Joe says “Perception is truth.” The only guarantee is winning immunity. Savage talks about a group who respects eachother and make decisions together. Ciera calls bullshit with an eyeroll. Wentworth doesn’t want to name the “core group” because she might have to work with them tomorrow. Everyone votes. Before Jeff tallies the votes he asks if anyone has an immunity idol. Wentworth plays her idol, and it saves her. 9 votes- Wentworth 3 votes- Savage. Since Wentworth had an idol, the votes for her don’t count. Eighth person voted out of Survivor (and second jury member) is Savage.

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