Porsha Williams Shares Her Thoughts on Peter Thomas’ Video: “I Saw Myself in Cynthia”

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Porsha Williams, star of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, discusses the opening episode and dishes on her new man, Duke. He’s no African prince, but his name is sort of like a title, no? 

“…my friend Johnnie, who vetted him for like a month before introducing to me, then we texted and emailed for a month before even meeting… I was already so attracted to his personality that the attraction was instant!”

In Bachelorette parlance, is Duke with Porsha for the “right reasons?” Well, I’ll let you decide.

“A lot of times guys try to act a certain way, and they don’t want to be the pursuer. Duke was very persistent when it came to meeting me and getting to know me.”

When it came to the video of Cynthia Bailey’s husband, Peter, groping another woman, Porsha said,

“I honestly felt sorry for Cynthia and saw myself in her. I too have been in a relationship and operated in total denial… It’s just easier sometimes to put your head down, run your business, and keep the peace.”

What about the Sheree/Kenya’s fight?

“I had heard Miss Sheree could be a lot when upset. But to be honest, I was traumatized. I had never seen someone go from zero to one hundred so fast and furious…”

She was traumatized? Way to make it all about you, Porsha.

“I felt like Kenya had touched on a very sensitive subject and that it was disrespectful to gossip about Sheree’s business. At least if I am going to talk about someone, I would like to be in a better position than them.”

I honestly had to stop and laugh after reading that last sentence. So, Porsha only gossips about people less fortunate than her? That’s what she’s saying here, right? I didn’t misconstrue?

“Who are we to judge how long it should take for her house to be done? Hell, at the end of the day at least she [Sheree] does own it, whether she is in it or not! As for Kenya, I’m sure she took it as lesson learned… I guess…”

So are you glad Porsha is holding a peach again this season? And when is Kim Fields coming on? I need a Tootie fix!


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