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Heather Dubrow Weighs In on Brooks Ayers: “He Is Proven to Be a Con Man”

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Real Housewives of Orange County star, Heather Dubrow, is speaking out about Vicki Gunvalson’s ex-boyfriend, Brooks Ayers after he admitted to fabricating medical records related to his cancer diagnosis.

“The root of it is, Brooks is proven to be a con man. Tamra has said this for years. I didn’t believe it until this year; now I see it,” she told E! News. “But the question for Tamra and Shannon and Meghan and myself is now Vicki’s involvement in it, and when did she know? Because that’s…You know, he doesn’t affect us. He is who he is. He’s gone from all of our lives, I’m happy to say. But Vicki is in our lives. And when did she know? I think I said in the reunion, ‘We all agree he doesn’t have cancer but when did you find out?’ I said to her. So, I mean, those are the questions.”

Following the news that Ayers was not treated at City of Hope hospital, Heather’s costars spoke out on the matter. Shannon Beador, is still trying to piece the puzzle together,

“I am still trying to connect the dots,” Shannon admitted. “It doesn’t make sense that Vicki would say she spent four hours with Brooks for chemo at the City of Hope when he was never treated there. The truth always comes out.” 

Tamra Judge said,

“I can’t say I am shocked. I’ve always said, ‘If he has cancer I hope he gets better and if he doesn’t…I still hope he gets better.’ From day one I called him out. I felt he was a con man. I could see it in his eyes and nothing he said was making sense.”

“He’s a charmer, but then you get to know him and after a while his stories don’t add up. In the end, I stopped questioning him as much, started accepting him for Vicki. I knew that if I let go, he would do it to himself. It’s very hard to tell exactly what Vicki did or didn’t know.”

Meghan King Edmonds offered her prayers,

“I pray for him. I would want to tell him that I hope he finds the truth somewhere in his life. The truth will set you free,” she said. “It’s a very sad and disgusting situation. I never believed I would be surrounded by such lies but hopefully now we can focus on the truth.”

Ayers will sit down with Andy Cohen during the Brooks Tells All special, airing tonight, November 12 at 9|8c. Watch a preview below.


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