‘Black Ink Crew’ Star Ceaser Emanuel Arrested While Doing Tattoo & Filming Reality Show – Watch Arrest Video

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VH1 reality series “Black Ink Crew” is down one man!

David “Ceaser” Emanuel, star of Black Ink Crew was arrested on Monday (November 9) evening for not paying child support.

The Harlem, New York tattoo shop owner and reality TV star was placed in handcuffs right in the middle of working on a client’s tattoo. He was also in the middle of filming his VH1 reality show, according to witnesses on the scene at the time of the arrest.

All About the Tea has been told the client was livid, Emanuel was arrested in the middle of doing her butt tattoo and was unable to complete the job.

In a video secured by All About the Tea, you can see police escorting Emanuel from the back of the tattoo shop and leading him out the door in handcuffs. Obviously, the tattoo shop owner wasn’t too pleased about what was going on, and he quickly spoke up about it.

“This is some bulls—,” you can hear him say as he was being led out in cuffs. “Ya’ll really came in here and violated me.”

One of the officers responded he was just doing his job, and the arrest wasn’t his fault. It all had to do with Emanuel’s daughter and her mother, but the shop owner felt the officers could have been more tactful.

“Ya’ll could have done this s— with no f—– cameras around,” said Emanuel.

It was also reported his on-again-off-again fiancé, Dutchess, escorted Emanuel to the police station upon his arrest.

According to court documents obtained by All About the Tea, the troubled reality star owes approximately $14,016.51 in back child-support to the mother of his child, Crystal Torres. Emanuel is currently delinquent on a few payments and in September the judge issued a warrant for failure to pay child support.

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Emanuel was released on Wednesday without having to post bond and released the following statement on his Instagram page,

“Media is crazy…. Now I owe 20k. But I get released with NO BAIL.This is what happens when you miss a Court date,which is a regular bench warrant . But when you have an overzealous police officer AND A CRAZY BM that just want to have their 15 mins of Fame.You got motherfuckers coming in to arrest you while you tattooing,Which is crazy to me but let people tell it.I am not a deadbeat dad ,when I pay more child support in a year than people will make in their lifetime. Now I owe a little money but no where near 10k. What is fucked up about this system is a scorned woman can use the system like this & get away with the bullshit.IF I NEVER GOT SERVED COURT PAPERS,I SHOULDN’T BE ARRESTED FOR SOMEONE ELSE LIE!! #yougottolaughatthebullshit”

Check out the arrest video below.


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