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Caroline Stanbury Talks ‘Ladies of London’ Drama And Feud With Annabelle Neilson

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On Watch What Happens Live, Andy Cohen hosted Caroline Stanbury of Ladies of London. Before Andy could spit out a question, Caroline asked one of Vanderpump Rules star, Tom Sandoval, about his relationship with Kristen Doute. “Why? She’s stab-you-in-the-dark crazy.”

We’ve all asked ourselves that question, but Tom still doesn’t have an answer. And so, one of life’s great mysteries will remain unsolved.

Andy uncorked the evening with a bottle of clips featuring James Kennedy, the scrawny Brit, laughing about boning another woman while lying to Kristen’s face. Even Tom was grossed out by that display. “Any redeeming qualities he had…in that situation are gone when you say something like that.” And yet, he felt no sympathy for his ex-girlfriend and stalker.

Later, James wrote into the show, saying, “I’m not proud of what I did… It takes two to tango and quite frankly, I didn’t have a dance partner.” Okay, then. Thanks for that, James.

We got to see all of Caroline’s shadiest moments of the season: dry humping Juliet Angus’ husband, dissing Marissa Hermer’s weenie pic, and telling Julie Montagu she’s a pathetic JUB ball.

Then we got a sneak peek of next week’s Vanderpump Rules where Scheana Shay is in full-on drama mode (shocking, I know), admitting her marriage is in trouble. Already. Husband, Shay’s “…drinking increased a lot. More than drinking. I mean the mixing of pills with alcohol.”

Next came the most awkward moment of the night. Andy asked Tom whether he’ll ask girlfriend, Ariana Madix, to marry him. “…well…it’s not out of the question. Eventually…maybe.” If we have another drawn out ring on a string scenario, Bravo will be receiving my sternly worded letter of protest.

Caroline dished on Annabelle Neilson, the grumpiest lady in London. On Annabelle’s friendship status, she said, “It’s kind of split down the group…um, she’s friendly with a couple of them and…there are three of us who aren’t.” She admitted that she and Annabelle were not on good terms. It could have been that “talk to the hand” move Annabelle pulled in Denmark. Caroline still isn’t happy about that. “I was surprised that someone of our age and sort of stature…that the only way they could answer me is by shoving their hands over their ears…putting their hand in my face.”

And what about #Humpgate? Caroline is so over it. “First of all, can we take the hump out of the equation? I think she [Juliet] overreacted…I was dressed as a unicorn, people.” Though they’re still friendly, Juliet pushes Caroline “to places I didn’t even know existed.”

We were forced to watch a snippet of Tom and his band’s new video. It was as boring as the barely-there mustache he’s trying to grow. I think Andy likes to torture us, but at least we didn’t have to watch Tom “twirl” around the small clubhouse with backup dancers, so I suppose I should be grateful.

Andy forced Caroline to play a game in which Tom used a horrible English accent and showed off his spotty reading skills as he tried to recreate famous lines from British movies. Hint: he couldn’t pronounce Hermione. But we were rewarded when Caroline’s adorable makeup artist, Luke Henderson, brought out the prizes—something with the word Mazel printed on it. Luke cocked his head and said, “What’s mazel?” Still, he knows where to find the best hipster rent boys in London, so it’s all good.

Are you going to miss Ladies of London? And why did Tom stay with Krazy Kristen for so long?


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