Kandi Burruss Dishes on #RHOA Drama & Vivica Fox Insinuates 50 Cent is Gay!

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In an extended edition of Watch What Happens Live, Andy Cohen hosted Kandi Burruss and Vivica A. Fox in the clubhouse. Mama Joyce played bartender. Excuse me, but I feel the need to stop and pray. (Dear Lord, please may I never see Mama Joyce’s face on my TV screen again. Amen.) Well, it’s worth a shot.

May I just say that Miss Vivica was looking fabulous with her red hair and electric blue pantsuit? Fab. U. Lous.

Andy kicked off the night by asking the ladies about Cynthia Bailey’s sister, Mal. You see, Mal repeated a private discussion (and by that I mean conversation filmed for the viewing audience) where Cynthia admitted that she didn’t find her husband, Peter’s, naked body attractive. The very thought of seeing Papa Smurf sans clothes skeeves me out, so I’m with you on that one, Cynthia.

Kandi said, “They [Cynthia and Peter] were having problems. You’re not attracted to that person, you don’t want them to touch you.”

On the subject of Porsha Williams’ new, younger  man, Vivica had a good piece of advice. “Six pack and a smile… Have fun, but don’t be whipping out your credit card all the time.”

Next, Kandi talked about Phaedra’s incarcerated husband, Apollo. It seems he left his motorcycle in Kandi’s garage. In fact, his belongings are spread all over Atlanta in various places.

“I didn’t know it was a point of contention at the time… His car has been at Peter and Cynthia’s house for five months.”

Ooo, is that foreshadowing I sense? I think it is!

Then Andy finally got around to asking about that video, the one of Peter caressing a woman’s neck, kissing her ear, and sliding his hand down her chest. Both ladies had something to say about that.

Kandi: “I would have killed Todd.”

Vivica: “I would have been on fire… His choke chain would have been pulled that night.”

Let me tell you, kittens, Vivica was on fire last night. It only gets better, trust me. Keep reading.

Next, Andy gave us flashbacks of Sheree Whitfield’s greatest hits. #SheBySheree #WhoGonnaCheckMeBoo #ChateauSheree

Now comes the juicy part. As you know, Vivica and 50 Cent used to date, and since Vivica is joining the cast of Empire, Andy asked what she thought of 50 dissing the show, saying the ratings slump was due to all that “gay stuff.” Vivica looked down and hesitated a bit before saying, “Pot calling the kettle black is all I’m saying.”

Kandi’s mouth hung open a good minute before she said, “Whoa! That was some tea. That was some dangerous shade.”

Andy started fanning himself. “What are you insinuating?”

Vivica did a little half shrug and refused to answer.

Kandi flat out if 50 was gay. Vivica finally spoke up. “Well, I mean…no, he’s not. We had a great time… But he just seems like he’s got something that’s not quite clear. So…in my opinion… I’ll never forget there was a Vibe cover with him and Soulja Boy that made me go hmm… He just looked like a booty snatcher on that one to me.”

Andy went to a commercial, and when he came back he made a correction. Not about 50’s sexuality, but about the fact that the cover Vivica referred to was XXL, not Vibe.

Things cooled down as we got a peek into next week’s episode where Kandi has a talk with Phaedra. Todd is all whipped up about the money he’s still owed from Phaedra’s booty video. And by the way, why hasn’t she taken the boys to see Apollo? Hmmmm?

Phaedra simply raised that one brow and said if Apollo was so worried about his boys, he should have spent time with them before his prison stint instead of hanging out at the clubd with Todd.

Game. Set. Match to Phaedra.

Next up: phone calls. Did I mention this was an extended WWHL?

The first caller of the night asked Vivica if she would vote for her old friend and Apprentice boss, Donald Trump. With her usual candor, she said, “I think Donald Trump is a wonderful businessman…but he’s not getting my vote… Some of the statements he makes make me completely uncomfortable.”

Before the end of the show, Andy said he had a statement from 50 Cent’s publicist: “…he didn’t actually say the ratings decline, that a reason for the decrease was about “gay stuff.”…He reposted something…and when he realized there was additional content…he deleted the post.”

So was last night’s Atlanta premiere exciting or were you yawning your way through it? And what do you think of Vivica A. Fox’s explosive comments? 


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