RECAP: The Amazing Race – Teams Navigate The Netherlands “Full Speed Ahead, Captain!” [Season 27, Episode 7]

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Amazing Race S27 E7_1

Last week on The Amazing Race the teams left Africa. They flew on retro airplanes, rapped in French, and busted a crab. The Cheerleaders surprised almost everyone when they landed in third place after whipping out their “French Gangsta.” The Paparazzi had a good lead until Logan missed one of The French Revolution words. The Green Team remained in the lead, but Justin was so mean to poor Diana. Chacattack aced The Detour due to their mad Dental skills. The team that struggled the most was poor Team Alabama. They took the leading spot on the last leg, but they had a Hell of a time trying to rap in French. Instead of stopping at The Pit Stop, the race kept on going leaving us with “To Be Continued” again.

Team Alabama is continuing to butcher the French rap. James Earl is frustrated because they’ve been trying for hours, and they still can’t get the words right. They agree to try 2 more times before they switch. On the 18th try, they finally get it perfect. Everyone celebrates, and hugs. They are in last place.

Amazing Race S27 E7

The Green Team is already in a cab off to “Gare Du Nord Station” ready for their next destination. After seeing everyone is booked on the same train, Justin and Diana wonder if they can get on an earlier train. They got on a train 3 hours before the others, but it’s standing room only.

The Reporters get to the train station, and also catch an earlier train. The train has 1 stop in Brussels. Joey knows they’re the only team around. He’s not sure if it’s a good or a bad sign. They arrive in Brussels, and switch trains.

Team Texas knows they have time to kill, so they check out the local scenery. They check out Paris attractions like The Eiffel Tower. They did some site seeing, ate some crepes, and drank some French beer.  

Amazing Race S27 E7_2

Chacattack also catches an early train. The Cheerleaders arrive on the train shortly before departure. Everyone has different opinions on their next destination. Where is Rotterdam? The Cheerleaders think it’s in Germany. Chacattack think Rotterdam is Amsterdam.

The Paparazzi is in a taxi. Logan gets a cookie! She guessed Rotterdam is in The Netherlands! They have a picture of a “very red boat.” They have to find that boat.

Team Alabama is also in a cab on their way to The Pit Stop. Denise is stressing out because she doesn’t want to go home yet, but she’s too tired to cry. They’re shocked when Phil doesn’t eliminate them, and hands them their next clue. James Earl says it feels amazing to still be in the race. Denise knows she can do it. She’s going to go full blast! She’s not a quitter.

Rotterdam, Netherlands. The Green Team arrives first. They have to take another train to “The Red Lighthouse Boat.” (Justin’s words) When they get there, they discover they have to wait until 5am. They know they had an hour and a half lead on the last place team. They agree getting there early gave them an advantage. They have to find something fun to do in Rotterdam while they wait.

The Amazing Race S27 E7__

Team Texas waits. Team Texas says they don’t see any other teams. They realize sightseeing probably put them behind other teams. Team Alabama races into the train station. The Paparazzi is already on the train. Team Texas realizes some of the other teams took earlier trains. They think sightseeing was probably pretty stupid.

The Cheerleaders arrive in Rotterdam, and find their tram. They find the boat, and they’ll leave on the 5:15 am boat.

Chacattack is lost. They miss their stop. A guy on the train finally tells Rick Rotterdam isn’t Amsterdam. They hop another train back to Rotterdam. Rick has to remind himself a few times: Rotterdam is not Amsterdam. They screwed up and still arrived third. They’ll be on the 5:30 am boat.

The Reporters arrive in fourth place, and they’ll be on the 5:45 am boat. There are blow up mattresses for the teams to crash out on. Oh dear, The Cheerleaders have no idea where they are.

Team Texas arrives, and they’ll be on the 6:00 am boat. The Paparazzi will be on the 6:15 am boat. Team Alabama will be on the 6:30 am boat. Team Alabama knows they’re in last place, but tomorrow is a new day.

The next morning the teams wake up, and get ready for another day in Rotterdam. Poor Rick wakes up with Duck lips. Something bit him in his sleep.

The next stop is Kop Van Zuid. Once they get there, they have to take a water taxi to Kinderdijk Windmill Village. The Green Team says they’re disagreements hasn’t affected their racing. They communicate at the end of each leg, but they disagree again. Take a taxi to the water taxi or run across the bridge. Diana wants to run, so they run. The Green Team vs. The Cheerleaders. Who can run across the bridge faster? When the other teams take a taxi to the water taxi terminal, Justin isn’t happy. Unfortunately, Team Texas is paying for their mistakes. They’re in fourth place.

The Road Block is called “State of the Art.” The teams have to search among the windmills to find an exact replica of Van Gogh’s “Sunflower” painting. The teams go inside one of the windmills and study the painting then they have to run to the different paintings and find the exact replica. The paintings aren’t close together. They have to run far. This challenge requires accuracy, physical, and memory skills. Joey brings back the correct painting on the very first try. Rick picks the correct painting on the second try. Krista gets it correct on her third try. She screams, and says “Seven years of college paid off mom!” Diana picks up the correct painting after three attempts. Tanner also picks up the correct painting after three attempts. Denise is out of breath, but gets is correct after three tries. It takes Logan four tries, and she’s out of breath.

Amazing Race_S27 E7

The teams have to use their fitbits. They have to use their highest heart rate from the last leg, and their heart rate from this leg. Then figure out the difference, and grab that number of tulips. They must deliver them to get their next clue. Joey and Kelsey deliver 19 tulips.

Their next clue requires them to take a water taxi to The Nolet Distillery where they’ll find their next clue. The Reporters are currently in first place. Chacattack is in second place. The Cheerleaders are in third place. The Green Team is in fourth place. Team Texas is in fifth place.  

The Detour: Ship or Skip. Ship requires the teams to use a simulator and navigate through a storm. They have to locate 2 specific ships in under 5 minutes. Skip requires the teams to jump Double Dutch while performing a clapping routine. If they can stay in step through the rhyme, the jump judge will award them their next clue.

The Reporters, Chacattack, The Green Team, Team Texas, The Paparazzi, Team Alabama choose to do Ship. The Cheerleaders go with their strength, and chose to do skip. Chacattack chooses to take a bus to the tram, and it takes away their huge lead on the other teams. Unfortunately, The Cheerleaders miss the tram. Team Texas catches up with them. Chacattack tries to stay positive while they wait for the bus.  

Amazing Race_S27 E7__

When Kelsey and Joey arrive, they have to first go through some practice exercises. Joey chooses to be the Captain. Kelsey is the navigator. Joey thinks he’s a better captain because Kelsey is a horrible driver. They have to first deliver a pilot to a ship. After they complete that, they have to rescue a ship in distress. The Reporters fail their mission the first time, so they have to go back to do more training. This gives The Green Team an opportunity to jump into first place. It was devastating for The Reporters to watch The Green Team finish before them. Team Texas was all confused on their first attempt.   

Over at the Double Dutch Detour, The Cheerleaders get to work learning the routine. They think it’s like choreography. Coordination, timing, and rhythm. They first learn the hand routine. They’re performers, so they know they can learn it fast. They almost get it correct on the first attempt. They stop and take a breath before attempting again. They do the routine correct on their second try, and receive their next clue.

The Pit Stop for this leg of the race is “The Peace Palace” in The Hague. The Green Team once again owns this leg of the race. They get to The Pit Stop first. Their prize is $31,873. (Their combined number of steps) They also won an 89 minute message. (Their combined heart rate) It’s a mad sprint for second place! The Reporters get to the mat in second place. The Cheerleaders take third place. Team Texas remain in fourth place. The Paparazzi is hanging in there. The finish in fifth place. Team Alabama finishes in sixth place. Chacattack just couldn’t keep up after all their transportation mistakes. They finish last, and they’re eliminated. They’re in good spirits. Now that they’ve finished The Amazing Race, they’re ready to start a family!

Catch The Amazing Race Friday at 8pm.


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