Vicki Gunvalson Is ‘Extremely Hurt’ by ‘RHOC’ Cast Saying She Took ‘Four Xanax’ at the Reunion!

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More shocking revelations are spilling from Real Housewives of Orange County,  Heather Dubrow’s  first podcast, “Heather Dubrow’s World.” It wasn’t enough that the bullies guests on the show, Tamra Judge and Shannon Beador, as well as Heather no longer wish to film with Vicky Gunvalson, they are also saying that Vicky was hopped up on Xanax, suggesting as many as four, during the taping of Season 10 Reunion show.

Heather said this about Vicky,

“She would contradict herself with every answer. Was it the Xanax? She told us all, she took Xanax. She was worried, she was nervous. And I just feel like, when you have the truth, you’re not nervous.”

Heather stated she was so calm and relaxed on her way to film this season’s reunion she played a game on her high horse cell phone. Although Andy brought up that Vicky seemed “disconnected” during filming, she only admitted to taking half a Xanax, while her daughter, Brianna, suggested Vicky took five.

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Tamra had this to say on the topic. “She had taken four Xanax, is what I heard. And I was in her makeup room, briefly, and her makeup girl was saying, ‘No, don’t take another one.'”

Shannon added, “Her eyes were rolling to the back of her head!”

Could this be true about the O.G. of the O.C.? Do you know the tolerance a person must have to function somewhat normally on four or five Xanax without sliding off the couch?

A source close to Vicki told ET these latest allegations are “ludicrous” and Vicki “definitely did not take four Xanax at the reunion.”

How does Vicky feel about what her so-called “friends” are saying? The source said, “Vicky is extremely hurt by these allegations.”


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