RECAP: Survivor Second Chance Three Tribes Become One “Play To Win” [Season 31, Episode 7]

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Survivor S31 E7

Last week on Survivor: They once again “dropped their buffs.” Angkor tribe dissolved. Bayon and Ta Keo tribes got use to new members. Again. Bayon came out strong, and won immunity. Ta Keo saw Tribal. Kass and Spencer decided to put their differences and rivalry aside and work together. Savage, Wiglesworth, and Woo were blindsided by Chaos Kass. Woo was sent packing.

Day 17 on Ta Keo beach. Kass talks about second chances and putting differences aside. Savage just feels blindsided. He thought the vote was a lock, and Spencer would be sent packing. He calls them “incredible liars.” He thought he could read people, but they’re “professionals.” (I think he forgets this is Survivor not The Brady Bunch.) Savage says if they would have come to him, he would’ve been okay sending Woo home. Kass gives Savage her famous “it’s nothing personal” speech. She says red flags influenced her vote switch. Savage goes on and on about being betrayed by his tribe members. Savage vows he’s not going down without a fight. Savage approaches Kass and company later with a loyalty pitch. He asks them to take him to the merge at least. Savage says if he has to act like a “non leader, wimpy, under the radar guy” he’ll do it. Savage gives his word to Spencer. He won’t go after him again. They even shake on it. Spencer says Savage is feeling foolish and guilty because he got caught redhanded trying to blindside him. Spencer goes on to say he has to make peace because he’s formed relationships that can save him. Spencer and Kass agree they have a good group. Spencer says he went against Kass a lot during Cagayan, but this time he has to rely on Kass. Spencer says he’s changed and progressed. That’s why he hasn’t been sent home.

Kimmi and Keith bring back tree mail to Bayon Camp. Everyone gathers to see what it says. It instructs them to head down to the end of their beach and await visitors. Everyone is shocked. A merge already!? There are 13 people left, so they think it’s too early for a merge. Tasha doesn’t believe it. Not with so many people left in the game. Tasha says if it is a merge, her “Brains Tribe” from Cagayan would be back together. (Spencer, Tasha, and Kass for those who didn’t watch that season.) She says they have some good history, but they also have some bad history. She’s really nervous.

Ta Keo Tribe is instructed to gather everything they need to continue their adventure. After they gather all their things, they have to follow a map to their new home. Ciera is nervous about a merge. She’s nervous to take Savage to the merge because they just blindsided and betrayed him. Ciera, Kass, Spencer, and Abi agree they need to stick together. Kass instructs them to “find the crack” in the other tribe. Someone is on the outs on the other tribe. Savage praises the merge. Literally he stands in the rain and praises the Survivor Gods. He prays to the Survivor Gods this is a merge so he’s back with his Bayon Tribemates.

Bayon and Ta Keo meet on the beach where there are lots of goodies waiting for them. Joe says “13 there’s no way this is a merge.” Keith reads the note. It confirms they have made it to the merge. Their new tribe is named “Orkun.” (Like the exterminator company?) Everyone picks up a new buff. They have a celebration, but Joe says things are about to change. Jeremy welcomes Savage back. Joe says game on. It’s day 1 again. It’s dangerous, but it’s also fun. They toast, and feast to their merge. Kass says “The 13 best losers ever.” Wentworth is excited. She didn’t make the merge last time. One of her goals this time around was to make the merge.

As they eat, Wentworth asks about Ta Keo’s last tribal. She asks if Woo was shocked when he was voted out. Kass says Woo was very shocked. Kass says Woo, Savage, and Wiglesworth voted for Spencer. Kimmi asks if she wrote Spencer’s name down. Kass says no. She’s working with Spencer. Kimmi is shocked. Kass says in a bizarre twist, Spencer left his fate in her hands. She added I did not abuse it. Kass says she chose to save Spencer. He trusts her because she didn’t lie to him. She now has a card to play in case she needs it.

Fishbach sat back watching everyone eat, and talk. He says everyone knew as soon as the feast broke up, chaos would ensue. Savage tells Jeremy he can’t wait to talk. They have a lot to talk about. Fishbach says you have to hit the ground running, and quickly make an alliance of 7 to survive the first vote.

Jeremy and Savage find a place to talk. Savage says he’s the happiest man alive. Bayon is his original home. Savage starts by expressing how much the last Tribal scared him. Savage feeds into Jeremy’s paranoia a bit. He says there could be 6 people coming after the 2 of them right now, and they wouldn’t even know. He calls “them” (I’m guessing his original tribe minus Wiglesworth) stealth like. They agree they need their original Bayon. Jeremy starts naming people who they can align with. The obvious 2 are Jeremy and Savage. He also names Tasha. Jeremy says Kimmi, Fishbach and Wiglesworth are with them. Savage confirms they have Wiglesworth. Savage says she wasn’t original Bayon, but she’s pledged her allegiance to him. Savage also talks about pulling Joe in. Savage says today and tomorrow will lay the foundation for the next 2 weeks.

Wentworth and Kass check in. Kass asks “it’s all good in the hood right?” Wentworth says yes. Wentworth says Jeremy, Savage and those guys are definitely together. Wentworth asks about others they can pull in. Wentworth asks about Abi. Kass says they have Spencer. Wentworth says with Abi and Spencer they have 7, so they’re all good. (Wentworth, Kass, Ciera, Keith, hopefully Joe, Spencer, and Abi) Wentworth says they made a final 5 deal back at the Ta Keo camp. Wentworth says Spencer and Joe are wildcards. Spencer and Joe are going to be power players.

It’s a new day at Orkun camp. Joe is doing his morning yoga/meditation on the beach. Savage sees Joe alone on the beach, and thinks this is a great opportunity to talk. Savage says he was doing the numbers last night and figured out it’s critical he reconnects with Joe. He wants to confirm how strong their bond is. His pitch: Stick together. They have the numbers. Savage says if they stick with original Bayon, it takes them to day 30. Joe says if everyone’s onboard. Savage goes on to name who’s all onboard with them. After day 30, they’ll figure it out. Joe says Savage is playing with his heart on his sleeve. He thinks he can trust Savage, but he also had a plan with Ta Keo. He’s not limiting his options. Joe says he’s going to talk to everyone, and feel them out.

Wentworth asks Spencer to catch her up. He had a concerned look on his face. Spencer says he’s a little overwhelmed with everything that’s happening. Wentworth says she wants to check in with Spencer, and see if he’s ok with working together. Spencer asks Wentworth who she trusts. Wentworth says she trusts Kass, Abi, and Ciera more than Tasha and Savage. Spencer says he’s not sure about Joe and Keith. Wentworth says Keith is with her 100%. She has to talk to Joe, and feel him out to see if he’s onboard. Spencer says there are 2 waring groups. Spencer and Joe are smack dab in the middle.

Spencer and Joe talk on the beach. Spencer says he wouldn’t mind stick with Joe. Perhaps they can make a move together down the road. Spencer says he’s only had allies for a day. Joe says he’s never been to Tribal, so he hasn’t had to test his trust in people yet. He doesn’t know where everyone stands. Spencer breaks it down for Joe. In “Joe language.” He drew in the sand like a Football playbook. They agree to watch eachother’s backs.

It’s a rainy day, and everyone is stick in the shelter. Kass says she feels like she’s grounded or it’s a rainy day and she’s stuck in her grandma’s sewing room. Fishbach decides to share a poem with them. Everyone enjoys it. “A poem a day” is suggested. Fishbach says he knows 18 poems.

Kass knows Bayon is together. Kass says she has the most connections. She can pull the numbers they need to go against Savage, Jeremy, Fishbach clan. Kass says the game has changed a lot since the beginning. Tasha laying next to her agrees. She calls it “murky.” Kass fishes around for information. Tasha picks up on this, and decides to lie. She knows Kass is working with Ta Keo. Tasha thinks they aren’t “Bayon strong.” It’s one of the pieces. Kass knows she’s tight with Jeremy. Tasha says she’s not tight with Stephen. Kass asks So, Bayon is no more? Tasha says no. Tasha doesn’t trust Kass because Kass is the reason she went home during Cagayan. She’s not giving Kass another opportunity to ruin her game. Kass asks Tasha what her plan is. To stick with Bayon strong? Tasha says she’s going with whatever the group decides. Kass knows Tasha isn’t being truthful. She also knows Tasha is still caught up on Cagayan, and Tasha doesn’t trust her. Kass says Tasha is messing with her second chance. She’s released the beast.

The next morning, all hell brakes loose. Kass says she knows Tasha is a firecracker, but she’s ready to rumble. Kass says Bayon is going to run the game unless someone upsets the apple cart. “God forbid Chaos Kass does that.” Kass decides to go another round with Tasha. She starts out expressing her thoughts about their talk yesterday. She felt like it went bad. Kass confronts Tasha. She says Tasha said the Bayon Tribe was no more. Tasha asks Kass why she would say that. She’s working with Bayon. Tasha says she doesn’t trust Kass. Tasha thinks it’s funny Kass trusted her word. Kass says Tasha didn’t learn the last time she played the game. Tasha says she did. She learned not to trust Kass. Kass doesn’t think Tasha planting seeds of deception was smart. She played right into Kass’ hands. Kass draws the line in the sand. Tasha told her everything she needed to know. Game on. Kass says she wants to win. If she has to use Chaos Kass, she will.

Tasha goes back to camp. She decides to talk to Abi, Ciera and others about her conversation with Kass. Kass walks into the conversation, and says Tasha messed with her yesterday. She told a false story. Kass says to everyone Tasha told her “Bye Bye Bayon.” Tasha denies she said it. They argue back and forth. Kass says Tasha said it. Tasha says she doesn’t trust Kass. Why would she tell Kass anything? Kimmi tries to play peacemaker. She asks Tasha and Kass if they can start a clean slate? Kass says not when Tasha just lied to her. Kass says everyone should think about who they’re working with.

Ciera sees them arguing, and decides she may be able to use their fight to her advantage. Plant seeds of doubt and break up Bayon strong. So Ciera starts ranting about people who might need to go after the merge. She says Savage and Woo were talking about it, and Jeremy’s name was brought up. Savage denies he ever brought up Jeremy or Joe’s name. There’s no way in Hell he would go after either of them. Apparently Ciera woke up a raging beast. Savage calls Ciera a liar. Savage refers to Kass and Ciera a two-headed dragon reeking havoc on their beautiful tribe. They can cut off one of those heads.

Time to see Probst for the Immunity Challenge. Tribal Immunity is no more. Only Individual Immunity from now on. Probst briefly asks about what’s going on at camp. Ciera says chaotic. Moving on to the competition. They’re going to stand on a narrow beam, and balance a ball on a platform. At regular intervals (10 minutes) they’ll move down to narrower beams, and hold further down on the pole. Doing this makes it more difficult to balance the ball. Drop your ball or fall off of the beam-You’re eliminated. Last one standing wins individual immunity. The challenge was first done on the Cagayan season. Tasha won that comp. Stephen is the first one eliminated. Keith goes next. Ciera and Kimmi drop their balls 10 seconds before the 1st round ends. They get a brief break before the second round. Abi is out 1 second into the 2nd round. Both Wiglesworth and Wentworth drop their balls in the second round. Joe, Jeremy, Spencer, Savage, and Tasha survive. Savage is first to drop his ball during round 3. Spencer and Joe are the final 2 players. After Spencer recovers his ball a few times, he drops his ball. Joe wins the first individual immunity. Joe’s final thoughts as they walk back to camp: Spencer and Joe are the swing votes. He’s happy he has immunity because it’s going to be one Hell of a Tribal.

They arrive back at camp. Everyone congratulates Joe on his Immunity win. Savage wanted to win. He wanted to make a statement. He wanted to prove he could hang with “the young studs.” As Kass tells Abi she never lied either time she’s played, Savage is calling her the ringleader of liars. Kass is the leader, but Ciera is also fibbing to her tribemates. Their lies are almost believable, and that makes them dangerous. He wants Ciera to go first. He’ll never forgive her for what she did.

Savage, Wiglesworth, Fishbach, and Joe walk into the jungle. Savage expresses his thoughts on Tribal. He wants Ciera to go. She’s public enemy #1. They talk about the lies Ciera and Kass are spreading. The other 3 think Kass should go before Ciera. Joe says if group wants Kass to go, he has to go with the majority. She’s ruthless, and it scares people.

Jeremy asks Spencer about his thoughts on who should go. Spencer says it has to be someone who causes problems. Jeremy wants Kass to go. Keith walks over. He asks about Tribal. Jeremy says everyone is voting Kass. Spencer says Kass saved him last Tribal. Everyone wants her to go, and he may not be able to save her. Savage, Jeremy, Joe, Spencer, Wiglesworth, Fishbach, Tasha, Keith, and Kimmi talk about splitting votes. Some of them will vote for Ciera. The majority will vote for Kass. Keith is ok with Kass being sent home. She stirs up a lot of trouble.

Ciera, Kass, Abi, and Wentworth watch the others on the beach. Kass says “a brodown is happening.” Abi calls them vultures. Kass knows they will split the votes. If she can get 1 more person to vote out Tasha, she’s gone. They plan to get Spencer back onboard. Ciera wants to make a move before it’s too late. Kass gives her best pitch to Spencer. Spencer agrees to vote out Tasha. Spencer knows he’s the deciding vote. He’s always seen Tasha as a friend, but Ciera and Kass had his back.

Finally they arrive at Tribal Council. Jeff asks Ciera to elaborate on her comment before the Immunity Challenge. He says he got the feeling camp was chaotic. Ciera says Chaotic is putting it mildly. He asks Kass if there’s a point when she says it’s too much for her. Kass says she’s not playing the chaos game this time. Kass says Tasha is causing chaos. Tasha responds with “Don’t even play.” Tasha says chaos is what Kass operates in. Not her. If there’s chaos, it’s all Kass. Kass again talks about Tasha saying Bayon didn’t exist anymore. Ciera says not everything Kass says are lies. Tasha again denies she said “Bye Bye Bayon.” She doesn’t speak like that. Jeff asks Ciera if she’s worried about guilt by association. Ciera says she is. You don’t want to be apart of any chaos in the game. After Ciera rambles on for awhile, she shuts up.

They vote. 5 votes Kass. 4 votes Ciera. 2 votes Tasha. 1 vote Savage. Kass is the 7th person voted out of Survivor and the 1st jury member.

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