EXCLUSIVE: Brooks Ayers Caught Faking His Cancer Diagnosis [PROOF]

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Brooks Ayers

Season 10 of The Real Housewives of Orange County, was consumed by cast scrutiny, questioning Brooks Ayers’ declared cancer diagnosis. Meghan Edmonds, as well as several other of her Bravo co-stars, have either suggested or accused Ayers of faking his illness, and taking them all on a sleazy, con-artist ride. 

Since late 2013, Ayers has claimed that he is suffering from stage 3 Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, but due to his unconventional treatment plan, and strange reactions to chemotherapy treatments, many have doubted that his cancer is the real deal. 

In response to the suspicious speculation of his diagnosis, the reality personality chose to reveal his medical records, and a bill for a chemotherapy treatment. However, All About the Tea has learned exclusively, that Ayers actually produced “forged” and “highly suspicious” medical documents. 

Brooks Ayers' Chemotherapy Bill from the City of Hope, in California

Below is the Googled “chemo bill” that is time stamped 2012, and shows matching line items, medical codes and costs to Ayers bill. The below bill originated from a North Carolina medical center, and Ayers’ alleged treatment was administered at the City of Hope, in California. 

RHOC_Compare Brooks Medical Bill_RHOC

All About the Tea obtained the reactions page of Ayers’ medical records. Please note under “Serious Reaction,” QT prolongation.

RHOC_Brooks Cancer

QT prolongation is the measure of delayed ventricular repolarization. Excessive QT prolongation can predispose the myocardium to the development of early after-depolarisations, which in turn, can trigger re-entrant tachycardias such as TdP. In layman’s terms, a serious side affect of QT prolongation is the risk of sending a heartbeat into irregular rhythm, a condition that can prove to be very dangerous. A source tells All About the Tea exclusively, 

“There’s no way you would give 20 times the normal dose with a risky side effect like that.” 

Further adding to the shady mix is a photo Ayers posted on October 23, 2014 that captions, “Let’s do this! #staystrong #staypositive #stayhumble.” In the photo, Ayers is pictured with a needle in his arm, a monitor by his side and a medical worker holding an IV bag filled with a tan substance. While Ayers did not mention cancer or chemotherapy in his caption, the message he was trying to convey was crystal clear. Ayers’ later deleted the photo after posters started asking probing questions.

RHOC_Brooks with needle in arm

A source has informed All About the Tea that Ayers was actually receiving intravenous vitamin therapy, NOT chemotherapy. Intravenous vitamin therapy is basically vitamins in a bag, a method used to administer high concentrations of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants so the body has all the building blocks so it can heal itself and respond to the stresses of day-to-day life.

In his latest sit-down with E! News on Tuesday, Nov. 3, Ayers was asked why Vicki Gunvalson and the other women were under the impression that he was dying.

“I can’t. I’m not responsible for what Vicki communicates to people,” Ayers replied. “Again, I have the emails from Vicki clarifying that as well where she says she absolutely misspoke.  She sensationalizes things from time to time.”

Ayers is continuing his smear campaign against his ex, and he appears to be enjoying his time in the spotlight. Vicki is an astute businesswoman, one who wouldn’t casually confuse a death sentence with a walk in the park. Gunvalson gave her all to Ayers, and now Ayers is selling her blind loyalty out just to extend his fifteen minutes of dubious fame. Gunvalson loved and lost….but shaking this loser, makes her a winner. 


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