Leah Messer Blames Losing Custody Of Twins To Undiagnosed Dangerous Disorder

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Leah Messer is claiming a new legitimate excuse for her half-conscious behavior on the last season of Teen Mom 2.  Predictable perhaps…but a classic, nonetheless.  Wait for it….Leah is blaming an undiagnosed case of narcolepsy for dozing off mid-mothering, while caring for her three young daughters. Messer spoke to Us Weekly, asserting that an undiagnosed sleep disorder is to blame for her 5 year old twins, Ali and Aleeah’s late arrivals to school. Leah’s failure to drop the girls off on time was the deciding factor in the judge recently granting Leah’s ex, Corey Simms, full custody. 

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Fans didn’t buy her excuse, with one follower tweeting,

“It’s annoying when u say u have #narcolepsy when you did not get diagnosed w/ it. It’s a serious disease. Get educated #LIES.”

Leah fired back, insisting that the sleep disorder is indeed the likely culprit.

“It’s very serious,” Leah responded. “They are still doing the testing. They are pretty sure that’s what I have.”

Leah was caught on-camera, dozing off mid-sentence and slurring her words, sparking rumors of drug abuse. Leah went into treatment, mid-season, claiming issues with depression and anxiety. 

Mayo Clinic describes the chronic sleep disorder as “characterized by overwhelming daytime drowsiness and sudden attacks of sleep.”

A depressed, anxious, narcoleptic?  Sounds like someone who needs to rethink a career in reality TV.  Perish the thought.   


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