Caitlyn Jenner To Pose Naked for New Coffee Table Book

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Picture this: you enter the home of a friend and on the coffee table is a new book featuring Caitlyn Jenner in the nude. The question: would you bolt and run vowing never to return or would you pick up the coffee-table book because you are a lover of art?

According to OK! Magazine, the star of “I Am Cait” will be sharing images of herself in a provocative new book featuring herself totally nude as well as photos of her in “skimpy lingerie” and “kinky costumes” because Caitlyn “feels the need to push the envelope.”

The source continued by saying that Caitlyn “loves coming up with creative ways to capture people’s attention and insist it’s all in aid of drawing more awareness towards transgender causes.”

But is Caitlyn Jenner drawing attention to a cause or drawing attention to herself?

The insider basically answers that question by saying that Caitlyn, “wants to send a message to others that nudity is a wonderful form of therapy” and that “it’s really helping her come to terms with her new body.”

Cailtyn will have some competition in the baring it all department because stepdaughter, Khloe Kardashian’s upcoming book, Strong Looks Better Naked, is scheduled to be released on Nov 3. Tell us what you think. Will you buy either of these books?


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