EXCLUSIVE: Vicki Gunvalson’s Brother’s Girlfriend Rhonda Addresses Fight With Shannon Beador!

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The Real Housewives of Orange County’s season ended with Tamra Judge getting dunked, Vicki Gunvalson getting skewered, and Shannon Beador finally getting a taste of her own medicine. Vicki’s brother Billy’s girlfriend Rhonda, was a guest at Tamra’s baptism party, and chose to take action, after witnessing the others gang up on Vicki. Rhonda blasted Shannon, calling her out for being a disloyal and hypocritical friend. 

Rhonda spoke EXCLUSIVELY to All About the Tea, to clarify exactly what happened, and to share her thoughts about that moment of truth that turned a baptism party, upside down. Rhonda began by clarifying that she learned of David’s affair while vacationing in Mexico, with the Beadors last season (season 9). 

“We had vacationed with David and Shannon in Mexico the year prior. The situation had just come to light. So much so that David had picked up a book about marriage at the airport, and brought it with him. That was something that I knew on my own, from discussions that I heard on that trip.”

Why did Rhonda feel compelled to speak out and defend Vicki, at Tamra’s party?

“We knew that there may be some tension at the party. I approached Shannon on my own. I felt that Vicki was being targeted, especially at times when she was not in the room, which was what bothered me the most. When Vicki left the room, the three ladies were badmouthing and speaking poorly about her.  That’s why I stepped up, and interjected the way that I did. No one told me what to say or what not to say…what I said was just honesty, and how I felt. I believed that Vicki was being ambushed at that party, face-to-face, and behind her back.”

Rhonda went on to share that she spoke to Tamra privately, expressing disappointment that her event was not focused solely on her. Rhonda told Tamra that real friends would be focused on celebrating her, not bashing others. She also reiterated that she was absolutely not put up to the confrontation by anyone, and acted completely on her own. Why the over the top, dramatic reaction from Shannon? Rhonda gives her take on a rant that even a gallon of Grey Goose couldn’t squelch.    

“Sometimes when you show someone their reflection, they don’t like the truth. I was just bringing the truth to light. I think that’s what happened…reality hurts.”

Viewers have witnessed the OC women’s relentless judgment of Vicki and Brooks’ relationship. Rhonda weighs in on Vicki’s personal choices being dragged though the mud. 

“I think it’s terrible, no matter who it is, family or not family…Vicki is an adult, she is very successful with her business, in her own right. She knows how to make a decision. If you love somebody, you let them pick who they want to be with, and you respect that.”

Rhonda wraps our time by expressing her surprise that a couple of simple sentences could trigger such chaos. She also assures me that she was willing to take the hit.    

“If they are focusing on something I said, then maybe that keeps them from beating up on someone else. That’s ok, I am a strong enough person, I can handle that. I just don’t want them to be hurting Vicki or anyone else in her family.”

The OC reunion wraps tonight (Sunday, Nov 1), and I sure wish Rhonda could have popped in for a visit! Vicki faces her final ambush, and could have used a badass defender in her corner.   


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