RECAP: The Amazing Race “My Tongue Doesn’t Even Twist That Way” [Season 27, Episode 6]

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Last week on The Amazing Race the teams were flying high in Africa! Team Texas gave their Express Pass to Team Alabama. Team Alabama used their express pass on The Detour; Feeding the crocs or canoeing across a dangerous stretch of water. They weren’t done with Africa’s wildlife yet! The teams then had to follow lions in search of their next clue. The Paparazzi and Chacattack fell into last place due to misdirection. The Paparazzi struggled to stay in the game. To sweeten the pit stop, the teams had to balance a basket of fruit on their heads when they walked to the mat. Team Alabama landed in first place, but The Track Stars weren’t so lucky. They landed in last place. They were eliminated.

We start off in Africa. Team Bama won first place thanks to Team Texas, so they express their thanks with hugs! James Earl thinks being nice pays off. When Denise asks Tanner why they chose to give them the Express Pass he says they’ve helped them out along the way.

Team Alabama kicks off this leg of the race. The clue is “who wants to get their heart pumping?” Throughout this leg of the race, the teams have to record their heart rate after each challenge. (Located on the Fit Bit they’re wearing) They will need this information later. Road Block: They have to bungee jump 364 feet off The Victoria Falls Bridge. When Team Alabama gets to the bridge, they find out it doesn’t open until 7am. This doesn’t give them much of a lead. When it finally opens, Denise is scared to death. Diana volunteered to do The Road Block. When Justin and Diana check their heart rate on their fit bit, Justin’s heart rate is higher. He’s more nervous than Diana. Tanner and Josh are notoriously scared of heights. Tanner volunteered to jump off the bridge. The other teams watch as Denise jumps off the bridge. Diana conquers her fear of heights jumping off fearlessly. Joey jumps next. Kelsey is so proud of her man. Krista jumps for The Cheerleaders. Rick jumps for Chacattack. Lastly, Chris jumps for The Paparazzi. Logan was “having visions” of her teammate’s death.

TAR Season 27, Epi 6__

The next clue takes them to the city of lights- Paris, France. Once they arrive they must find Aerodrome Musee Volant Salis. All 7 teams are on the same flight to France. Rick and Cindy reminisce about finding eachother in France. Tanner and Josh just want French Fries.

First off the plane: The Green Team. The Cheerleaders think with every leg, they are improving. They are strong competitors, and “silent killers.” The Green Team hops on the first train. Chacattack misses it by a few seconds.

The Green Team arrives, and find their next clue. Road Block: The teams have to fly in a vintage plane, and spot 3 words that best represents The French Revolution of 1789. “Liberte, Egalite, Fraternite.” (Sorry French People if I spelled that wrong) The person who didn’t do the last challenge MUST do this one. Phil adds: Because it’s The Amazing Race the teams will be thrown for a loop. In the air they spot the words. After they land, they must tell a lady dressed up in a French Military uniform the 3 words they saw.

While Justin takes off in the plane the rest of the teams jump off the train to find the location of the Road Block. Team Texas maintains second place. The Cheerleaders jump into third place. The Paparazzi is hanging in there, and entertaining us. As Logan heads to the plane, Chris tries to give her encouragement. Chris doesn’t complete his sentence because she tells him to shut up. All the teams locate the three words needed except Logan. She has to go back and try again. This puts them very behind. Again.

_TAR Season 27, Epi 6_

The next clue tells them to make their way to Square Louise Michel. Once they arrive they have to find this guy dressed up as a zombie/ghost thing. The Green Team looks for a taxi, but they find difficulty. Ultimately after Diana complains about waiting too long, the taxi driver says she’ll take them to the train station for free. Diana says they didn’t live together or spend a whole lot of time together before the race. Now that they’re together 24/7 they are fights are more frequent. They have another disagreement at the train station when they’re trying to figure out which train to take. The Cheerleaders along with Team Texas also have problems finding the train station. Team Alabama catches up at the train station where Denise announces she has to puke. The Reporters make it to the train station. Chacattack is right behind them. This annoys The Cheerleaders who complain about being annoyed the other teams caught up to them.

TAR Season 27, Epi 6_3

Finally The Green Team gets off the train and heads for the square to find their next clue. They jump in the taxi where Justin says they have to look for “the white phantom.” When they jump out of the taxi they immediately spot the guy holding their next clue.  

The 4 teams get on the train. In last place again is The Paparazzi. Logan gets back onto the plane and spots the missing word. After they finish, they head for the train station. The next train is an hour. They are officially behind the other teams by an hour.

The Green Team is the first to choose The Detour for this leg. “Drops Mic” requires the teams to perform a platinum hit written by a famous French rapper. France has the second biggest hip hop community. Right behind America. The teams will be judged on pronunciation, rhythm, and vibe. If they can master all 3, they will receive their next clue. “Bust a crab” requires the teams to prepare, and duplicate the signature dish of a famous French restaurant. The Green Team chooses to do “Drops Mic.”

TAR Season 27, Epi 6__9

The 4 teams on the second train reach the square. They spread out searching for “The White Phantom.” Back at the train station, The Paparazzi waits. Chris gives Logan encouragement. Team Texas and The Cheerleaders find “The Phantom.”

The Green Team reaches the location of “Drops Mic.” They have to choose someone from the group to teach them the lyrics. Justin thinks his charisma will help him complete this challenge. Diana says one of the tasks when Justin proposed was reading French quotes. She struggled with it. (Remember at the end of The Amazing Race they created Justin proposed.) Justin concedes it’s tough to pronounce the lyrics. Diana struggles with the lyrics, and the vibe. Diana says “I’m a white girl. I don’t have vibes.” Justin complains she has no confidence. They finally get it right…enough anyways. They record their heart rate, and head to their next destination.

Team Texas decides they want to do “Bust a crab.” Chacattack also chooses “Bust a crab.” The Cheerleaders choose “Drops mic.” Team Alabama start out to do “Bust a crab” but they get hopelessly lost trying to find their way. After getting lost for a few minutes, they switch to “Drops mic.” They get directions a few times, but eventually they find their way. “The Reporters” also choose “Drops mic.” In last place The Paparazzi chooses “Bust a crab.”

TAR Season 27, Epi 6_4

Team Texas complains how tired they are, and how hot it is. Kelsey and Joey don’t think rapping is quite up their alley. The Cheerleaders can’t wait to “get gangsta” in France.

Team Texas is the first to arrive at the restaurant. After getting geared up they get a lesson on how to crack open, cut, and prepare the fish perfectly.  They have no cooking experience, and they have no idea what they’re doing. Especially when it comes to seafood. Chacattack has no problem preparing this dish. Rick thinks it’s because he’s a Dentist. They get it on the first try. Team Texas misses some stuff, and they’re sent back to try again. The Paparazzi arrive as Team Texas is leaving, and they have renewed hope they aren’t that far behind. After working diligently, (And 1 mistake) they finally finish and catch up.

Over at “Drops Mic” The Reporters arrive and choose their teacher. The Cheerleaders arrive right behind them, choose their teacher, and get to work. Unlike The Reporters they have zero problems with this challenge. They get it on the first try, and make an entire performance out of it. They get their clue. They are in second place. The Reporters announce they are never rapping again. They finish in fourth place. After wandering around for awhile, Team Alabama arrives and starts working on the rap. They have the toughest time with this challenge. Lot’s of frustration.

TAR Season 27, Epi 6__5

The Pit Stop for this leg of the race is “Arc De Triomphe.” The first team to arrive is The Green Team. Phil let’s them know they are first to arrive, but the race is continuing. They receive their next clue and leave. Phil also tells Justin to be nicer to Diane. After almost getting run over, The Cheerleaders land in second place for the first time. The Reporters take third. Team Texas remains in fourth place. Chacattack land in fifth, and The Paparazzi are hanging in there. Back over in “Drops Mic” Team Alabama continues to struggle. To be Continued…again.

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