Lamar Odom Summons “Drug Dealer” To The Hospital & Begging Doctors For Strong Pain Meds

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After being hospitalized on October 13, Lamar Odom is getting stronger every day, he’s reportedly off dialysis and out of the intensive care, however, a new issue has emerged.

According to a new report, the recovering NBA star’s doctors are concerned because he has been requesting powerful pain drugs, including Oxycontin.

“Lamar was moved out of ICU earlier this week because of the progress that has been made. He is no longer on dialysis. But there are concerns because Lamar has been asking for copious amounts of pain medication, including Oxycontin.” A source tells Radar Online.

The source continues,

“It’s a dilemma for the doctors because the pain has to be treated,” the source explained. “But with Lamar’s history of substance abuse, they are trying to give him other pain medications that aren’t as powerful. However, Lamar complains that it’s not strong enough.”

Khloe Kardsahian, who has been in charge of Lamar’s medical care since the incident occurred is supposedly “disgusted” by Lamar’s pain med requests, the source claimed. “Khloe hasn’t been at the hospital this week. She is keeping her distance, but checks in with Lamar’s doctors.”

Allegedly Odom has invited his drug dealer friend to Cedars Sinai but the “friend” was denied access, “Khloe was just heartsick that Lamar called this low-life scumbag,” the source previously said. “Lamar tried to deny it, but Khloe has heard it all before…..and she knew he was lying.”

“Luckily, security denied access, but not before he made it known he was angry that Khloe had changed the locks on Lamar’s loft in Los Angeles,” the source added.


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