EXCLUSIVE: Amber Marchese Shines A Bright Light on Breast Cancer Awareness Month

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Today marks the last day of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, a special time of year for Amber Marchese. It has been a unique season for The Real Housewives of New Jersey star, after facing a spring breast cancer recurrence, and battling through another round of treatment and recovery. Amber inspired countless women with her honest and vulnerable struggle, as she transparently shared her real-time story, via social media. This October has indeed proven to be busy and rewarding one, for the wife of Bravo standout, Jim Marchese.

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Amber was invited to be the keynote speaker for a community lecture on “Women at Risk for Breast Cancer: The Role of Genetics.” The event was presented by a group of physicians and administrators from Summit Medical Group. She also joined with Saint Michaels Medical Center, in Newark New Jersey, in a program called “In the Pink.” The program offered breast exams, and free mammograms, targeting under-insured women. Amber shared her commitment to the cause with All About the Tea,

“Far, far too many women, grandmothers, young mothers, even young teenagers now are getting diagnosed with breast cancer. This is unacceptable. There needs to be a cure.” The RHONJ mom adds, “I was invited to be a keynote speaker for a community lecture on ‘Women at Risk for Breast Cancer: The Role of Genetics’ this past week. It was presented by an amazing group of physicians and administrators at Summit Medical Group. The audience was a mix of doctors and nurses, past and present breast cancer survivors.”

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Low-income, and very busy women, have been of particular concern to Amber, so she was thrilled for the opportunity to pitch in.

“I was also really happy to work St. Michael’s “In the Pink” program this past week in Newark, New Jersey. St. Michael’s was giving breast exams and, if needed, free mammograms! This amazing program targeted the under insured women who would otherwise not have the ability to get this done. These particular populations have become huge on my radar to help. These ladies are typically low-income, with no or little insurance to cover their health costs who, in turn, ignore their health because they are extremely busy and have no ability to take time for their health.”

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Amber is committed to promoting education and self breast exams, with the goal of stressing the importance of early detection. The two-time survivor also participated in a breast cancer awareness fundraising effort, at Jacobi Medical Center, in NYC. Amber was excited to hear that the event was a record-breaking success! She was also invited to speak at both Rider, and Monmouth Universities.

Amber’s day-to-day dedication to her family has been interrupted more than once, in her battle against this insidious disease. She seeks to tirelessly push for a cure, so fewer women have to endure the frightening challenges that she has had to weather, and overcome. Amber trusts God with her life, and remains thankful, optimistic, and tenaciously determined. This holiday season will certainly stand out as a memorable one, for the Marchese family.    


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