Baby Mama Drama! Miranda Simms Impose Strict “Rules” For Leah Messer After She Admits to Affair With Corey Simms

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There are strict rules in place for Leah Messer when it comes to speaking with her twins baby-daddy, Corey Simms. As you may recall, just two months into Simms new marriage to Miranda, Corey and Leah, had an affair. When Miranda found out, she was understandably devastated by the infidelity, but the two have since worked out their issues and decided to stay together – of course not without some ground rules.

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OK! Magazine is revealing the new rules in an interview with Leah Messer. She alleges,

“I’m not allowed to call Corey’s phone to communicate with the girls unless [Miranda Simms]’s somehow three-wayed in. He has to be around [Miranda] when he calls.”

At the time of the affair – August 2013 – Messer was married to her second husband, Jeremy Calvert and they were filming for the show, though no one spoke of what was going on behind the scenes. It’s not known if Calvert knew of the affair at the time, however, the he and Leah are now divorced after he claimed she cheated on him with another man, Robbie Kidd, in 2014.

At this time, Corey and Miranda Simms have gained primary custody of the twin girls Ali and Aleeah after “months of accusing [Leah] of hiding a drug problem.” Miranda and Corey are currently busy getting ready to welcome their first child together into the world so the last thing this girl needs is to worry about Leah. That’s why she reportedly  put the “strict rules” into place concerning any interaction between Corey and Leah.

Leah said that Miranda “doesn’t want me in the picture” adding that Miranda “wants to hurt me because she thinks that Corey and I still have something for each other.”

Leah claims that she “couldn’t care less” about Miranda’s relationship with Corey, and even says she wants the couple to be happy. Still, Leah is upset about their custody filing and feels she should have a bigger role in her daughters’ lives — despite the struggles fans saw her go through during the sixth season of Teen Mom 2. After all that, Leah has kind words for Corey’s parenting skills.

“I feel like they should have both of us in their lives. He’s a really good father – about as solid as you can get. I really and truly feel like I’m the best mom that I can possibly be.”

Having said that, Leah then made the claim that daughter Aleeah is “miserable” living with Miranda and Corey, and has threatened to run away. It’s been a tough road for these girls. Who can blame them for wanting to run away. 


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