Lizzie Rovsek on Briana’s “Girth Brooks” Story: “I Was Completely Disgusted by That”

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The Real Housewives of Orange County star, Lizzie Rovsek is back to share her opinion of the reunion thus far. As you know, I’m on the Bring Lizzie Back bandwagon. Maybe it’s because she wasn’t smack dab in the middle of drama this season, but her comments in Bravo’s Daily Dish are reasonable and empathetic.

While I don’t agree with her about Jim Edmonds (for the record, I still think he’s an a-hole), in typical Lizzie fashion, she gives us a diplomatic response to Jim’s brusque demeanor.

“…I don’t necessarily think he was portrayed as a very loving and supportive husband, but viewers see only parts of our relationships on the show, and when I have been with the Edmonds I have seen them happy and fun together.”

And what about Vicki’s inappropriate comment to Jim and Meghan’s seemingly rocky marriage?

“Meghan tried to expose Vicki as a con artist all season. Who wouldn’t be annoyed at being investigated behind your back by someone that barely knows you? It’s not like everyone saw Jim and Meghan in this amazing relationship. I personally didn’t find it that offensive.”

I personally found it funny. And probably accurate. I thought Vicki was being very charitable, giving those two crazy kids five years before Jim moves on to wife #4.

Lizzie’s also been outspoken about her disapproval of Meghan’s sleuthing skills—our newest Housewife dug up enough dirt on Brooks, she probably hit bedrock—even so, Lizzie still finds something kind to say.

“It was nice to see Meghan more reserved and a little softer at the reunion… It’s not a secret that I haven’t agreed with the lengths Meghan went to this season with the investigations… I have to appreciate her boldness, but it was nice to see the sweeter side to her.”

I don’t know when this VickiLizzie lovefest happened, but Lizzie has had Vicki’s back throughout this season, even when viewers (and by viewers, I’m totally talking about myself) thought Vicki’s trash talk had gone too far. Like when she laughed at Tamra’s custody case. That was just cold, but Lizzie is more understanding than I am.

“Tamra was going through that custody battle last season… I have heard Vicki defend Tamra in her custody battle many many times — I’m not sure what that was all about. I know that Vicki feels that somehow Tamra is behind the dispelling of Brooks’ cancer and perhaps that was in retaliation?”

And speaking of Brooks (oh dear God, must we?) Lizzie isn’t sure what to think about the cancer situation.

“I honestly can’t say 100 percent that he doesn’t or that he does or that he did… Either way I hope he gets better.”

But she is bothered by Brianna’s account of Brooks’ behavior.

“The sad thing is I believe her. I don’t understand why Briana would lie about that… From my experience, Brooks was always a very nice guy and a gentleman… The most shocking revelation revealed at the reunion was “Girth” Brooks.  I mean, who says that to their girlfriend’s pregnant daughter? I was completely disgusted by that.”

As were we all, Lizzie.

When it comes to Shannon and David being so open about their problems, Lizzie applauds them.

“I think it takes a lot of courage to get on a television show and speak openly about any marital struggles. So many people are judging you and I know Shannon and David both were suffering. Hopefully, their story will help other people.”

But here’s where it got interesting. When asked if she would be open to discussing her marriage, Lizzie said:

“Christian has a very difficult time expressing himself in difficult times. I would have liked to be more open about some hardships in my marriage, but Christian wasn’t willing to do that this year. I really held back in respect to my husband’s wishes.”

Is that why Lizzie didn’t come back as a full-time cast member? I hope she and Christian are doing all right. Lizzie is perhaps the most normal of the Housewives, and I wish her well.

So what’s your take on the reunion so far? Do you feel any empathy for Vicki? And would you share your marital woes with America?


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