RECAP: Survivor Second Chance “Bunking with the Devil” [Season 31, Episode 6]

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This is a season of blindsides! Angkor won their first immunity, and Ta Keo was thriving as a tribe. Bayon had a strong alliance minus Spencer and Wiglesworth who were on the outs. Bayon saw their first Tribal Council. It was Monica who put her big foot in her mouth, and ultimately paid the price.

Ta Keo beach gets a late night visit from Probst. He doesn’t visit the tribes unless something serious is going on. He wakes up Terry, and gives him some bad news. His wife called. One of his kids is sick in the hospital, and it’s serious. He needs to go home to be with his family. Terry immediately tells the rest of his tribe, gets his stuff together, and heads back to the boat with Probst. Kass gets emotional. She says it’s worse than anything that could happen out there. You have to be a parent to understand. Keith says they need to bring it home for Terry. Kass says he’ll be in their thoughts. He’s a good dad.

The game goes on. Time to meet Jeff for the Reward Challenge, but there’s some business to get to first. The other tribes notice Terry is no longer with the Ta Keo tribe. Probst explains something happened at home, so he had to go be with his family. He asks Savage and Wiglesworth about how they would feel if it was one of their kids. Savage said if Probst visited him in the middle of the night to tell him something happened with his kids he would run to the airport. He says they all love the game to the core, but that’s family. Wiglesworth says if it could get her there any faster, she would jump in the ocean and swim. You do anything for your kids. She gets a emotional. When Ciera is asked how she feels being a young mom she says she had a conversation with her husband before she left. They talked about what emergency situations would she leave the game for. She says she loves the game, but she loves her family more. Joe says last night took the wind out of their sails a little bit, but the game goes on.

Survivor Season 31, Episode 6

Jeff asks about tribe bonding. When Jeremy is asked how Bayon is going, he says they’re a nice little family. Jeff asks Savage if Angkor has gotten stronger after dealing with so much adversity. Savage says the 4 of them are unbelievably tight, and they can’t wait to continue their winning streak. Jeff says he’s glad to hear they have 3 very tight tribes. The great thing about Survivor is the game keeps moving forward. Then he announces a switch. They all drop their buffs. The tribes will be Ta Keo and Bayon. Angkor will be no more. Savage calls “Drop your buffs” the best sentence to him.

The new Ta Keo tribe-Wiglesworth, Kass, Spencer, Savage, Abi, Woo, and Ciera. When Kass is asked about it, she seems to be ok with being on Ta Keo. She’s hesitant being on a tribe with Spencer. They’ve been arch nemesis since their season. (Cagayan)

The new Bayon Tribe- Wentworth, Jeremy, Kimmi, Keith, Joe, Tasha, and Fishbach. Jeff asks Wentworth how she feels. The other 6 were original tribemates. Does she feel like the odd man out? She worked with some of them on the last tribe. She’s excited. She just wants to win.  Fishbach says the switch worked out right now. They have an obvious target- Wentworth. He still feels at risk because there’s a bunch of big alpha guys on the tribe. It’s terrifying to him.

Finally, they get to The Reward Challenge. 1 member of each tribe will race down a slippery course. (think slip and slide) They will grab a ring along the way. They have to toss the ring on a post. The first tribe to 3 wins reward. The reward is a “Survivor Picnic.” Fried Chicken, Mac & Cheese, and Brownies for dessert. First round- Savage vs. Jeremy. After they oil themselves up, they start sliding. Jeremy scores on the first throw seconds before Savage. Next up: Kass vs. Fishbach. Fishbach throws like a girl. Kass scores. It’s now tied 1-1.  Round 3: Abi vs. Kimmi. Kimmi almost scores. Abi thinks she scores, and almost walks away. After figuring out Kimmi didn’t score, Abi returns and scores. Ta Keo 2. Bayon 1. Round 4: Woo vs. Joe. Joe scores his first throw. The score is tied 2-2. Final round: Kelly vs. Kelley. (Wiglesworth vs. Wentworth) Wentworth misses, Wiglesworth scores. Ta Keo wins reward! On their way back to camp, Savage says he couldn’t be happier with his tribe. He has Abi and Woo. After the Hell they went through being on the Angkor tribe, they are rock solid. He needs to regroup with Kass and Ciera, and he has the most perfect situation imaginable. Savage: “I’m not going anywhere.”

When Ta Keo returns to camp, and they see their Survivor Picnic waiting for them. Spencer says coming back to camp he was thinking 2 things: Eating, and how the hell is the tribe going to work out when one of the members is his arch nemesis. Spencer asks how Ta Keo was before the switch. Kass says they were chill. The 4 of them who came over were the least dramatic schemers. Spencer calls his interaction with Kass “a little awkward, and cagy.” He says he tried to treat her like everyone else, but that’s never worked in the past with Kass. Savage called his time on the Angkor tribe “Traumatizing.” He says winning the food was one of the most beautiful moments. Savage says when he saw his 6 new tribe members, he thought he has 5 of them on his side. Savage says Spencer is a wonderful guy. If he had a son, he would want him to be like Spencer. He has a big heart, and super bright. “He loves the kid.” He knows deep down Kass can’t stand Spencer. He’s going to use that to his advantage.

While Spencer is on the beach, Savage approaches Kass. He asks if they lose immunity who does she think should go. Kass asks what does he think? He says I don’t know. These are Savage’s thoughts. Savage, Woo, and Abi are inseparable. He says those 3 will back up whatever Kass wants to do. Savage says he knows what Kass wants to do. “Spencer’s got to go.” Kass says she would love to get rid of Spencer again. She didn’t want Spencer on her tribe. Ciera, Kass, Woo, Abi, and Savage create an alliance. Savage wants to tell Spencer it’s Ciera who has to go. Then they blindside Spencer. Ciera isn’t too happy with Savage using her. It shows where his loyalties lie if he chooses to use Ciera not Woo. He promises Ciera she’s safe. Ciera says she wants to be a team player. She says there are times she’ll “take one for the team.” This isn’t one of those times.

Over on Bayon Beach, Keith and Kimmi have a little spat. This spat happens to be on Kimmi’s favorite topic- food. Joe hints to Wentworth she might have to do a little schmoozing. She’s the easy vote because she’s originally Ta Keo. She’s the easy vote. Wentworth says she knew she was in trouble. Joe wants to keep Wentworth around. He says he’s strategically in a good spot. He has his alliance of original Bayon members. He has an alliance also with some Ta Keo members. He wants to keep Wentworth around so he has numbers at the merge. He gives Wentworth “pitch” ideas. She’s stronger than Kimmi and Fishbach. Wentworth knows she’s the easy vote, but she does have an immunity idol. If Joe wants to protect her, she’s happy to hide behind him as long as she can.

When Joe talks about things with Tasha and Fishbach he throws an idea out there. Maybe they should keep Wentworth. This throws up red flags for Fishbach. He says Joe is proposing Bayon members turn on eachother. (Keep Wentworth, target Kimmi)  Fishbach says Joe flipped on the Bayon alliance. Fishbach then throws out there how much he distrusts Joe. He proposes to Jeremy maybe getting rid of Joe first. Jeremy says wait a minute, I’m not ready to turn on Joe yet. Jeremy wants to keep Joe around as a “meat shield.” Fishbach says Jeremy said he needs to have more confidence in himself. He’s putting everything he has into winning Survivor. He knows he’s not great at challenges. To him the game is about social strategy. It’s about building and maintaining alliances, and turning on the right person at the right time. If he can’t get his alliance to make the move with him, he’s failed. (Tasha thinks it’s too much, too soon when Fishbach approaches her.) He says you don’t get a lot of shots to take out big players. He gets emotional when he talks about coming up short last time, and how he might come up short again. He’s been kicking himself for years because he failed last time he played when he wanted to take out “The Golden Boy.”He says they’ll kick themselves if they let the game pass them by, and don’t take control when they have the chance. He calls getting rid of Joe “a great move.” He says this move would set the tone for the rest of the season.

It’s time for the Immunity Challenge. This is a food eating competition. This is a race. Who eats local Cambodian delicacies fastest? First to do so scores a point for their tribe. First tribe to 4 wins immunity. This challenge has been done 14 times. First rounds 2 tribe members will participate. First round: Tasha/Kimmi vs. Spencer/Woo. The delicacy is 2 tarantulas. Jeff talks about guts and juice. (YUCK!) Ta Keo scores their first point. Round 2: Keith/Jeremy vs. Savage/Ciera. The delicacy is Giant Water Beetles. Bayon scores their first point. Round 3: Fishbach/Wentworth vs. Kass/Abi. The delicacy is pig snout. Bayon scores a point. Round 4: (Individual matchups) Wiglesworth vs. Joe. The delicacy is deep fried frog. Ta Keo scores a point. They’re tied 2-2. Round 5: Woo vs. Kimmi. The delicacy is pigs brain. Kimmi refuses to touch it. Woo eats it and Ta Keo scores a point. Round 6: Wentworth vs. Ciera. The delicacy is scorpion. Bayon scores a point. Final Round: Tasha vs. Kass. The delicacy is Balut. (Think Philippines) Tasha gets it down. Bayon wins immunity! Ta Keo is going to Tribal Council.

Kass says she would love to write Spencer’s name down. If she gets the chance she’ll gladly write a sad face next to it, and send him on his way. She says Spencer has zero chance at winning the game.

When Ta Keo gets back to camp, there’s already a plan. Get rid of Spencer, but tell Spencer they’re sending Ciera home. (Savage’s plan) They all check in, and according the Savage the plan is in motion. Ciera says if Spencer asks she’ll act like she has no idea. Savage reminds them not to talk to be seen talking to Ciera. Woo says to finally be in the majority alliance makes him feel like he’s finally in tune with the game.

Spencer approaches Savage and asks him what the plan is. Savage says Ciera has to go. (Of course) Spencer says he’s been wanting to play with Savage the entire game. He’s a really good guy and someone Spencer can trust. Savage says it’s hard for him to send home Spencer. He’s a good kid. Nothing’s getting in the way of Savage’s second chance. Tonight everyone is voting out Spencer. He’s voting out Ciera. He calls the blindside the most devastating in the history of Survivor. He means business.

Ciera approaches Kass and Abi. She complains about Savage using her name. Kass agrees with her. Ciera throws Woo under the bus. Ciera says Terry going home was her wake up call. This is her second chance. She wants to go home knowing she gave 100%. Kass throws out there, she wants Spencer to go before the merge. Ciera says it would be dumb to keep Woo over Spencer. Kass says she didn’t want to play with Spencer. When people threw his name out there, she felt like it was being served on a silver platter. She thinks there might be a better use for Spencer right now.

Kass walks along the beach with Spencer. Spencer says he doesn’t want to rehash Cagayan. Kass agrees. She says there’s some stuff going on, and some stuff that could benefit him. Spencer says he really likes Savage. Kass says interestingly Savage wants to get rid of Spencer, but they planned on telling Spencer they’re getting rid of Ciera. Spencer asks “Savage actually wanted to go after me?” Kass says yes. Spencer asks when Savage brought that up. Kass says after the feast. Spencer says if what Kass says is the truth, he’s left figuring out where to run. Kass says there’s a Woo blindside plan. Spencer asks if they have support for this plan? Ciera, Abi, Spencer, and Kass are in on the plan. Spencer says he’s “bunking with the devil tonight.”

Kass plays it off when she gets back to camp. She says to Woo how she’s finally getting revenge on Spencer. Wiglesworth and Woo just laugh. Kass says there are 2 plans out there. Wiglesworth, Woo, and Savage think Spencer is going. Ciera, Abi, and Spencer think Woo is going home. Kass is the deciding vote. Spencer pledges his loyalty to the girls if they save him. Kass says she has the opportunity to write Spencer’s name down and say goodbye. She can still do that if she wanted to. Kass says it’s her first tribal for second chance. Which Kass will arrive? Calm Kass or Chaos Kass? It’s the angel and devil on her shoulder. She hasn’t even decided.

Ta Keo arrives at Tribal Council. Jeff asks Savage what he’s been working on since the “Second Chance” experiment began. Savage says his personal game. Developing deep relationships. Figuring out who’s loyal. He asks Spencer the same question. He says seeing people as people not strategy. Jeff says that’s a hard thing to do when the motto is “Outwit, Outplay, Outlast.” Spencer says absolutely. This might be the hardest environment in which to do it, and yet the most important. Jeff says some think Woo’s mistake was not recognizing Tony was manipulating him. Woo says he learned to play the game, you have to be more cutthroat. He’s at peace with that. Kass says it’s hard to navigate the different relationships. It’s also fun. Jeff says is this new Kass talking or Chaos Kass? Kass says she doesn’t know which Kass is here tonight. Savage says he hasn’t seen Chaos Kass. He’s seen a loyal, loving Kass. Ciera says navigating people is one of her strengths. Jeff asks Savage if he’s worried his name is being thrown out there. Savage says no. He has no doubts about tonight. His judgment is his judgment. If he blows it, it’s on him.

The voting begins. Wiglesworth, Savage, and Woo vote Spencer. Ciera, Kass, Spencer, and Abi vote Woo. Woo is the sixth person voted off Survivor Second Chance.

At the end, they show a little update from Terry. His son needed, and received a heart transplant. He’s doing well. He thought he was the “second chance guy.” His son Danny is the real “second chance guy.”

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