Meghan Edmonds Spins Her Husband’s Shameful Treatment Towards Her This Season

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Meghan Edmonds is still trying to spin her way out of this season of The Real Housewives of Orange County. Look girl, we all saw how shamefully your husband treats you. Jim claims it was bad editing. And Meghan says:

“The best part about this week was that Jimmy joined me on the couch and I’m really glad the audience got to see a more relaxed and engaging side of my husband and our marriage. It’s kind of crazy to see us portrayed the way we actually are every day for the first time on TV!”

At the reunion, Jim claimed the stress of the cameras increased his irritability. Nope. Not buying it. If he’s treating her like that after four months of marriage, there’s a problem.

As we saw in the reunion, Meghan still has beef with Vicki.

“…I am STILL amazed with how much Vicki exaggerates her stories – so much that they become full blown lies! It’s so awkward to watch her get put on the spot and try to weasel her way out of her lies.”

Well, Vicki did lie an awful lot this season, but her comments on Meghan’s marriage were probably on point. But very unkind, no? However, Meghan insists she’s not bothered by Vicki’s assessment of her marriage. No, Hayley is the one who’s been wounded in all this.

“Surprisingly, Vicki agreed that she owes Hayley an apology (with Andy, the other Housewives, my husband, and the whole production team as my witnesses), but she hasn’t followed through with that apology yet…”

Um…honey, that was the apology. That’s all you’re going to get out of the old Vickster on that one. Time to let it go. But Meghan drags Hayley even further into the drama:

“Now for Hayley to hear everything that Vicki has said at the reunion – implying that she is uneducated, saying that “no one knows what it’s like for your mother to die” and then giving her stepmom and dad’s new marriage only 4 years to last – I can’t imagine how hard that would be for her, but she has told me it’s not easy.”

Me thinks Meghan is projecting. It’s okay to admit that Vicki’s comments hurt your feelings, Meghan. Hayley has other worries. Vicki probably isn’t even on her teenage radar.

Next, Meghan gets bent on Tamra’s behalf.

“Not only am I upset with how Vicki has hurt Hayley, but my heart also aches for Tamra. I can’t imagine the pain she must have felt when she found out that her supposed good friend, Vicki, made such horrid comments regarding her custody and fitness as mother.”

Maybe Tamra is just your “TV friend” because the way you talk about each other is ugly. But it’s Meghan’s last comment that makes me think she’s been scouring the internet again. Or maybe she’s bought a word of the day calendar, a la Camille Grammer. Can you say “pernicious”?

“Vicki said that her custody comment was said “in jest,” but I don’t think that the word “jest” can apply to that comment. I believe “caustic cynicism” would be a more appropriate description to explain the depth of its maliciousness intent – don’t you agree?”

All right kittens, how long do you give Meghan and Jim’s marriage? Are you buying their bad editing line of defense?


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