Brooks Ayers Responds to Briana’s “Girth Brooks” Story “I Deny Having Said Anything to Briana”

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Briana and Brooks_RHOC

Brooks Ayers, ex-boyfriend to Real Housewives of Orange County star, Vicki Gunvalson, is denying allegations that he hit on Gunvalson’s daughter, Briana Culberson.

On part two of the RHOC Reunion, Briana joined the women on the couch to discuss her take on this season, specifically her mom’s relationship Brooks. During the discussion, Briana revealed that while pregnant, Brooks hit on her during Vicki’s birthday party, offering to introduce her to his penis, “Girth Brooks.”

Now Brooks is hitting back by telling E! News that this is “typical” of Briana and that she “never game him a chance.”

Brooks said,

“It’s a typical Briana move, creating a ‘He Said, She Said’ scenario that once again puts her mother in the middle of a no-win situation. I’m glad that I no longer have to deal with this unnecessary drama. I categorically deny having said anything like that to Briana.”

Here’s why most everyone, excluding Brooks and Vicki, believe Briana. From the beginning of RHOC she has been referred to as “the voice of reason” by consistently displaying an even keel response to the drama occurring around her. Also, being a pregnant and a nurse, Briana was presumably not drinking alcohol at Vicki’s party. Just because Brooks doesn’t recall making this comment, does not mean it didn’t happen.

“Vicki and I dated a year prior to Briana ever meeting me,” Brooks continued. “She never gave me a chance. And one thing led to another and the first time I met Briana was the very night that she told her mom that she was married, and I think that Briana had some significant issues as a child growing up with some ‘Daddy issues.'”

The Real Housewives of Orange County reunion concludes on Sunday on Bravo.


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