Tamra Judge’s Daughter Sidney Barney Reconfirms Abuse Claims Against Her Mother

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Tamra Judge’s blame game is over and daughter, Sidney Barney, 17, is the one shutting her down. Or is she? Tamra has been claiming ex-husband, Simon Barney, was behind the scathing Facebook post by Sidney stating that Tamra was an abusive mom. Now a new Twitter response from Sidney might make you question who is writing these posts?

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Sidney wrote, “This is my real Twitter and was my real Fb but my Fb got hacked and they changed my pass and deleted my post,” Sidney wrote, “Just to clear things up, my father did not hack my Facebook account or write my previous fb post I did.”

As you recall, a well-crafted message was posted on Sidney’s FB page explaining why she didn’t want to live with her mother, Tamra. Here are some of the highlight’s from the 17 year-olds post last week, and as you read, look at the difference in writing styles.

I watched the reunion show last night and I am disappointed. I try not to talk about personal family matters, but I was made aware that my mother was talking about me and discussing our personal family matters on the show again.”

“The reason I do not live with my mother is not because of my dad, it is because she is mentally/verbally abusive and not a mother to me.”

“After telling her this for two years in consoling, she still hasn’t recognized that these problems are between her and I and continues to make this about my father and her.”

“Obviously, I am just another storyline that feeds her fame and her wallet.”

Now, Sidney has taken to Twitter to explain what happened. As you read her remarks, look at the difference in writing styles.

Much more eloquent, right? Tell us who you think the author is behind these posts?


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