RECAP: The Amazing Race “King Of The Jungle” [Episode 5]

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TAR_Epi 5

On last week’s episode the teams flew to Africa. After landing they went to beautiful Victoria Falls and discovered it’s beauty from above. Team Texas wasted their Express Pass, so they made a deal with The Green Team. No U-Turning. The Green Team found Phil at The Pit Stop, but instead of stopping the race continued. After Team Texas found the Pit Stop, Phil told them they have to decide who they want to give their Express Pass to immediately. Who did they decide to give it to?

Team Texas was face with a decision. They decided to give the Express Pass to Team Alabama. Team Alabama has helped them along the way. They ripped open their next clue. They have to find ” The Lookout Café” where their next clue is waiting. Team Texas explained a little bit more why they gave Team Alabama The Express Pass. Team Texas thinks Team Alabama isn’t a threat. They think they can stay ahead of them. They think they made the right decision. They think they don’t deserve another Express Pass. They have huge respect for The Green Team honoring their word. Next time they plan on U-Turning The Green Team.  

TAR_Epi 5

The Green Team is in the lead with Team Texas only a minute behind. They explain how they honored their agreement with Team Texas. If they give their word, they mean it. They hope Team Texas knows that. Diana adds “They’re really nice guys!” Justin agrees they are really nice guys, but also their toughest competitor.

Chacattack completes The Detour, and gets their next clue. They are in 5th place currently. The Paparazzi finishes in 6th place. The Track Stars finish in 7th place. The Cheerleaders are last.

Team Alabama finally reaches Phil. They decide not to U-Turn anyone. They donate all of their money to the Orphans. Phil gives them great news! Team Texas decided to give them their Express Pass. After they do a little celebration dance Phil gives them more great news! The next leg starts now! Denise decides she wants to do more celebrating in the taxi. She does a little taxi dance.

The Reporters reach Phil. They also decide not to U-Turn.

Team Texas and The Green Team both find their next clue. The Road Block is from the very first season of The Amazing Race. Zip line across the canyon, and receive their next clue. Team Texas doesn’t like seeing Justin go first, but they take comfort Justin didn’t go splat. Justin finishes with no problems. Tanner and Josh are freaking out. Before Justin and Diana leave, Team Texas thanks them for honoring their word. Justin says he’s going to honor his word the entire race.

The Detour is Crocs or Canoes. If they choose crocs they are put into a cage under the water. When they reach the bottom, they meet the most popular crocs in town. After they feed them their favorite dish (Raw Meat) they will be given their next clue. Phil explains how huge The Zambezi river is. Canoes is a little more difficult. They must survive a river crossing paddling a canoe. After “surviving” one of the team members has to get boosted up a tree (With the help of the other team member) and get their next clue in a vultures nest. The Green Team chooses Canoe.

King Of The Jungle_TAR_Epi 5_

Back at The Road Block, Team Texas is finally getting ready to zip line. The Reporters, and Team Alabama both reach The Road Block. After they finally finish The Road Block, Team Texas receives their next clue. They move on after choosing to Canoe. Team Alabama and The Reporters wonder if the bottom teams will feel the pressure and U-Turn another team. Kelsey is next on the zip line with Joey cheering her on. Bama mama calls her son fearless as he zip lines through the canon.

Chackattack chooses not to U-Turn anyone, and recieves their next clue followed closely by The Paparazzi. The Track Stars also don’t U-Turn anyone, but The Cheerleaders do. They haven’t been clued in to the current plan not to U-Turn The Green Team. Pretty funny The Cheerleaders don’t know The Green Team is in first place. Phil gives The Paparazzi a guilt trip when they don’t donate everything they have to the orphans. Pretty funny. The Track Stars say if they knew it was only a virtual pit stop, they would’ve U-Turned The Cheerleaders to give them a little cushion.  

King Of The Jungle_TAR_Epi 5

The Paparazzi gives us a little more information about them as they travel to their next clue. They’ve been together, and worked together for 6 years. The indecision has gotten them in trouble in the past. They always have to guess what the celebs are up to before they do it. They have to make split second decisions. Chris says when he makes the wrong decision at home “it’s not pretty.” Logan takes comfort knowing there are 2 teams behind them, so they don’t have to battle it out.

On the way to The Road Block, The Cheerleaders have some sort of breakdown crying fit. They are SO sick of pushing themselves and still being in last place. So much for “athletic.” They aren’t giving up! They are fighters!

The Reporters finish The Road Block. They chose to feed the crocs. The Green Team reaches their canoe destination. They pick up a canoe, and off they go paddling across the Zambezi river. Justin notices an elephant. Both Diana and Justin think “that’s so cool!” Justin says in the back of his mind he knew a crocodile or hippo could attack them as they canoe across the river. Justin says they have tunnel vision to complete what they had to do. Team Texas reaches The Road Block, and picks up a canoe. The Green Team notices Team Texas right behind them. Justin says they know Team Texas is stronger, but it’s more about technique. Justin use to teach small boat canoeing, and Diana use to row in high school. They feel really confident. Team Texas has a bit of a disagreement in the middle of the river.

When Chacattack and The Reporters get their next clue (The Road Block) they jump in a taxi and tell their destination. When both taxi drivers have no clue where they are going, The Paparazzi tells the poor driver to follow Chacattack. They get hopelessly lost.When they finally figure out it was right there, they jump out of the taxi cabs frustrated. Logan gives her poor partner a little peptalk by saying “We are so stupid!” “We suck!” Logan and Chris descover they’re currently in last place. After getting mad at themselves and eachother, they think this mistake is their demise. The Cheerleaders do a celebration dance because they aren’t in last place. Finally they get themselves together. Logan tells Chris just to have some fun. They aren’t giving up. Logan says they need to focus. Something they decided on before the race, but they haven’t been successful. Admittedly Chris was scared. The guy almost had to push him off.

The Track Stars find their next clue, and follow the path to The Road Block. They pat eachother on the back for knowing where they’re going. After finishing The Road Block, they decide they want to feed the crocs. The Cheerleaders also decide they want to feed the crocs.

The Reporters reach their destination. Time to feed some crocs. Admittedly they see the crocs and it’s a little scary for them. They put on their wetsuits. Joey says he’s not a thrill seeker like Kelsey, and he’s a little freaked out because they saw the size of the crocs. Their guide gives them directions. Joey is glad the crocs will be outside the cage. They get into the cage and reach the bottom. Joey puts his stick out with food first. Kelsey follows. Kelsey felt the force when the croc bit the end of the stick. They finish, and receive their next clue.

The Green Team finish paddling across the river. They reach their destination before Team Texas. Team Texas is frustrated they can’t get it together. Josh and Tanner are right on The Green Team’s heels. Diana decides she’ll retrieve the clue from the vulture’s nest. Diana gets into a harness, and Justin lifts her up using a rope. The Green Team reaches the vulture’s nest and retrieve their next clue. They have to find a lion encounter. Both teams jump into their canoes off to find The Lion Encounter.

Instead of canoeing or feeding the crocs, Team Alabama uses their Express Pass. They move on to find The Lion Encounter.

The Lion Encounter is introduced. The Lion is king of the jungle. blah blah. The Encounter introduces the wildlife back into the to the environment. To walk with the lions is a unique experience. The teams have to follow the lions and hunt for their next clue along the way. Phil says “Thankfully it’s not dinner time.”

The tour guide introduces The Green Team to some rules when they follow the lions. Some of the rules are: Stay alert. Don’t run or panic. Don’t crouch down. Do not touch the Lion’s head. Stay in groups. The tour guide says the most important rules are no running, and keep the noise down. When the Bama team arrived they had to change their clothing. Bright clothes aren’t allowed. They walk along, but freak out a bit. The tour guide says to look them in the eyes. When The Reporters, and Team Texas arrive they have to wait because 2 teams are already out. While following the lions, the tour guide gives them some lion facts. The Green Team finds their clue. Team Bama finds a clue right behind them.

The Track Stars arrive before Chacattack and The Cheerleaders. They gear up and feed some crocs. Finally The Paparazzi arrive. Chris asks how many teams have been there. When the guide tells them quite a few Chris flips out and decides maybe this isn’t the best thing to do. He thinks they’re too behind. They argue about it as Logan is redressing. She thinks Chris is being irrational. He decides they should stay. They’re just panicking.  

King Of The Jungle_TAR_Epi 5___

The Green Team receives their next clue. They have to go to The Masuwe Private Game Reserve. The Masuwe Private Game Reserve is a place you can see “The big 5.” Elephants, Buffalo, Leopard, Rinos, or Lions. This 1,000 acre Game Reserve is The Pit Stop for this leg of the race. Just to make things interesting, the teams must balance 2 fruit baskets on their head. Team Bama and The Green Team reach The Pit Stop first where they are given head scarves to balance the fruit baskets. Justin has a horrible time balancing. Team Bama reaches the mat first. They won a trip to Slovakia. The Green Team lands in second place. Justin is bummed.

_King Of The Jungle_TAR_Epi 5

The rest of the teams find The Lion Encounter. Kelsey asks what they eat. Joey says “Walkers.” Kelsey and Joey find next clue along with Team Texas. The Track Stars misread their clue, and miss the Lion Encounter. The Cheerleaders, and Chacattack also arrive at the Lion Encounter. The Track Stars finish The Lion Encounter, but they miss the clue. They can’t immediately go back out because The Paparazzi, and Chacattack are already out. They have to wait. The Paparazzi knows they’re in trouble, but The Track Stars mistake helps them.  

In First Place: Team Alabama. Second Place: The Green Team. Third Place: Team Texas. Fourth Place: The Reporters. Fifth Place: The Cheerleaders. Sixth Place: The Paparazzi Seventh Place: Chacattack. Last Place: The Track Stars. They are eliminated.

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