Local Oklahoma News Source Links Jackie Overton’s Arrest to ‘Sister Wives’ Catfish Scandal

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Jackie Overton Mugshot_Sister Wives

The Jackie Overton internet masquerade continues, as masked business tycoon, “Sam Cooper” continues to dish the private dirt, and Sister Wives star, Meri Brown, rides the sordid wave of exposure with a catfish lover scorned. Overton was forced to briefly halt her shenanigans, after she and her mother, Della Jean Overton, were both arrested on Wednesday, on charges stemming from outstanding warrants.

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A local news outlet, The Ponca City News, reported the arrests and interestingly cited the Sister Wives catfish scandal in their piece.“Samuel” couldn’t have been amused! The article reads,

“Overton became the subject of national entertainment headlines last month after she allegedly pretended to be a businessman named Sam, and had what tabloids call “an emotional affair with Meri Brown, one of the stars of “Sister Wives,” which airs on TLC.”

Jackie made bail shorty after her arrest, and appeared to pick up her duplicitous existence right where she left off.  Her charges are linked to traffic violations. Della Jean Overton currently remains in jail, being held on felony counts of embezzlement and exploitation, which accuse her of taking advantage of her elderly father. 

An investigation by Adult Protective Services turned up a missing $10k sum, which Della Jean allegedly claims was used to pay for a nursing home. She also supposedly told police that she can back up her innocence with receipts.  Della is being held on a $9k bond. 

That’s a lot of rolled quarters! Where is wealthy “Sam” when you need him the most?


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