EXCLUSIVE: ‘Sister Wives’ Meri Brown Admits To Sexual Intimacy with Catfish Lover & Desire To Have His Baby

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Sister Wives

As crickets continue to chirp from the Sister Wives camp, Meri Brown’s Catfish Lover, Jackie Overton, is continuing to leak incriminating voicemails, exposing dysfunctional weak spots within the plural Brown marriage.

Overton, as “Sam Cooper,” captured Meri Brown’s heart by an online seduction ruse that started trepidatiously, but progressed rapidly. “Sam” claims to have possession of almost 200 voicemails from Meri, and as the identity charade continues, “Sam” is telling “his” story, by slowly exposing the depth of the cryptic love affair. 

All About the Tea has extensively followed the story of a catfish scorned, a dark tale that shines a light on the truly lonely state that often exists within plural marriage. There is no doubt that Jackie Overton is a scammer, but Meri Brown’s voice reiterating over and over her undying love for “Sam Cooper,” reveals a genuine and intense attachment. 

Overton’s exposure of the 6-month period is escalating, and the latest released voicemails take the scorned payback to the next level. 

The following two recordings reveal Meri admitting sexual intimacy with catfish “Sam,” as well as a desire to have “Sam’s” baby. 

Press play below.

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Press play below.

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What exactly Brown means by “intimacy” is anyone’s guess, but these messages were allegedly left about 6-7 weeks into the affair. “Sam” also continues to dish inside dirt about what was supposedly going on in the background of the filming of the reality show. “Sam” recently answered a Facebook question addressing Meri’s mystery illness that was part of the storyline last week. 

“Kody came over while she was doing her interview before going to that appointment. He said he wanted to go with her and she said no. They had a small fight about it and he stormed out all pissed off. It was filmed but Meri asked the producer not to air it. To make him not look like the asshole he really is. She talked to me before and after that visit and we were both very worried. I was there for her during all of this. No one else was. When she got all of these test results I was the one she told first.”

“She ends up having H Pylori bacterial infection. It is treatable and she got on meds for it. She was not eating hardly anything for months.”

Supposedly, filming the show was thwarting any chance of Meri admitting the affair, and leaving her “spiritual marriage.” Did Overton deliberately target Brown during the filming period to reel her in, while complicating and delaying discovery?  If TLC stays true to form, there is probably scrambling damage control underway as we speak. Filming, piecemeal editing, and rallying the troops, to present a united, blissful, plural front, needs to be pulled off before the season wraps.  TLC has a hit to protect, Meri has a “marriage” to defend, and the Browns have bank accounts that will be hammered if the polygamous jig is up.


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