Teen Daughter of Tamra Judge Blasts Her Mom: “She is Mentally/Verbally Abusive & Not a Mother To Me”

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Tamra Judge_RHOC

Tamra Judge’s daughter, Sidney Barney, ripped into her mother on social media, following Monday night’s reunion airing of The Real Housewives of Orange CountyTamra stammered through the story of the custody battle with her ex-husband, Simon Barney, and the heartbreaking choice that  her teen daughter made to live with her father.

The Bravo star’s decision to spew details surrounding the family split was skewered by droves of fans, as a contrived, self-serving, and calculated move, reflective of why Sidney made the ultimate choice that she did.  Sidney attached a Facebook post to  one of Tamra’s tweets, that said it all.



“At this point I think it is necessary to tell the truth since she does not know how to tell the truth,” she clarifies an accusation made by her mother on the show, and stated what many viewers have long believed to be the truth. 

“The reason I do not live with my mother is not because of my dad, it is because she is mentally/verbally abusive and not a mother to me.”

Sidney clarifies that she communicated clearly with her mother, upon her decision to live with her father. 

“For the past two years I’ve been asking her to stop treating me badly, to stop doing embarrassing and talking about me on the show, and to not use my siblings and I as storylines.  Clearly she hasn’t followed through with anything that would have made me go back to her house.”

Tamra’s sweet spot in Bravo’s OC is defined by embarrassing and tacky antics, that any teen would find mortifying. Tamra made a point during the reunion to state that she has decided to “speak out” about the brokenness within her family, obviously a direct refusal to respect Sidney’s wishes.

Sidney hits Tamra right between the eyes with a bottom line, that really tells the whole story. 

“If she really wanted me back in her life she would have taken responsibility and changed two years ago when I told the first time what was causing our relationship to suffer. Obviously, I am just another storyline that feeds her fame and her wallet. Now you’re using Spencer as a storyline, I hope he realizes it before the damage is done.”

Tamra made sure to pointedly mention during the reunion that their son Spencer no longer speaks to his father. Keeping the Bravo fame train rolling could be causing irreparable damage to Tamra’s children and is destroying a family.  When will the madness stop? 


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