RECAP: Survivor Second Chance “A Snake in the Grass” [Season 31, Episode 5]

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On last week’s Survivor: Angkor was struggling with their living conditions, but thanks to Savage they won the reward challenge. Thanks to Joe playing Superman, Ta Keo won the Immunity Challenge. Bayon also won immunity. Angkor once again saw Tribal Council. Thanks to Savage and Sasha working their magic the target was put on Varner’s back. After struggling with Woo’s betrayal, Abi was the deciding vote. She chose Woo, and Varner was sent packing. Now that you’ve been caught up, let’s get to tonight’s episode

After Tribal Council, Angkor made it back to camp. Woo was very grateful his tribe chose to save him. He thanked everyone. Woo says he’s psyched to fight another day. Woo hopes to postpone anymore Tribals now that they have a strong team. He wants them to get their act together, or they’re all gone. Tasha thought Woo was on fire. He was fighting to stick around.  

Abi talks about how hard it was to vote out Varner. She doesn’t like people feeling like they owe her anything. She says if Woo writes her name down again he’s dead to her.

Savage and Tasha hug because they did it. Savage says Tasha is like his sister. They can’t believe they just pulled off getting the tribe to flip on Varner. Tasha says 6 days ago she would’ve thought it was “Mission Impossible.” Not just the living conditions, but fighting from the bottom all the way to the top. Tasha pats Savage on the back for “working the situation.” She says she’s going to keep playing until her situation changes.

Survivor S31 E5

It’s a new day on Bayon Beach. The girls have decided they want to go clamming, and crabbing. Monica calls them “the gatherers.” They bring the protein home for the boys. As women they are strong, and they need to stick together. Kimmi picks up 2 large clams. Monica doesn’t think they should take both clams because they are depleting the ocean of all the clams. Kimmi feels differently. She thinks they should take both because they can eat the other one later. Kimmi thinks there are plenty of clams. The ocean refills. Monica says there’s been a decrease in clams since they’ve arrived. Kimmi says she wants to eat! Monica tries to push Kimmi not to take too many clams. Monica says this time around she’s not living day to day. She’s thinking about the future. Kimmi thinks she needs to practice her patience a little more because Monica is wearing her patience a little thin. She tells Fishbach about Monica’s “depleting the ocean” theory. She’s frustrated. “No pumpkin no.” She takes a deep breath and says if her biggest problem is Monica, she’s doing ok. She has to have self control, and keep her emotions in check.

Survivor S31 E5

The Tribes meet up with Jeff because it’s time for the Reward Challenge. 3 members of the tribe will be tied together. The fourth will be in a barrel. The 3 members have to roll the barrel to a series of flag poles where the person in the barrel will collect a series of bags. (Inside the bags are balls) Once they’ve collected all the bags of balls they have to race to roll the balls in a series of targets. The first 2 teams to get their balls in all of the targets wins reward. What’s their reward? Comfort. Chairs, Pillows, a hammock, blankets, and a tarp. Waiting back at camp are refreshments. The second team to finish wins a tarp that will protect them from the elements. Third Tribe to finish wins nothing. After Ta Keo and Bayon chooses who they want to sit out, the challenge gets started. Woo, Monica and Wentworth are in the barrels. Monica falls behind while collecting their bags while Woo and Wentworth fly through it. Bayon catches up with the other tribes thanks to Jeremy getting their ball in on the first try. Angkor and Ta Keo are neck and neck. Ta Keo finishes first. They get the big prize. Angkor finishes second They get a tarp. (They are ecstatic they won something!) Bayon wins nothing.

Survivor Epi 5

When Ta Keo gets back to camp, there’s some OJ waiting for them. Terry is over the moon about Ta Keo’s luck. He calls it a confidence builder. Terry says they got chairs, a hammock, fruit. He calls it a “Tropical camping trip.” He says they have all the food they need. If they run low they “go out to the grocery store” (Meaning the ocean) and catch some fish. He’s enjoying himself. He thinks it’s great!

Joe brings up “Merge time.” What is their plan after the merge? Ciera says they stay a “solid 5.” (minus Terry) If they stay a solid 5 they’re all good. Joe’s worried about them turning on him because he’s a big threat. Joe says the difference between his last game and this one is he’s trying to pull in people for numbers. Wentworth likes the group of 5. She’s been pushing Terry under the bus. Kass says they have to keep Terry feeling good. Everyone agrees. Keith says it’s so different for him this time around. He has 4 people backing him up.

Survivor 31, Epi 5___

On Bayon beach, Jeremy and Spencer decide they want to go fishing. Wiglesworth helps them get their boat out to the water. Spencer says today they lost. (The Reward Challenge) He was hungry. He says the original Bayon members are sticking together. He thinks he can bond with Jeremy because he’s very real. They can be a force later in the game. Spencer says the first time he played, he came in a superfan. He watched them Spearfish, but he saw himself as a geeky kid who couldn’t do those things. He’s there living his Survivor dream. He’s not playing by proxy anymore. It’s a cool moment, and he’s proud.

Survivor S31, Epi 5

Back over to The Angkor camp, they inspect their new tarp. Woo jokes about all those nights at Chuck-E-Cheese paying off. Second place to them is first place. The win was great both morally and spiritually. Savage says they’re on a winning streak. Now they have to win immunity. Woo says his mom is a big inspiration moving forward. Woo talks about his mom. She had a massive heart attack. She needed a heart transplant. With the blessings of God they got a phone call. They found a heart for his mom. Woo gets emotional. He says watching his mom never give up because she loved her family is a huge inspiration. Tasha and Savage agree life is precious.

The only one NOT moved by Woo’s story is Abi. She talks about losing her Auntie and Grandma because they didn’t have the same luck. She thinks Woo was using the story about his mom to sway people to his side. She compares Woo’s mom getting a heart transplant to getting a knee tendon transplant. Anyways she expresses her concern about Woo using his mom’s story for sympathy. Tasha just goes along with what she’s saying probably to keep Abi’s dramatics to a minimum. She says Abi and Woo are like night and day. Woo will just go along with the flow. Abi will get dramatic, and her paranoia will take over. Tasha says it takes work being around, and working with Abi. Tasha calls Abi a time bomb, but she has kept her (Tasha) in the game. Tasha says she doesn’t want to make an emotional decision, and cut Abi loose. For her own sanity she might have to get rid of Abi.

The tribes meet Jeff again. Time for The Immunity Challenge. The tribes will rush to a second mat. One tribe member will climb up a ladder, and through some obstacles. When they reach the top they have to use a slingshot and sandbags to hit a target. Once the tribe member scores, the next tribe member will climb up and repeat. (They take turns) The first two teams to hit all of their targets is wins immunity. When Fishbach slingshots his sandbag, it hits an Angkor target. (Wrong tribe) Jeff says it counts. Woo wins immunity for The Angkor Tribe. Keith wins immunity for Ta Keo. Bayon will see their first Tribal Council. Monica thinks Tribal Council will make them stronger.

Survivor 31, Epi 5____

Spencer knows the original Bayon members will stick together. He’s hoping some of the bonds he’s formed will help him out. Jeremy says Wiglesworth and Spencer are on the outs. He’s thinking about which one of them he trusts more. When Jeremy asks Monica and Fishbach they both want to send Wiglesworth home. Spencer says being on the bottom he had to crash conversations. He asks Fishbach and Jeremy who they want to send home. Both of them say Wiglesworth. Spencer says he wanted to check in and make sure the plan is to send Wiglesworth home. He fights the urge to keep asking over and over. He has to play it cool.

Kimmi and Monica give their thoughts on Wiglesworth or Spencer should go. Kimmi thinks Wiglesworth needs to go. Monica thinks keeping Wiglesworth around can benefit her game. Monica wants to keep Wiglesworth for 2 reasons. Wiglesworth stays maybe a possible girls alliance can come together, and she wants to keep the girls numbers high. This doesn’t sit well with Kimmi. She calls Monica a liability. She says Monica isn’t playing for Bayon. She thinks she can step on all the original Bayon members. The joke is on her. She runs and tattles to the other original Bayon members. They all think she’s going to ruin a good thing. Kimmi calls Monica a snake in the grass. They agree it might be time to cut her loose. If they get rid of Monica, they can pull Spencer in. He has no one.

When Fishbach and Jeremy are alone, Fishbach lays it all out. He says it sends a bad message for a Bayon to vote out another Bayon. Fishbach is worried about a swap. Getting rid of Monica could have a long-lasting effect on their game. If they get rid of Monica it could violate bonds of trust with other original Bayon members. Fishbach says both Wiglesworth and Monica are liabilities. Monica will flip-flop all over the beach. Wiglesworth has connections to the original Ta Keo tribe. It’s hard to measure which one is more dangerous.

Bayon goes to their first Tribal Council. Jeff asks Monica if the feeling is alliances have to stick together. She says she thinks that’s the feeling. It’s also based on trust and loyalty. Jeff asks Wigleworth if she gets the feeling either Spencer or her will go? Wiglesworth says yes. Jeff asks if Wiglesworth is playing old school when she says she hopes bonds carry her until the next day? Jeremy says yes. The “new school” way is I want it now. I can’t wait. Spencer is a good example of “new school” or a student of the game. Spencer says for the first time he thinks the tribe is bonded and he trusts them. Jeremy says that’s good to hear, but Wiglesworth being a hard worker is a good thing as well. Jeremy says the vote tonight will be based on loyalty, trust, and challenge strength.

Jeff tallies the votes. 1 vote-Spencer 2-votes Wiglesworth 3 votes-Monica. Monica was blindsided. Monica is the fifth person voted off Survivor Second Chance.

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