Simon Barney Calls Ex Wife Tamra Judge A “Narcissist” & “Emotional Vampire” After Her #RHOC Reunion Meltdown

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The Real Housewives of Orange County star, Tamra Judge, opened the manipulative floodgates during the first part of the season reunion, aired Monday night. Tamra stammered and dabbed away a few droplets, lamenting the loss of relationship with her oldest daughter, 17-year old Sidney. The tears were weak, but the dramatic prose was not. Judge shakily blathered about the custody struggle with her ex-husband, Simon Barney, Sidney’s chosen abandonment, and life without her daughter. She also managed to squeak in that their son Spencer is now supposedly estranged from his father, and cited her desperate attempts to force Sidney into therapy. 

Viewers were encouraged to sympathize with Judge, along with her empathetic, sadly nodding co-stars. A contrived objective appeared to be in play, by revisiting combative family discord, which resulted in  dragging a likely unimpressed teen into trashy reunion dialogue. Was this the type of insensitive behavior that Sidney ran screaming from in the first place? Was the display simply a bratty loser’s tantrum, designed to  throw more public guilt at her ex? Simon released a statement weeks ago, explaining his side, hoping to squelch Tamra’s public ranting. He later tweeted a reiteration of that objective.

Viewers certainly know that expecting Tamra to be quiet about anything is indeed a stretch. Tamra amped up the full court press on Monday, by throwing out a weepy Instagram post, with a captioned plea to her daughter. “It’s so unbelievably hard. I still don’t know if sharing it was the right thing to do, I’ve been in tears all day. I just want my Daughter back. Please God please bring her back to me. I love you So much Sidney.” 

Tamra Judge Instagram_RHOC

While no one doubts that Tamra loves her daughter, and indeed is hurt by  the separation, many question her social media/Bravo played motives. The reunion upset was very obviously planned, but at the same time felt random, and almost irrelevant to the flow of the supposedly unrehearsed conversation. Simon had his own ideas about what was behind the forced blubbering, and fired his own shot at his ex, via his social media accounts.

What do you think the motive was behind the reunion segment that could have driven a repelled teen even further away from her vociferous mother?


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