RHOC’s Tamra Barney’s Son Ryan Vieth Brings Drama with Baby Mama Sarah Rodriguez to Instagram

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The Real Housewives of Orange County star, Tamra Barney’s son, Ryan Vieth, is back in the hot seat. He continues to publicly struggle with his baby mama Sarah Rodriguez, after supposedly moving past a domestic violence arrest, last June. The charges were later dropped. 

All About the Tea pointed out the brewing relationship turmoil, after a pre-arrest episode aired, where viewers witnessed the couple at odds, and a stressed Vieth, ready to crack. The partnership evidently hasn’t improved for the parents of baby Ava, and according to some recent Instagram drama, the couple appears to have gone through a breakup. 

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Starcasm caught the feud, and reported that Ryan began the tussle by posting a scathing video against Sarah, shortly after, deleting the evidence. According to some of his followers who viewed the video, Ryan lashed out at Sarah for having four baby daddies, also accusing her of using his arrest to keep his daughter from him. The alleged video didn’t stay posted long, but Ryan followed up the rant, by posting some photos, with revealing captions.

RHOC“Missing my baby #avaryan #loveofmylife”

RHOC“In my almost 30 years of life. Pain and suffering is only momentary. The present has nothing on the future and the past is just the past.”

A follower clued Rodriguez in on the nasty brouhaha, and she chimed in with her side. Rodriguez responded,

“Thank you for all who sent me messages warning me of what A particular someone has to say about me. However I don’t really care what he is saying. He was a bully to my face and I only expect him to be a bully behind my back.”

“Thank you. No more making excuses for his long lived behavior.”

“I gave it my one shot last time. Now it’s time to move on.”

Vieth later took offense to a commenter, who accused him of being lazy, and an abuser. Ryan blasted the poster, and the Bravo reality show, as he spilled his side. 

“You literally have no clue what my life is really like. You know absolutely nothing about my life. You watch a reality tv show biased on drama, we get paid for drama. If your life is so pathetic that you have to live through our lives I feel very sorry for you. So save your comments and be more productive with your time. You know nothing of the truth. I work my ass off, sometimes 12 hours a day to provide of Sarah and all the girls. And end the end I’m left with nothing but a empty wallet just to do it all over again the next month. So mind your own fu**ing business and talk your sh!t on someone else’s page.”

Are we getting a preview of the next season of OC reality? Is Granny Tammy bankrolling Ryan’s new digs as we speak? Time will tell.


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