Tony Dovolani Throws Shade at His Former #DWTS Partner Kim Zolciak – She Was Too Out of Shape!

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Don’t Be Tardy star, Kim Zolciak-Biermann hung up her dancing shoes a couple of weeks ago, after an alleged minor stroke forced her to leave her stint on Dancing With the Stars. 

The reality star underwent surgery to repair a hole in her heart, gushing over her partner Tony Dovolani’s bedside devotion during her hospital stay. The duo then partnered together, in a futile social media attempt to get them reinstated in the competition. Now that the brouhaha has died down, Dovolani is talking to OK Magazine, making digs at the reality star’s fitness level, and overconfident attitude in tackling the physical  challenge. 

“Dancing with the Stars isn’t something you just blink at. Let Kim’s stroke be a warning. You need to prepare yourself,” adding, “So for future celebrity contestants out there, get on a treadmill, start working out before you come here, and get checked out by a good doctor, especially if you aren’t used to that sort of physical activity.”   

Kim not used to physical activity? Lifting solo cups and hauling giant wigs around should count for something right? It appears that Tony’s generous defense of Kim may actually have been extreme relief that the stumbling nightmare had ended. See Tony, you’re a winner after all!       


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