EXCLUSIVE: Jim Marchese Talks Bravo’s Child Exploitation on #RHONJ “Teresa Checks In”

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RHONJ_Giudice kids with Jim

Bravo is banking on the belief that the fans of The Real Housewives of New Jersey are excitedly anticipating the triumphant, televised return of fallen criminal star, Teresa Giudice. The series has been off the air for over a year, and it appears glowingly evident that Bravo is overestimating the passionate devotion of a seemingly bored and moved-on audience. Has viewer interest in jailed reality princess, Teresa Giudice, actually become SO last year? The question is a relevant one, highlighted by the dud ratings of the first episode of the new three-part special, The Real Housewives of New Jersey: Teresa Checks In.

Media speculation asserts that because Teresa’s “check in” from the slammer didn’t rake in the network expected bevy of viewers, the future of RHONJ may even be in jeopardy. 1.231 million viewers tuned in for the premiere episode, all wanting to get an inside peek at how the Giudice family is navigating life without their heroic, incarcerated wife and mother. The episode scored weaker numbers than every episode of the previous sixth season of the Jersey reality franchise.

However, mounting disinterest is not the only obstacle that Bravo must overcome, in order to revive a floundering comeback. Many viewers believed the first episode of the special to be a contrived and manipulative portrayal, as well as a seedy endorsement of child exploitation.

RHONJ househusband, Jim Marchese weighs in on the future of the show, talking exclusively to All About the Tea. The controversial personality pointedly nails Bravo, for veering from a place of harmless trashy reality, to a dark realm where children are used to score sympathy points, for two felons scrounging for relevance. Jim comments,    

“Bravo’s decision to air “Teresa checks in” under the RHONJ franchise denigrates the show and hurts all associated. The original show was tongue & cheek fun, a guilty pleasure, and now it is morphing into a dark endorsement of criminal behavior and exploitation of children.”

Marchese continues to call out Bravo, for enlisting minors to pull heartstrings, in order to distort and distract from a couple of impenitent thieves.          

“Does Bravo really want us to buy, they are not paying for outfits, roses, hair & makeup for those children? It is obvious that they are “carefully scripting” the message from those kids, in an attempt to make us empathize with two felons, who have no remorse for their crimes.”

“Looks like Andy’s belief that “Teresa is RHONJ” has been shattered. Maybe he will make GIA the new housewife, give her $1 million salary, rent a mansion, and give her an intro.”

Marchese addresses the elephant in the room, a tired, but acutely relevant point, and one that is continually ignored or discarded by Bravo. 

“It is tragic. Bravo is glorifying a family living in a mansion, eating off $60,000 Gucci plates and wearing lavish clothes, all as a result of money obtained illegally. There are good, honest, law-abiding people struggling out there, and this is the lifestyle they endorse… pathetic.”

Jim encourages viewers to speak up, and shares his hope that sponsors will recognize the sinking ship of criminal favor, and lackluster ratings. 

“I hope sponsors pull endorsements & people tune out. Send Andy a message, and tell Bravo and all of them that RHONJ is about guilty pleasures, not criminals.”

If the first look of part two is any indication, this cringeworthy series is tanking, and tanking fast. 

A big thanks to Jim Marchese, for telling it like it is. Will Bravo listen to him, as well as to a growing crowd of evacuating fans?    


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