RECAP: The Amazing Race “Good Old Fashioned Spit In The Face” [Episode 4]

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The Amazing Race_S27E4

Previously on The Amazing Race: Teams raced through Argentina. They met Gauchos, and found out about the art of meat hanging. Then they either equipped a fake horse with polo gear or they dusted off carriages and dragged them through the streets to a local festival. Mama Bama gave her son some help during the Gaucho Grill, so the team received a 30 minute penalty. During that 30 minutes, they had a mini therapy session. Team Texas and the Green Team were neck and neck. Team Texas landed on the mat in front of Phil first. The Green Team landed in second place. They were informed there’s going to be a Double U Turn during the next leg. Unfortunately, the Dancers couldn’t catch up. They were the third team eliminated.

_The Amazing Race_S27E4

We start off in Argentina. Team Texas and The Reporters talk about strategy. They made an alliance during the last leg. Team Texas really wants The Green Team eliminated. Team Texas says they plan on using their Express Pass during the next leg. Their plan is to reach the U Turn first and U Turn The Green Team. They want The Reporters to get there and U Turn them. (Team Texas.) If the Reporters go along with this plan Team Texas will give them The Express Pass. Of course Kelsey and Joey are all for this plan.

The next leg of the race starts with Team Texas taking off first for Livingstone, Zambia. Home to one of the natural wonders of the World. Victoria Falls. There are only 4 seats on the first plane, so the teams race to the local travel agency. Justin and Diana take off second leaving an Argentinian dog behind. Justin thinks Team Texas wants to U Turn them because they are threatened by him. He’s a “student of the game” and it scares them. Yes he really said that. The first plane will arrive in Livingstone at 12:30. On the first plane is Team Texas, The Green Team, The Reporters, and The Track Stars. The Paparazzi gets a little stressed out, so they argue a bit. They arrive and they’re told the 4 seats are taken. They will get on the second plane that happens to be only 15 minutes later. On the second plane is The Paparazzi, Team Alabama, The Cheerleaders, and Chacattack. Word spreads fast about the plan cooked up by Team Texas. So everyone is in on this plan except of course The Green Team. All of the teams take the bus back to Buenos Aires then hop on a plane to Zambia.

The Amazing Race_S27E4_

When the teams land in Zambia, they have to take a taxi to the village of Mukuni Village. When they reach the village they will receive a traditional Mukuni welcome. The Reporters hop in a taxi in 1st place. They tell the taxi driver it’s a BIG race so they have to hurry. 1/2 of Team Texas is still getting over the hamstring injury from 2 legs ago. (Pun intended) Team Texas wants to use their Express Pass to U Turn The Green Team. The Green Team wants to get their first to U Turn Team Texas. It turns out the traditional “Mukuni Welcome” includes (I’m not sure if she’s one of the elders of the village) spitting! Some of the teams think it’s pretty cool. Different cultures. Anyways, The Reporters get there first. They receive their next clue. They have to travel to Batoka Aerodrome where they will find their next clue.

___The Amazing Race_S27E4

The second plane arrives. Chacattack is the first team in a taxi. Team Alabama is right behind them. The Paparazzi gets into a taxi in last place. They know they have to catch up.

The clue in Batoka Aerodrome is a Road Block. Team Texas decides to use their Express pass because one of them is scared of heights, and they head on to the next clue. The rest of the teams have to “rise above the smoke that thunders.” Victoria Falls is twice as long, and twice as deep as Niagara Falls. The best way to view Victoria Falls is from above in what is essentially a motorbike with wings. While taking their scenic flight they have to spot their next clue somewhere around the falls. When they land they have to direct a taxi to the place they spotted their clue. Apparently, Kelsey is a daredevil. Diana does it because she wants to overcome her fear of heights. Kelsey is the first to notice the flag hanging off of a bridge. They jump in a taxi and direct the taxi driver to where Kelsey saw the flag. The Track Stars misdirect their cab driver, and get lost. They have no clue what country they’re in. The bridge is right in the middle of the falls. Breathtaking. Joey even gets a kiss from Kelsey while running on it. 

The Amazing Race_S27E4__

Word travels fast. The other teams know Team Texas has used their express pass. Joey and Justin think Team Texas wants to get there to U Turn The Green Team. Justin calls it “a dumb strategic move.” He thinks it will come back to bite them. Justin imparts us with some Amazing Race wisdom. Essentially he thinks it’s dumb because they’re going to make an enemy. Team Texas thinks using The Express Pass is a great move because it gives them a big lead. The other teams agree with The Green Team. Team Texas used The Express Pass too early. They’re only ahead minutes instead of hours.

So to recap Joey and Kelsey have 2 alliances. They aligned with BOTH The Green Team and Team Texas. Joey knows they’re playing both sides. He likens himself to a puppet master. The Green Team alliance is a secret alliance.

After they finish the Road Block, they have to travel across the border into Zimbabwe. Once they reach Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe they have to find “The Shoestrings Backpacker’s Lodge.” On their way to the Road Block they have to stop on the border and check in. They have to get their passport stamped. Then they jump in another taxi and head to The “Shoestrings Backpacker’s Lodge.” When they reach their destination they will find their next clue. Team Texas starts stressing out because the border crossing has tons of traffic. The Reporters had the most enthusiastic taxi driver who explained what they have to do with gusto! When Team Texas arrives they find keys with times of check out on the keychain. So, their Express Pass was wasted. (There are different check out times on the keychains.)

The Amazing Race_S27E4_____

The next morning The Green Team and Team Texas agree not to U Turn eachother. Justin isn’t sure he’s not going to U Turn Team Texas. He says when a million dollars is on the line anything is possible. Team Texas thinks it’s too early to U Turn The Green Team. Spoiler Alert- Neither U Turn eachother.

Their next clue is The Detour. Either “Co-op” or “Croquet.” If they choose Co-op, the teams have to finish a hand crafted wood carving of an animal. A popular souvenir in Zimbabwe. (They have to polish and stain.) When the wood carving is ready for sell, they will get their next clue. “Croquet” is pretty straightforward. They have to score 5 points against a local player. Surprise Surprise both The Green Team and Team Texas choose to play Croquet. Chacattack chooses “Co-op.” The Reporters choose to play Croquet. All the other teams except Team Alabama choose “Co-op.” Team Texas thinks Croquet is like Happy Gilmore. The Green Team are first to finish the Detour. The Paparazzi lose their calm title I gave them last week. They argue about how to complete the Detour.

The Amazing Race_S27E4_2015

The Pit Stop is at The Rose of Charity. They provide basic needs for 70 orphan children. When they arrive, they have to make a donation. The Green Team donates everything they have to the orphans. Both Diana and Justin are inspired by the orphans. Instead of the normal check in, the next leg starts immediately. When Team Texas arrives they also donate everything they have. Phil asks Team Texas who they want to pass their Express Pass to. They have to choose immediately because the next leg is beginning, and Phil has to know which team to hand it to. Cliffhanger. To Be Continued….DUN DUN DUNNNN! Who will they pass it to?

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