Felon Update: Teresa Giudice Strip-Searched During Prison Crackdown For Contraband

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Teresa Giudice behind bars

Did you know that Teresa Giudice, reality star and infamous prison mom, had a viewing party in prison last Sunday night for the new show “Real Housewives of New Jersey: Teresa Checks In?” According to a new report, Teresa had the impromptu viewing party of the Bravo special with the other inmates (and probably some guards) in the prison television room.

The source said,

“Teresa was joined by other inmates and she laughed and cried watching Joe, her kids and parents. She was so proud of Gia for being so mature and stepping up and Teresa was also impressed with Joe’s involvement with the girls.” The insider added, “The other inmates were clapping throughout the entire episode and Teresa really got a lot of support from the group. These women have become confidantes and sisters to Teresa, and without this sisterhood, she wouldn’t be able to get through the day.”

If you’re thinking that Teresa is getting special treatment, the source says she’s not. Over the summer, Teresa was the subject of a strip search during a late night prison raid due to suspicion of contraband.

What is contraband exactly? Goods that are imported or exported illegally. Though our mind may jump to drugs and/or alcohol, contraband can mean almost anything: reading material, food from the kitchen, a writing instrument. Anything an inmate has but isn’t supposed to have. And in this case, the suspected contraband was a cell phone.

So how did this happen? Reportedly it was Gia’s tweet last May which stated, “Thank you everyone for all of the cards, letters, and kind words of support. I love, love, love you all xo T!”

Teresa Giudice_RHONJ

We know that Teresa doesn’t have access to the internet and has on occasion given her daughter Gia permission to tweet on her behalf. No doubt Gia felt awful about this innocent tweet that led to her mother’s embarrassing strip search.

The source said, “Prison officials descended into Teresa’s cell (her room) while she was sleeping. It was a full shakedown because guards believed she had a cell phone.”

“The cell was torn apart, as were the bunks of all of the other inmates,” the source told Radar Online. “It was extremely scary for Teresa and she was also subjected to a full strip search, including the dreaded bending over and coughing.”

How awful (cough, cough) for Teresa to be subjected to such humiliation.

“Teresa explained to the guards that her daughter had posted to her Twitter account and after nothing was found, the ladies were left to clean up the mess.” The source added, “There have been other routine searches, but she had never been the focus. Anyone thinking Teresa is getting special treatment behind bars is absolutely wrong….she is treated just like everyone else.”

Tell us what you think. Do you think a viewing party is special treatment? Or is Teresa just like any other inmate?


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