EXCLUSIVE: Teen Mom 2’s Jenelle Evans Uses BFF Tori Rhyne As a Live-in Nanny

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There’s trouble in Teen Mom 2 paradise, where reality star Jenelle Evans continues to journey through a life of baby juggling and existing as a trashy MTV star.  Jenelle’s pal Tori Rhyne has been a dramatically spotty presence in Jenelle’s MTV story, and is currently planted in Jenelle’s reality as a house mate, and faithful partner in crime. 

Teen brawls and barfly smackdowns have bonded these two besties, but recently some spats have pointed to trouble in the shared home.  According to sources close the gals, Tori is getting fed up with Jenelle using her as a babysitting service. 

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Nathan Griffith is out of the picture, so supposedly Jenelle has been excessively dumping Kaiser on Tori, while she keeps up with her busy and careening social schedule. Jenelle refers to Tori as a “nanny” in this argument, snagged by an astute snitch. 

Jenelle Evans screen shots

That burning MTV question that asks “WHO’S taking care of the baby?” has indeed been clarified. Tori has proven herself as a dubious choice at best, and now it looks as if she and Jenelle are headed for one of their greatest-hits domestic explosions. Take cover, Kaiser. 


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