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Shannon Beador Claims She Has Proof Brooks Ayers Lied About Cancer

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Rule of thumb: never tell a lie to one of The Real Housewives of Orange County. In between trips to their spiritual healers and their low carb lunches, they will go to any lengths to investigate the hell out of you. First, it started with Meghan Edmonds, Girl Detective. For the sake of truth and justice and stuff, she set out to prove Vicki Gunvalson and her fraudster boyfriend, Brooks Ayers were lying about his cancer diagnosis.

But Meghan’s not the only one with mad investigative skills. Now Shannon Beador has been doing a little sleuthing of her own. According to Radar Online, Shannon came to the reunion armed with “proof” that Brooks was lying.

A source close to the show reports that Shannon popped down to the clinic in Newport Beach and got herself scanned. Not that there’s anything wrong with her (insert your own joke here, people), but because she’s dead set on proving that Brooks is a lying liar.

“Shannon brought her report from the clinic to the taping of the reunion and pointed out glaring differences from what Brooks had given to Tamra Judge to review on camera. The letterhead was completely different, along with the spacing.”

And what did Vicki have to say about it? 

The source reported that:

“Shannon also pointed out that she specifically asked if her report reflected a universal format used by the clinic for all patients, and she was told it did. In her mind, this was the only proof she needed to prove Brooks was lying about his cancer diagnosis.”

That little piece of paper was all it took for the other ladies to have a go at Vicki. They “pounced on Shannon’s claims.” And Tamra, in particular “…felt betrayed by Vicki, and was setting her up to lie for her. Heather Dubrow was especially disgusted, accusing Vicki of looking the other way while Brooks lied about the cancer diagnosis.”

So how pissed do you think Meghan was when she didn’t think of this scan business first? And do these women have way too much time on their hands?


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