RECAP: Survivor Second Chance “Blindfolded Immunity ” [Episode 4]

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Quick recap on last week’s episode- Jeff surprised the castaways when they dropped their buffs, and 2 tribes became 3 tribes. The new Ta Keo and Bayon tribes bonded, and schemed while Angkor struggled with the basics. Ta Keo and Bayon tribes won immunity. Jeremy found the second immunity idol. Angkor saw their first Tribal Council. Savage and Tasha saw a rift between Abi and Pieh-Gee. They decided to spin it to their advantage. Abi and Pieh-Gee were in danger, but Pieh-Gee was the third person voted off.

We start off right after Tribal Council. Angkor gets back to their camp. Varner gloats. He thought after his outburst he would be gone. He didn’t receive 1 vote. Varner declares his loyalty to Abi and Savage. He’s indebted to “these people.” It makes him sick. Now he has to do a little ass kissing. He knows he has to do what he has to do. Tasha is down by the water with Woo. She says Peih-Gee shouldn’t have gone home. She thinks Varner is a snake. Tasha goes on to say Varner is the source of all the contention and drama. She does feel good. She knows she was at the bottom with Savage. Now they’re in control. Back to her conversation with Woo. He agrees with her assessment of Varner. She ensures Woo he’s not going anywhere.

Abi starts her dramatics. This time with Tasha. She tells Tasha she’s uncomfortable with Tasha going off with Woo. He just voted her out. Again. Tasha calmly responds to Abi. She assures Abi she had her back. What’s her beef? Savage is worried about aligning with someone like Abi. She has insecurities, and paranoia. She asks Woo if he’s been scheming to get her out for awhile. Abi says yes she’s paranoid. Ta Keo was scheming to get her out from the beginning. Woo apologizes to Abi for writing her name down. Abi thinks it’s becoming personal. Abi is happy she’s in the majority, but she’s keeping her ears open. She doesn’t trust Woo. If it was up to her Woo would be the next one going home.

Bayon beach is a little less dramatic. Everyone’s kicking back. Jeremy confirms he has the immunity idol, but he didn’t have time to celebrate. He says he’s happy. It took him 2 years to get an idol. He calls it a thing of beauty. He can’t let on he has the idol. When Fishbach asks him about finding the idol he has to act like he has no idea where it is. He doesn’t anyone to know he holds the idol. He has an entire conversation about where the idol could possibly be hiding. He proposes another idol hunt. Jeremy wants to keep Fishbach close. He wants Fishbach to trust him. He knows people are going to come after him. He wants Fishbach to be his spy, and let him know. Then he knows he has to use his “get out of jail free card.” He wants Fishbach to be his BFF. He’s not happy with being in second place. Fishbach can come along for the ride and take second place.

Back on Angkor Beach Savage says to Tasha “We survived.” They agree that’s pretty good. Savage complains about their living conditions. They have nothing. He went from a 5 star resort to the Motel 6. He calls Angkor Beach “A Survivor Ghetto.” He goes fishing for food, but he has no luck. Savage is frustrated. He knows they aren’t just kicking back. He says they’re in Hell. Varner and Woo come back with some tree mail. It’s a clue for their very first Reward Challenge. The clue talks about a feast. Woo says he’s excited. He feels like he’s withering away. He’s not sure if they have enough energy to win the challenge.

The three tribes meet Jeff for the Reward Challenge. 1 person from each tribe will participate. The person chosen will rush out in the water, and retrieve a sandbag. Then they will rush back to the beach, and use a plank to get that sandbag into a net. The first 2 tribes will get reward. The reward is a BBQ kit. The first place tribe will get an entire feast. The second place tribe will get a smaller feast. The last place tribe will get nothing. Savage will represent Angkor. Terry will represent Ta Keo. Jeremy will represent Bayon. Jeff calls it “a hero challenge.” The planks are adjustable. They have to experiment. Savage was a bit behind, but Terry and Jeremy have a difficult time getting their second sandbag in the net. Savage catches up, and gets his second sandbag into the net on the first try. He leads with Terry and Jeremy right on his heels. Terry launches his 3rd bag, but misses. Savage launches his third bag, and gets it right away. Angkor wins the big feast. Ta Keo wins the smaller feast. Jeff asks Angkor about how big their win is. Tasha gets emotional. She says they haven’t eaten in 4 days. Bayon wins nothing. Savage says he wondered after Pearl Island if he carried his weight. He calls this win vindication.

Angkor gets back to their camp excited. They get to eat. Woo says “God Bless Savage.” He calls Savage “a freaking legend.” Savage says when Jeff announced they won, he almost dropped to his knees. He calls it the best moment of his Survivor life. The tribe agrees this win gives them motivation. Savage says it’s a great moment when you’re tribe gives you their faith, and you succeed. Abi says “We’re so winning immunity.” Savage says now the other tribes know they can compete against the big horses. It’s huge for them. Savage thinks they now have the motivation to stay away from Tribal Council. The tribe comes up with a little chant.

Ta Keo camp is quiet. Chaos Kass is up. She says if you lost your first time on Survivor, you need to do something different. She says she made a big mistake during Cagayan. Strategically she played a great game. Socially she didn’t. She says everyone thought she was going to come in, and “be a little turd.” She was probably high on the list to get voted out ASAP. She took her failure to heart. She read a book about making friends and influencing people. It says act as sincere as you can. Sympathize with people. She knows it looks bizarre to people. Chaos Kass using self help methods, but she knew she had to look at her game. She needed to decide how she needed to change. Wentworth wakes up, and she’s suspicious of Kass. She thinks Kass is sneaky. She’s probably carving a fake immunity idol. She knows Kass is making something. When Wentworth tries to investigate, Kass shoos her away. Wentworth thinks she must be up to something. Kass didn’t do anything sneaky. She made Wentworth a belated birthday gift. A good luck charm. Wentworth jokes with her about making a fake idol. Kass just laughs it off. She thinks whomever wins “Survivor Second Chance” will be someone who embraces change and evolution. For Kass embracing evolution means being a more open person.

Over on Bayon Beach Jeremy asks Spencer about him and Wiglesworth. Based on the number of original Bayon members vs Ta Keo, Wiglesworth and Spencer are in trouble. Spencer says he has to throw Wiglesworth under the bus. Jeremy asks Spencer if he would vote out Wiglesworth. Spencer says yes. He goes on to talk about her allies on the other tribes. Spencer says he has to make it clear Wiglesworth has people she’ll run back to. Spencer tries to talk to Monica, but she’s not buying it. Monica is a bit of a Survivor feminist. She thinks as women they should be strong, and stick together. Maybe they can make a girls alliance. Girls alliances always work out well. She wants to keep the number of women up, and the number of guys down. Monica just goes with whatever Spencer is selling. She thinks as soon as a challenge is lost Spencer has to go.

The tribes meet Jeff once again. It’s time for the Immunity Challenge. Jeff explains the challenge. 1 person will be the “collar,” and direct the rest of the tribe. The other tribe members will be blindfolded. The collar will direct the blindfolded tribe members where to pick up very big, and heavy puzzle pieces. After all the puzzle pieces are collected, they can take off their blindfolds. Then they have to work together to solve the puzzle. First 2 tribes to finish wins immunity. The losing tribe will meet Jeff for Tribal Council. Ciera and Monica sit out for the challenge. Then the challenge gets started. The collars are Varner for Angkor, Kass for Ta Keo, and Kimmi for Bayon. This challenge was a hard one. The collars were confusing. They were all screaming at once. Ta Keo gets behind, but Joe goes all Superman. He picks up some of the pieces all by himself. One of the pieces landed on Varner’s foot. He was injured. Kass yells at Keith at the top of her lungs, but he still doesn’t hear her. (Jeff narrating is just plain annoying. I can only imagine how annoying it is for them.) Bayon finishes first. Ta Keo wins second place. Angkor gets behind because they literally have no energy. They will see their second Tribal Council.

Angkor returns to their beach disappointed. Varner is injured. Savage is really discouraged. They were riding the high of winning the Reward Challenge. Now it’s poof. All gone. Varner (with his injured pinky toe) announces he’s no threat to anyone. They laugh about Varner not being a physical threat.

Tasha says they (Savage and Tasha) went from the bottom to the top. Thanks to Abi. She says Abi is unpredictable. Abi will be solid on a decision one minute. 10 minutes later, she’s not so sure. Tasha says to Savage the last thing they need is for Varner to talk to Abi. Savage calls Varner “cunning.” Tasha says Varner has  to go.

Varner and Woo go for a walk on the beach. Varner says “it’s me or you.” He thinks it’s him. (In jeopardy to go home) Varner thinks it’s him because no one is telling him anything. Varner says they (Tasha and Savage) took over. Abi jumped onto their bandwagon. They have the power. There’s nothing they can do. Varner says Abi has completely turned her back on them. (Varner and Woo) Varner says the 1 thing he has working for him is he’s never voted out Abi. He’s saved Abi twice. If Abi is making the deciding decision, he might squeak by this week.

Woo takes a walk along the beach with Abi. Woo says when they first got to camp they were up 4-2. (Ta Keo vs. Bayon) Now the original Ta Keo tribe is voting eachother out. It worries him. Abi says she’s been reflecting. It feels good to be wanted. She’s in a good, comfortable spot. Woo warns Abi not to get too comfortable. Abi says she knows. Woo says they’re buddy/buddy with her because they need her. Abi agrees. Woo asks about taking out Varner, but Abi isn’t thinking about that. All she can talk about is Woo voting her out twice. She says Woo talks about working with her, but stabs her in the back. She’s going with people who have her back. She’s going with loyalty. Woo says he tried to rekindle a friendship with Abi, but she was pretty hurt. He did write her name down twice. If she’s voting along those lines, Woo says he could be in trouble.

Tasha tries to direct Abi. Abi says Woo worries her because he’s voted her out twice. She says Woo isn’t loyal to her. He wants her out. Tasha says Varner should’ve gone last tribal. Abi interrupts Tasha. She says Woo hasn’t proven himself to her. Tasha says Abi is fixated with getting rid of Woo, but Woo can help them win challenges. Tasha says you say it’s blue, Abi will say it’s yellow. Tasha tries to redirect Abi. She asks who can help them win challenges? Who’s a liability? Abi says but Varner has been loyal to her. Abi gets frustrated with Tasha. She says she’s thinking. Tasha says ok I’ll just listen. Tasha says Varner is manipulating. Any minute he can flip Abi, and Tasha will lose her. Varner tells Abi he misses her. He misses his Abi time. Tasha worries about losing Abi if they don’t do what she wants. Abi says she has a big decision. It all comes down to winning challenges vs. loyalty. She hates being the decision maker.

Angkor goes to their second Tribal Council. Jeff asks Varner about his injury. Varner says one of the pieces landed on his toe. It’s messed up for a few days. Jeff asks Woo about Varner being an easy vote because he’s injured. Woo says he finds himself at the bottom with Varner. Jeff asks Abi if Woo is correct. Abi says yes. Jeff asks if it’s an easy vote. Abi says she’s been reflecting all day, but she hasn’t decided. She says Varner has been loyal, but she wants to win challenges. Jeff asks Savage about Varner not helping with the challenges. Savage says true, but they have to look to the future. Do they want to go against Woo one on one after the merge? Woo says the merge isn’t coming anytime soon. Varner says you don’t know that. Woo says he’s an asset. Varner isn’t. Varner says he’s not a physical threat to anyone. Woo says he’s pivotal. He’ll ride or die for his alliance. Varner says Woo hasn’t been with their alliance. He’s voted against them. He voted out Abi. Twice. Varner says he’s been loyal. Varner makes his pleas to Savage, Abi, and Tasha. Basically he’s loyal. He tells Abi he adores her. He says he’ll be loyal to the end. He hopes Abi will repay that loyalty. Then Woo tries to pitch, but Abi says he hasn’t been loyal to her. Jeff adds (again) Woo voted Abi out twice. Woo says he’s willing to jump onboard with them. Woo says he’s looking out for everyone. Varner is only out to save himself. Woo promises his loyalty. Jeff says he likes how no one will give up. Woo makes a final pitch directly to Abi. As Woo goes to vote, Abi says “Make sure you don’t vote Abi.” (Insert eyeroll) Jeff counted the votes. Varner was the fourth person voted out of Survivor Second Chance. Varner gives Abi hugs and kisses. Then he calls her a little bitch. Jeff ends with a silver lining. If you give vote the right way you can come back stronger, and more united. 

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