Dorm Room Budget! Meghan Edmonds Decorates Her Million Dollar Mansion with IKEA Furniture

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IKEA___Meghan Edmonds

The Real Housewives of Orange County is headed for a doozy or a reunion, littered with lies, cheating, tears, and terrible styling choices. We learned during the finale, that exhaustingly childish rookie, Meghan Edmonds, along with her husband Jim, purchased a new home in the OC. 

According to proudly posted Instagram photo, Meghan recently had a happy, happy day whooping it up at her neighborhood Ikea.

Don’t get me wrong…this girl LOVES Ikea. My home is sprinkled with accessories from the colorful paradise. However, if I was a trophy wife with a fat wallet of credit cards, IKEA would NOT be where I would be headed to furnish my palace. Several of Edmonds’ followers weighed in, on Meghan’s adolescent-chic aesthetic.   

“Gross! IKEA is not meant for anything more than first time home buyer starter homes, or apartment/condos. It is cheap garbage, not meant for the mansion you live in. Keep the receipts.”

“Keep your receipt. Because everything is cheap! As in low quality.”

“Don’t try to to move the furniture after you place it, it’ll fall apart.”

“IKEA is junkkkk!!”

“Omg! No!!! IKEA is more for college kids that have no money. You can do much better!”

Come on Edmonds! Google a few luxe Cali furniture stores and show Papa Jim what he signed up for!  Save the futons, $40 tables, and jigsaw puzzle bookcases for spoiling your ornery stepdaughter. You are in the big leagues now! Psssst…grab a bag of those nifty Swedish meatballs for dinner, and your hubby may be so happy, that he won’t even notice that you went crazy and spent more than $5k to furnish your mansion. Pick up a cute accessory to liven up your naughty step, then use those crack investigative skills for something useful…finding the nearest exit!   


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