Shannon Beador Feels Vicki Gunvalson Was Just Being Cruel

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Things got very tense on The Real Housewives of Orange County finale last night, and in her blog, Shannon Beador lets loose.

To start with, she commends Tamra for her conversion to Christianity. Shannon states that due to this difficult year, she’s also had a spiritual awakening.

“…Tamra and I each went through our own horrendous experiences last year and we both found our way to the Lord to help navigate us through. We both have come out of it stronger than ever…”

As for Vicki Gunvalson, however, that relationship may be past its expiration date due to Vicki’s loose lips about David’s affair.

“I would like to be very clear about this point. VICKI THOUGHT SHE WAS THE ONLY PERSON TO KNOW ABOUT DAVID’S AFFAIR AT THE BAPTISM. SHE DID NOT KNOW I TOLD TAMRA AND HEATHER DAYS BEFORE… I talked about the affair on the show as we were filming… But at this point, David and I had kept everything to ourselves.”

For her part, Vicki also feels betrayed, which Shannon sees as nonsense. I have to agree. If Vicki can forgive Tamra and Heather for doubting Brooks, why is Shannon being singled out as the villain?

“Vicki says that the one friend that hurts her the most is me. Why? For being the only one who has yet to question her about Brooks’ illness? I have been there for Vicki and only told her at our lunch if she really wanted to stop the talk, she should have Brooks produce a medical record. Nothing that you haven’t heard from anyone else. Except that I stop there. Others keep going.”

(She’s looking at you, Meghan.)

And what about that story involving Dr. Terry, the IV, and Brooks’ chemo treatment? Heather called it a bald faced lie. Shannon says:

“I called Vicki to see how Brooks was feeling after his first chemo and she told me this story. And to hear that Brianna was told the same story is something else… When Heather asks Vicki about it, she responds that she may have been out of town. She wasn’t.”

No wonder Vicki beat feet to get to her limo. Her lies were catching up to her.

And now we come to Ronda. Shannon was shocked that Ronda had the audacity to bring up David’s affair at a party.

“…Vicki was concerned she would be confronted at the baptism with more speculation about Brooks and instructed Rhonda to bring up the affair to deflect—a person that I have only met once in my life.”

Last night on Watch What Happens Live, Vicki claims she didn’t instruct Ronda to pop off to Shannon. But you know what? I no longer believe anything Vicki says. She’s the woman who cried cancer.

“It is shocking to hear Vicki say, “Let’s just say he’s is faking cancer, what would that have to do with me? I don’t understand why we are even talking about it.” Are you serious??? …Because you have brought us all into this story and have accused me of being a disloyal friend as a result.”

I think Vicki’s statement is the most telling one of the entire season. A real CYA moment because she knows Brooks didn’t have cancer. That’s my belief, and I’m sticking to it.

Naturally Shannon feels as though she was stabbed in the back by her good friend. I think as viewers, we all feel that way. By Vicki, by Brooks, by Bravo.

Does Shannon think she and Vicki will ever kiss and makeup?

“My friendship with Vicki has fully destructed. I don’t have much hope that it can be repaired.”

Well, it’s been a whirlwind of a season. I hope that after the reunion, we never have to hear the name Brooks ever again.

So do you think Shannon has a right to feel betrayed?


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