Lizzie Rovsek Dishes on Her Relationships with Shannon and Vicki; Shares Her Thoughts on Brooks

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Lizzie Rovsek, you adorable doll, how I’ve missed your calm sensibility this season. Yes, we saw you briefly on The Real Housewives of Orange County, but it wasn’t enough, in my opinion. And after reading Lizzie’s blog this week, I hope you’ll agree with me.

Lizzie has a lot to say—all of it very diplomatic, but honest.

“I …woke up to Meghan causing drama on Twitter, “fact checking” and doing a roll call for everyone that knew of David’s affair. It really rubbed me the wrong way.”

Me thinks Meghan has taken her sleuthing skills a little too seriously, no? Is she now out to expose everyone’s dirt? For those of us who watched Married to Medicine, we know what can happen when the spotlight turns on the pot stirrer. Beware, Inspector Clueless, because you, Meghan, may have a few skeletons in your own closet. Remember kids: karma is an ass biter.

But back to Lizzie. She, too, knew about David’s infidelity.

Shannon hasn’t acknowledged the fact that she confided in me about the affair and says that only Vicki, Heather and Tamra knew. That’s not true, and perhaps she said that because she was only referring to the main Housewives. That’s fine, I understand.”

I have a feeling Shannon told a lot of people. It was an open secret amongst the ladies who lunch in Orange County.

“Hearing Vicki tell Shannon that she was there for her when no ones else was, was very hurtful to me. I was there. I have been a great friend to Shannon and anything that she confides in me I don’t breathe a word about.”

And what about the ugliness at the baptism party?

“I am friends with both Vicki and Shannon so the feud that erupted at the baptism was upsetting to me. I can totally understand why Shannon was upset. When you confide in your friends, you trust them. That was a low blow from Rhonda and seemed to come out of left field.”

Lizzie does seem like she’d be a great friend. She’d tell you when you have lipstick on your teeth, when those pants you love aren’t as flattering as you think they are, and she keeps her lip zipped about the gossip swirling around your marriage. That’s a good pal.

In a previous blog, Lizzie stated that she believed Brooks and Vicki, because after all, what kind of disgusting person lies about cancer? *cough, Brooks, cough* But she may have changed her mind.

“I will believe my friends until the point that I can’t anymore… If Brooks is lying about something as serious as cancer he will have to suffer because of it… Do I think he is lying about cancer? I will be honest, a lot of stuff doesn’t add up. If he is lying, more than anything, I feel sorry for him. I also feel sorry for Vicki if she has been caught up in a mess of this caliber.”

See? I would have called Brooks and Vicki big fat liars. But Lizzie has more tact, and I like that about her. Perhaps she too genuine to be a full-time Housewife? Honest, decent people don’t always make great TV. But she would make a fabulous real life bestie.

“I feel like this season has ended on a very sad note. I care about all the women on the cast of this show. I hope time can bring clarity and forgiveness for everyone. After all, we all live in glass houses.”

So what do you think of Meghan’s sleuthing skills? Is her headband too tight or is she right to sling mud all over social media?


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