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Joe Giudice Blames Joe Gorga For Teresa Giudice’s Prison Stint

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The Real Housewives of New Jersey edged back onto America’s DVRs last night, with Teresa Giudice “checking in” from the prison she calls home, in Danbury Connecticut. 

Joe Giudice and Joe Gorga appeared post-fiasco on Watch What Happens Live, and mumbled out some thoughts about what life is like without Teresa at the household helm. While the brothers-in-law stiffly played out the appearance, Andy Cohen hit a hot button when he approached the subject of who exactly is to blame for Teresa’s prison spa vacation. Andy asked, via a supposed viewer question,

“Joe Gorga, do you blame Joe Guidice for Teresa going to jail?”

Gorga responded affirmatively, creatively adding,

“Who am I gonna blame?”

Joe Giudice raised an eyebrow, and responded,

“I don’t know why he would blame me,” adding that,  “everyone has their ya know, opinions, ya know.” 

Giudice was clearly was miffed, and decided to throw out the accusation that  Teresa’s brother is the real culprit. 

“I would blame it more on him, more than anybody.  Coming on the show, and talking all the crap he talked, all the years, with everything going on, I would blame it more on him than me.”

Giudice then mumbled something else about throwing gasoline, while they both stupidly chuckled at the mutual accusations. Giudice later took it back, and admitted that he was 100% responsible for his wife getting butt checked in the slammer.

Call me nuts, but how about blaming the nasally lady on the phone who is locked up until Christmas?  It appears that blame shifting is in the genetic code with this family. On the bright side, Teresa is learning a lot, conversing with crooked lawyers and politicians during her incarcerated arts and crafts escapades. It is probably not the brightest idea to mention that Teresa is expanding her criminal know-how…ya know Joe? “Teresa Checks In,” shiftily rolls on next week.   


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