RHOC’s Brooks Ayers Claims Lawsuit Against Meghan Edmonds is “Pending Litigation” & Meghan Fires Back!

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The Real Housewives of Orange County is wrapping Monday night, advancing to a reunion that is sure to be a doozy. Brooks Ayers, and the debate questioning his cancer battle has taken over the season like a tireless beast, devouring any chance of glamorous OC fun. 

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Rookie Meghan Edmonds, has made it her righteous mission to expose Brooks, but her overstepping P.I. shenanigans may have gone too far. Ayers is threatening a lawsuit, and recently shut down any public social media dialogue, via Twitter. 

Meghan addressed the announcement, unconcerned. 

She stepped up her indignant stance the next day. 

Will this reunion prove to be a snoozy rehash of a season eaten up by a cancerous blather, or will Bravo and the OC crew surprise us?   


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