RECAP: The Amazing Race “Where My Dogs At” [Episode 3]

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The Amazing Race Epi 3

This week of The Amazing Race begins with the teams in Buenos Aires, Argentina. They found their first clue in the church Pope Francis was baptized in. The Green Team and Team Texas competed to be the cleanest team. The teams Tangoed with a twist through the road block. The Green team landed at the pit stop first while 1/2 of Team Texas pulled a hamstring. The Cousins were the last to check in, and got eliminated. 9 teams left. Who will be eliminated next?

The Amazing Race Epi 3_

We start off with Team Texas discussing a pulled hamstring. They agree they have to pray, and not take the gift God gave them for granted. Their strength. They hope everything will work out, and God will answer their prayers for fast healing.

The Green Team landed in first place, so they are the first to depart Buenos Aires. They have to travel by bus to San Antonio De Areco, Argentina. Once there, they have to get into one of the pick up trucks to find their next clue. Justin asks the bus driver if he’s on the right bus, and asks how long until they depart. (It turns out to be a local bus to a different bus terminal the other teams departed from.) The Green Team thinks being in first place feels natural. Justin talks about how prepared he is to be on the show. He doesn’t believe any of the other teams are as prepared. He’s seen the seasons at least 3 times. He’s studied how people got eliminated, and mistakes. Blah blah.

Team Texas departs next. Team Alabama is right behind them. Both teams have trouble finding a taxi that will take them to the bus station. Team Alabama has a little argument. Mama Bama says they butt heads because this is the longest span they’ve spent together in a long time. Chacattack is confident. They are hoping not to make a lot of mistakes during the 3rd leg. The Cheerleaders and The Reporters catch taxis to the bus terminal. Kelsey asks their taxi driver how far the bus station is. The taxi driver says it’s close. Team Texas get their tickets and they’re off to find their bus. The bus (Bus #1) with Team Texas is about to take off, but the bus driver let’s The Reporters on too.

The second bus to take off has Team Alabama, Chacattack, The Paparazzi, The Cheerleaders, and The Track Stars. Last to take off is The Dancers. They are determined to catch up, and not land in last place.

Meanwhile on the first bus, Team Texas tells The Reporters about their Express Pass. Team Texas says whomever gets a U-Turn by The Green Team will get the Express Pass after they use it. The bus stops at another bus terminal and who gets on? The Green Team. Both teams on the first bus look rather annoyed by Justin’s cocky attitude.

When the first bus stops at the destination (San Antonio De Areco) they quickly jump in trucks, and it’s a race for the clue. Their next stop is The Road Block. Phil explains how cooking has become an art form in Argentina. The Road block is called Gaucho Grill. They have to hang meat on racks the exact same way the Gauchos do. If the Gauchos approve they will receive a piece of meat, and their next clue. They have to go pick up 2 racks of lamb and 1 rack of beef. Teams from bus 1 get started on their Gaucho meat hanging. Joey describes it as paying attention to detail, studying the example and then matching it. A random dog hangs out sampling the meat. Kelsey says it’s right up Joey’s alley. He loves cooking!

_The Amazing Race Epi 3

Bus #2 zooms to the destination where the teams (except for The Paparazzi) are antsy. The Paparazzi decide it’s a great time to take a nap. The Dancers are still at the bus depot waiting. They don’t see any other team. They know they have to hurry and catch up. They give eachother a little peptalk and decide they aren’t giving up.

Back at The Gaucho Grill, Joey and Justin are still working to get their racks hung correctly. Josh is sweating. He says it’s hot, and he’s by a fire. His teammate doesn’t miss that. He has a mini discussion with the enemy. (Diana) Joey is the first to finish, but The Gaucho shakes his head no. Joey goes back to the example to figure out what he did wrong. Justin finishes and makes a big cocky move yelling at The Gaucho, but it’s not correct. He says “What do you mean no?” He means no you crazy American! Josh says he didn’t even notice the other teams. All he noticed was Justin being annoying. Josh finishes, and The Gaucho approves. They land in first place. Justin continues to struggle, but Joey gets it right and he gets his next clue. After I don’t know how many times Justin gets it right.

The Amazing Race Epi 3__

The second bus finally arrives and the teams scramble off the bus. They jump in the back of the pick up trucks, and race to The Gaucho Grill! Team Alabama work it out with three little words: I love you. (Awwww!) They pinky promise no fighting. Bus 2 arrives to The Gaucho Grill and the teams jump in the back of trucks. They arrive, get their meat and start racking it. Again we hear about The Cheerleaders being athletes. Every episode we hear the same thing! We get it girls. The Cheerleaders literally drag the meat on the ground. No thanks I’ll pass on eating their meat. Rick says it’s all about attention to details. Chacattack gets it right the first time. James Earl is working on his meat. He looks a little frustrated, so his mama gives him a hint. The other teams give looks. Bama Mom catches herself, and hopes they don’t get a penalty for that hint. The last 2 teams are The Cheerleaders, and The Paparazzi. Both teams equally confused. The Dancers haven’t even arrived yet. The Paparazzi finally gets it right and they get their clue.

gaucho_The Amazing Race Epi 3

After the teams finish they have to take their meat to Plaza Principal where they will find their next clue. It’s the Detour. Polo is widely believed as the oldest team sport. Argentina is the best. They must choose either Horse or Carriage.  Horse requires the teams to get a polo stick, get into uniform, and properly equip a polo horse. Carriage requires the teams to select a buggy whip, and detail a carriage. They must then drag carriage down the street, and have it harnessed to a team of horses. The teams must deliver their horse or carriage to the local festival. Team Texas is the first team to The Detour. They choose horse. On the way to the Detour, Justin acknowledges his super skills don’t include The Gaucho Grill. The Reporters also choose horse.

Team Texas changes into their polo uniforms. Chacattack arrives at The Detour and chooses to do carriage. The Green Team arrives and chooses to do horse. As soon as Justin stops dancing with the locals, they get started. Team Texas states the obvious. The horses they’re suppose to equip with polo gear is fake. Team Texas vs. The Green Team. The Track Stars and Team Alabama both choose horse. Chacattack gets to their destination then realizes they forgot their buggy whip. They are forced to go all the way back to the festival. The Cheerleaders also choose carriage. Team Alabama has another little fight on their way to the festival with their horse.

The Amazing Race Epi 3_horse

The Dancers arrive at The Gaucho Grill and they’re still in last place. They hope they can catch up. The Dancers finish their Gaucho, and receive their clue to the Detour.

Team Texas finishes equipping their Polo Horse. They start pushing it to the festival where they will receive their first clue. When they arrive, they get their next clue. The Pit Stop. “Museo Gauchesco” is a place the Gauchos are celebrated like the American Cowboys. The Green Team finishes their horse. The push it to the festival. They receive their clue. The Reporters finish their horse in 3rd place.

The_Amazing Race Epi 3

Team Texas arrives at the pit stop in First Place. They won a trip to Cambodia. Justin and Diana arrive in second place. Phil tells them on the next leg of the race, there’s a Double U Turn. The Reporters arrive in third place. The Track Stars arrive in fourth place. Team Alabama gets to the pit stop, but because mama helped with The Gaucho Grill they are given a 30 minute penalty. They have to sit 30 mins before Phil can check them in. While waiting they have a mini therapy session. The Paparazzi is fifth, and Team Alabama is the sixth team. Chacattack is the seventh team to check in. The Cheerleaders land in eighth place after they forget their buggy whip. Unfortunately, The Dancers are unable to catch up. They are the last team, and they are the third team eliminated. No worries. They dance with the locals instead.

__The Amazing Race S27 Epi3

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