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Gia and Joe Giudice Prepare for Teresa Giudice’s Prison Release

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As part of the Giudice media blitz, Joe was in yet another promo for the upcoming show Real Housewives of New Jersey – Teresa Checks In. This time he dragged daughter Gia into the ET interview most likely to assure no awkward silences occurred like on the Today show. The father/daughter duo spoke about getting the house ready for Teresa’s arrival.

“I honestly think it’s going to be emotional,” said Gia. “But it’s going to be, like, good emotional. Like, happy.”

“This tree that we have is, like, so damn tall,” Joe laughed.

“We have to, like, decorate it perfect,” Gia explained. “She’s usually here. She finishes it. We all, like, do something and then, like, we’re, like, ‘Mom we’re tired, we’re going to bed.” Gia added, “She’ll want the house set up. If she comes home and the tree’s not up, like, the first thing she’ll say is, ‘Where’s the tree?’”

You know what? I can totally see Teresa saying that. But no matter how wonderful the celebration, there will still be a hint of sadness knowing Joe’s 41-month sentence will begin soon after. This has made Gia very philosophical in her young age.

“Anything can happen to any family, and it could be worse,” Gia said about her parent’s legal problems. “At least, no one’s sick, that’s honestly how I think of it. They’re coming home. My mom’s coming home. My dad’s going to come home. Knock on wood, no one’s sick, no one’s dying.”

Joe said, “Nothing gets easier, you know? It’s always a pain in the ass without her here,” he said about her absence. “You know, when she was here it was a lot easier.”

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Of course it was, Joe! Teresa did everything for you. Did you know, when Joe is released from jail, Gia will be 18? Is Joe prepared to go to jail? “I mean, nothing’s going to prepare you to go to jail,” Joe said. “You know what I mean? You just got to go there and do your time.”

The three-part special premieres Sunday, October 11 at 8 p.m. ET on Bravo.


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