RECAP: Survivor Second Chance “We Got A Rat” [Episode 3]

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Previously on Survivor. 20 players return for a second chance at a Million Dollars. The Bayon tribe was harmony and happiness. The Ta Keo tribe was full of drama, and backstabbing. Ta Keo has seen 2 Tribal Councils. First to go was Vytas. Last week Shirin was given the boot. 18 players left, and twists to come.

Last Tribal Council Spencer promised his tribe he would play a more social game and be part of the team. After Tribal they return to their camp where Spencer gives this big speech about being thankful they decided to keep him. He promised no craziness, and he wants to be part of the team. He admits to not being the biggest social players. He knows he has to change to survive because he’s on the outs. He hopes he can change the way he plays the game because the people who change get rewarded. They talk about being glad Shirin is gone. Terry says if any of them make it to the finals, they can credit getting rid of Shirin. She’s a big strategic player. Terry says he’s gone from the bottom to the top without any fear of being voted out. Terry says they have the numbers. All the sudden BAM Terry has a social game. He’s happy everything worked out. He says Spencer can be the next to go if they have to go to Tribal Council again. He says he’s on top of the World. Life is good.

Jeff has an announcement. Two tribes will become three tribes. Jeff asks Varner if getting rid of Shirin makes it easier for them to work together. Varner says “Hell yes!” Jeff asks Woo what he thinks. Woo says after last night they think their team unity is back. They need to win the next challenge for more team spirit. Jeff asks Kass how she feels. Kass says she feels great. She calls Bayon “A freakin love tribe.” Jeff says he’s glad both tribes are happy. It’s a good opportunity for change things up. Everyone is shocked. Jeff says “Everybody drop your buffs. We are switching tribes.” He says what makes this switch unique is they are switching from 2 tribes to 3 tribes. 6 will go to the Bayon. 6 will go to Ta Keo. 6 will go to a brand new beach. They will have all the items the tribes started with, but they have to build their shelter from scratch. Jeff asks Savage what he thinks. Savage doesn’t like the idea at all. He’s scared because there’s so much love in the Bayon tribe. He doesn’t know anyone in the Ta Keo tribe. Savage says he hasn’t had the best luck with swaps and twists. He has the same haunting fear he did 12 years ago on Pearl Island. They all pick boxes that will determine their fate. (Their buffs are inside) Everyone picks a box. All at once they open their boxes and it reveals what tribe they are now on. Everyone goes to their tribe mats.

Survivor Second chance epi 3__

The new Bayon tribe- Spencer, Jeremy, Kimmy, Wiglesworth, and Monica. The new Ta Keo tribe- Wentworth, Kass, Keith, Joe, Terry, and Ciera The new Tribe is called Angkor- Abi-Maria, Woo, Peih-Gee, Savage, Varner, and Tasha. Joe is excited with his new tribe. He thinks they have stronger people, and they can possibly take over the game. Jeff asks Savage how he feels. Savage says he’s overwhelmed. He’s worried about people continuing to play with their original tribe members, and they have a few days of hard work ahead of them. Spencer says he needed a way to get out of the hole he was in. He thinks the Survivor Gods has answered his prayers. Jeff sends them back to camp. Let the insanity begin!

We start off on Angkor beach. All they have is a tribe flag, stuff to start a fire, and no food. They thank God they have a Flint, so they can start a fire. They start checking out their new surroundings. Woo says this is going to be brutal. They have no bamboo to build a shelter. Peih-Gee says that bums her out. Varner, Woo, Peih-Gee and Abi agree they need with stick to their original tribe. Woo wants to send the others packing. PG says it’s hard starting over. (Understatement of the night) They have no food or building materials. She looks on the brightside. It could be worse. She could be in the minority. That’s the only luxury she sees. There are 2 people ahead of her that will get the boot before they boot her. (She’s talking about Tasha and Savage who came from the Bayon Tribe.) PG asks Woo and Varner where Tasha and Savage ran off to. Woo says he’s not sure.

Savage and Tasha have a little powwow. Tasha starts with her thoughts. Tasha hopes some of them (Ta Keo alliance) are on the outs. She wants to promise them if they make the merge, they will stay together. Savage agrees with that. Tasha acknowledges she’s in the minority on the tribe. She’s sure she can survive! Tasha learned the first time she played Survivor. She’s strong at heart. She’s there to win, and she’s going to play the hand she’s dealt.

On Ta Keo beach the new tribe members introduced to their surroundings. Everyone introduces themselves to their new tribemates. Terry asks Joe “Are we going to run the table or what?” Joe responds with “We should not lose anything.” (Inside joke?) Terry says the new tribe has 3 or 4 number 1 draft choices. He couldn’t believe the luck! He knows he’s with Wentworth. They don’t have the numbers, but he doesn’t think they’re going to need the numbers. He has some confidence. He doesn’t think they’re going to lose a challenge. They decide on chicken for dinner. Joe brings out one of their chickens and snaps it’s neck. Dinner is served! Chicken rice. Ciera looks like she’s going to pass out when she’s handed a bowl. Ciera and Kass agree, they have a good group. Ciera says they got lucky. Kass says she loves Keith, and she feels good about Joe. They agree. They’re solid. Kass talks about having strong players. They agree Terry, and Wentworth are strong. Ciera says she can rest assured. Now they can just win challenges. Ciera says the swap went well. Now she has herself, Kass, Keith, Joe. All 4 of them are originally from Bayon. She says if they stick together they have the numbers. They should be just fine.

Joe and Wentworth have a little chat while everyone else is wondering about. Joe asks Wentworth how she feels. She says she’s feeling good. Joe asks if she likes Terry. “Is he a good dude?” Wentworth nods yes. She says they weren’t working together before the swap. Wentworth says if they lose a challenge she’ll be on the chopping block with Terry. She has a feeling the other 4 will stick together because they have the numbers. Later on the girls are on the beach. Wentworth is asked about Terry having an immunity idol. Wentworth says all she knows is Terry and Spencer were looking for it the most. She says Terry would go off for hours. Wentworth says she has the idol in her bag. She’s pushing Terry under the bus.

The new Bayon Tribe arrives at their camp. Spencer and Wiglesworth are asked about their beach compared to Bayon. Spencer and Wiglesworth says it’s longer and wider. Wiglesworth says Ta Keo beach has a lot more tree coverage. Jeremy welcomes them to their new home. Monica says the original Bayon Members are in the majority. She says they have Spencer and Wiglesworth in the minority. Jeremy and Fishbach agree the original Bayon members are 100%. No mystery. They are a solid 4. Couldn’t ask for anything better. Fishbach is  happy he’s not be in camp macho. He was at the bottom. For the first time he knows he’s safe. He couldn’t be happier. Fishbach still can’t do “macho” things like use a machete. He asks Spencer to help him out.

Spencer says he played a logical game, but he failed when he tried to connect with people. He’s trying something new on this tribe. He’s trying to have feelings. Spencer starts trying to connect with people. He opens up to Jeremy about his girlfriend. He says when his girlfriend started saying “I love you” he never said it back. Jeremy asks if he’s ever said I love you. Spencer says no. Jeremy looks sort of shocked. Spencer rationalizes not saying I love you by saying he’s not easily emotional. Spencer says he’s trying to form helpful bonds. When he opens up to Jeremy about his girlfriend, he’s really interested in Jeremy’s opinion. He wants to take the time to get to know Jeremy because he’s never tried to do that before. It might help his game. Jeremy says when Spencer does say “I love you” it will mean more to his girlfriend. He’s thinking about it too much. “If you love her you love her.” Jeremy says Spencer opening up to him is a good thing. He likes Spencer. He’s a stand up guy, and he’s very funny. He’s “digging” Spencer. Jeremy opens up about playing the game with his wife. He says it multiplied their love. Jeremy says he has a bond with Spencer. He doesn’t know how long they’re going to keep Spencer around, but they can use him. Jeremy says when Spencer sees his girlfriend he might have some clarity. He might think about how much he missed her. Spencer says it would be cool to have that clarity.

The clouds open up and the rain starts to fall. Angkor tribe has no stable shelter. They’re all miserable, but Varner is out cursing the rain. Tasha says when she played the game before she was on one of the worst tribes ever. She’s done this before. She knows what it’s like not to have food, and shelter. She knows what it’s like to fight to stay in the game. “This is just round two for me.” PG and Abi start bickering after PG makes a simple comment about Abi being dry. PG says she has the best spot. They go back and forth. Tasha notices PG and Abi have resentment toward eachother. That works in her favor. Tasha says there’s still time in the game to strategize and converse. She plans on using every minute of it.

Tasha starts with Abi. Abi asks how Tasha’s tribe was. Tasha talks about them being “golden.” Tasha offers Abi a spot in their alliance. Abi says the original Ta Keo tribe wants to stick together, but she had some issues with PG. Tasha whispered some “sweet nothings” in her ear. Abi says Tasha is offering her a second chance to get to the end. She doesn’t know what to do. Tasha continues her “sweet nothings.” Tasha and Savage talk to Varner about making it at least to jury. Varner says he didn’t make it last time. Tasha talks about Varner making the merge. He’s going to need them for numbers. Varner says Savage and Tasha wants him to join them. They offered to help him get to jury. It was a “lovely invitation.” Varner says they’re at the bottom. They can go at the snap of the finger. Savage offers PG the same deal. PG says it’s a good offer. Varner notices them approaching everyone. He’s not sure what they’re doing, but he needs to make sure they aren’t taking away Abi or PG. There’s a lot that could go wrong.

The Bayon Tribe finds a scorpion. They quickly throw it into the fire. Fishbach says Spencer and Wiglesworth are cozying up to them right now because they have the numbers. He says the idol is somewhere on the island, and it could destroy everything. Fishbach says the immunity idol can bond an alliance together. Fishbach and Jeremy decide they want to go idol hunting. Fishbach wants to find the idol to bond their alliance, and it would put him in a power position. He wants a strong tribe with people he can trust, and people he likes. The original Bayon Tribe (minus Spencer and Wiglesworth) go idol hunting through the jungle. Jeremy says he’s frustrated. He says “It’s not here!” Is it in a tree, on the ground, in the water? It could be anywhere. This is his second chance. He feels like he needs to work harder. Finally Jeremy looks in a tree. He finds a clue to the idol. The clue says he can retrieve the idol at a certain spot during the Immunity Challenge. (The back of the third box) He says he’s going to make it work. He’s going to bring this thing home.

It’s time to play the Immunity Challenge. This challenge was played during the Cagayan season. Instead of 1 immunity idol, there are 2. (Because there are 3 tribes now.) Each tribe will push a cart through an obstacle course. At every tower there’s a key. They’ll use that key to unlock a chest. Put the chest on the cart and move on. When they collected all 3 chests, they have to disassemble the cart, put it through a barricade, then reassemble it. Then push the reassembled cart to the end. 2 members of the tribe will use the puzzle pieces in the chest to put together a giant dragon puzzle. First 2 tribes to finish win immunity. The third will go to Tribal Council. Ta Keo finishes first. Bayon and Angkor fight it out. An interesting thing happened. Tasha saw Varner mouth something to Wiglesworth who is not on their tribe. Tasha screams out We got a rat! Bayon finishes. They win immunity. Angkor will go to Tribal Council. When asked about Tasha’s comment, Varner has a complete meltdown. He blows up his game, and reveals some of his alliances. Is this the end for Varner?

Angkor Beach is chaos after the challenge.Varner regrets having a meltdown when Jeff asked him about the rat comment. Varner says he’s in a big mess. Now he has to figure out how to get out of it.  Savage says he thought he was a gonner, but Varner’s meltdown painted a target on his back. Everyone on the tribe looks at Varner like he can’t be trusted. Savage talks to Woo and PG about Varner. He says if they get rid of him they might be screwed with the physical challenges. Savage says Jeff isn’t pulling his weight at camp. He sleeps all day. He asks them to trust him, and vote Jeff out. Woo asks PG if they should have a one on one conversation. They agree Savage made a good case. Woo and PG talk about getting rid of Varner. They should keep Tasha and Savage because they’re both physically fit, and they need them (Tasha and Savage.) They still have the majority with Abi. PG isn’t sure Savage and Tasha will be loyal. You take everything desperate people say with a grain of salt.

Tasha and Abi talk about voting together. Abi considers flipping on Varner. Abi says she saw how unpredictable Varner is. He needs to go next. She says Woo voted her out, and she’s not sure how much she can trust PG.

Abi asks PG and Woo what’s up. PG says they (Tasha and Savage) want them to vote out Varner. Abi asks if that’s what they’re going to do. PG says they’re thinking about it. Abi says they need to make up their minds. Woo asks how Abi is going to vote. Abi says she’s voting with Tasha and Savage because she’s not on the bottom with them. She made up her mind. PG tries to turn it into a personal thing. Abi says this isn’t about personal feelings. They don’t need to have that conversation right now. PG says she doesn’t know where the animosity came from. After Abi copped an attitude with her, she wants Abi gone. PG tells Savage and Tasha she wants Abi gone. Savage says he’s stunned. Savage thinks it’s easy to add wood to an already burning fire between Abi and PG. Savage goes to Abi and lets her know PG is voting her out. Abi now wants PG gone. Savage can’t believe how quickly everything flipped. Now the tribe talks about voting PG or Abi out. Varner was just saved.

Angkor goes to their first Tribal Council as a tribe. Jeff asks Savage about his thoughts about the switch. Savage says he was overwhelmed with all the work they had to do. He called it tough to process. Jeff asks based on history wouldn’t Savage and Tasha be in trouble. PG says that’s how it works. Being in a minority after a tribe switch you’re in trouble. Jeff brings up Varner’s meltdown. Varner says he was sending a “signal” to someone he cares about on another tribe. Tasha saw it and called him a rat. He didn’t feel like he was being a rat. He blames not having food or sleep, and being emotional. He doesn’t remember it. (Selective Amnesia?) Jeff asks if Tasha remembers it. Tasha says her mom always told her keep her family business at home. She calls Jeff out about having cross communication outside the family. Her initial reaction was take the rat out so they don’t have to worry about loyalty. Jeff asks Varner if he thinks he’s going home. Varner says people can recover from all kinds of things. How great would it be if he could escape with no votes? Jeff asks who’s names have been thrown around. Varner says Abi, PG, and he’s heard his own name thrown around. Varner says Savage and Tasha have found their way from the bottom to the top. He says all the decisions tonight came from the two of them. Jeff talks about the crack between the other 4 being what Savage and Tasha needs. Abi says she thinks she might be going home. Jeff asks based on what? Abi says based on conversations going around camp she wasn’t apart of. She’s not naive. Jeff asks PG what she can say to sway her tribemates. PG says she’s trustworthy. Abi says the same thing. Time to vote. Jeff counts the votes. The votes: 4-pg 3-Abi. PG was the 3rd person voted out of Survivor Second Chance. Is this the season of blindsides?

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